Statement by English PEN and Index on Censorship on the government’s counter-extremism strategy

19 October 2015 — English PEN

Statement by English PEN and Index on Censorship on the government’s counter-extremism strategy

In its new strategy, the government is proposing measures that may criminalise legitimate speech and shrink the space for open debate throughout society. The UK already has legislation dealing with criminal offences in this category, including the Terrorism Act and the Public Order Act, and there is no need for new laws that may seriously harm everyone’s right to freedom of expression in this country.
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Aaron Swartz: Reddit Co-Founder Killed Himself Due to Government Censorship and Harassment?

14 January 2013 — Washington’s Blog

In His Honor, Can Reddit Stop Censoring?

Reddit co-founder and free speech activist Aaron Swartz killed himself due to government censorship and harassment.  (He was probably clinically depressed and apparently committed suicide; no one is alleging that he was murdered.)

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The Long and the Short of Press Regulation By Dan Hind

26 November 2012Return of the Public

Free expression is important. Its importance is often couched in terms of the common good. A society in which people can speak freely is one in which injustice can be remedied, corruption punished and so on. But it is also a good for the individual. Free speech is best means by which we  can discover our preferences, strengthen ourselves in argument, and make sense of the world we are thrown into at birth.

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VTJP Palestine/Israel News & Articles 22 October 2012: The full story behind the war against free speech in Israel’s universities

22 October 2012 — VTJP


International Middle East Media Center

Gaza Prepares To Welcome The Prince Of Qatar
IMEMC – The Hams-led government in the Gaza Strip, the Hamas movement and various sectors in the Gaza Strip are preparing for the historic visit of the Prince of Qatar, Hamad Bin Khalifa, and his wife Mouza, who will be arriving in Gaza Tuesday in a move to break the illegal Israeli siege, and launch the Gaza reconstruction plan. …

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‘Do some research!’ Christine Assange steamrolls Western journalism

21 August, 2012RT

Christine Assange (Reuters / Gary Granja)

Christine Assange (Reuters / Gary Granja)

Julian Assange’s mother slammed Western media’s lack of research and grasp of basic facts in an interview with Australian television, as the host tried to get her to “address the allegations” of free speech suppression in Ecuador.

Following the profound question “Why did your son choose to make that speech last night?”, Christine Assange was asked if Julian plans to fight for freedom of speech in Ecuador, which is “known for its restrictions on the press.”

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US: A Voters' Rights Amendment — A Matter of Critical National Importance

17 February 2012William John Cox

My recent articles have concerned a matter of critical national importance – the ability of American voters, of every party, to control their own government. The last, Transformation: Effectuating Democracy by a Voters’ Rights Amendment has been widely circulated and can be viewed at:

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Meet ACTA- PIPA and SOPA’s Big Brother

25 January 2012Access Now

If you thought SOPA and PIPA were bad, let us introduce you to their Big Brother, ACTA.

We helped stopped SOPA and PIPA. Now let’s help defeat their Big Brother, ACTA! Sign the Petition

The Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) is an international treaty that threatens free speech and your privacy online. Imagine if your ISP could censor their networks, police what you did online, and with greater ease turn your information over to authorities. That’s the danger that ACTA poses, and it’s got to be stopped. Continue reading

FAIR Blog » Crackdown on Journalists at Occupy Wall Street

16 November 2011 — FAIR Blog

One more thing about free speech hero Michael Bloomberg’s shutdown of Occupy Wall Street.

During the early morning raid on the Occupy Wall Street camp journalists were blocked from covering much of what was happening. Josh Stearns from Free Press has a rundown–as he points out, ‘By dawn, 10 journalists, including reporters from NPR, the Associated Press and the New York Daily News, had been arrested.’ Continue reading