MintPress Study: NY Times, Washington Post Driving US to War with Russia Over Ukraine

Friday, 4 February 2022 — MintPress News

Shutterstock 1218818518 editedPropaganda War

This MintPress study reveals that ninety percent of recent opinion articles in The New York Times, The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal have taken a hawkish view on the Ukraine conflict written by pundits tied to the national security state promoting NATO as a defender of the free world & describe Putin as Hitler incarnate.

WSJ Rage at ‘Woke’ China Foreshadows New Redbaiting of Social Justice Activists

17 March 2021 — FAIR

WSJ: The Woke Chinese Communist Party The Wall Street Journal (3/7/21) accused Chinese media of “invoking the woke themes of American progressives as a propaganda weapon against the US.”

The Wall Street Journal editorial board (3/7/21) has accused a major Chinese newspaper, and by extension the People’s Republic of China, of exploiting progressive rhetoric around racial justice to create division in the United States.

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After Socialist Victory in Bolivia, Media Still Whitewash Coup

23 October 2020 — FAIR

Washington Post depiction of pro-Evo Morales mural in BoliviaBolivia’s Movement Towards Socialism (MAS) party won a decisive victory in the country’s presidential elections on Sunday, with its candidate Luis Arce apparently winning by a large enough margin to avoid a runoff, likely achieving an absolute majority. The leading opposing candidate, neoliberal Carlos Mesa, and the right-wing unelected President Jeanine Áñez congratulated Arce on his victory. Continue reading

Climate Minimizers Don’t Deny Climate Change—but Find Endless Reasons to Reject Sanders’ Plan to Stop It

6 September 2019 — FAIR

by Esha Krishnaswamy

Climate change is an existential threat to human civilization. If only corporate media acted like it.

While the majority of corporate media do not outright deny the reality of the human-caused climate crisis, they are filled with another brand of insidious ideologues that I call climate minimizers. These downplay the threat that climate change poses to all of us by ignoring scientific data, avoiding discussion on the actual impact of climate change, and hyper-focusing on trivial details.

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Murdoch-Owned Media’s Radical Climate Denial in the Face of Disaster

15 September 2017 — FAIR

A recent survey by progressive watchdog Public Citizen  (9/12/17) on the media’s coverage of hurricanes Harvey and Irma confirms what’s long been known: Corporate media are indifferent to the causal relationship between climate change and extreme weather, and by far the worst offenders are the Rupert Murdoch–owned Fox News, Wall Street Journal and New York Post.

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Murdoch-Owned Media's Radical Climate Denial in the Face of Disaster

15 September 2017 — FAIR

A recent survey by progressive watchdog Public Citizen  (9/12/17) on the media’s coverage of hurricanes Harvey and Irma confirms what’s long been known: Corporate media are indifferent to the causal relationship between climate change and extreme weather, and by far the worst offenders are the Rupert Murdoch–owned Fox News, Wall Street Journal and New York Post.

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New China Will Be Red and Expert By Dan Siegel

11 July 2011 — Truthdig

[An interesting and thought-provoking piece on socialist planning with capitalist ownership and the direction China might be taking. Sounds a bit like the post-war Labour govt. WB]

China may be returning to the days when its ideal communist was both ‘Red and expert,’ and The Wall Street Journal is worried. In a recent article, the newspaper profiled one of China’s rising new leaders, Bo Xilai, Communist Party chief of Chongqing and a likely candidate next year for a position on the party’s Politburo Standing Committee. If chosen, Bo may help bring about a new synthesis of the political trends that have shaped China for the past six decades. The Journal is concerned that the ascendancy of new leadership may retard what it describes as the liberal economic policies that have fueled China’s growth since the end of the Cultural Revolution and the ascendancy of Deng Xiaoping in the late 1970s.

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Walking Out on the Libyan Rebels (at Long Last)

5 April 2011 — MRZine

Some leftists, at long last, are seen walking out on the Libyan rebels they once loved. . . .

Hossam el-Hamalawy, 2 April 2011:

This is catastrophic.  The biggest imperialist force on the planet, NATO, is bombing Libya “in the name of revolution,” CIA operatives are active on the ground, Western “military advisers” become visible in Benghazi, as US and Egyptian military specialists are reported by Al-Jazeera to be training the revolutionaries.  The Libyan revolution is being hijacked in front of our eyes. . .  This is counterrevolution. . .

Richard Seymour, 4 April 2011:

Can I just risk a modest proposition?  NATO, the CIA and the special forces belonging to the world’s imperialist states are not forces of progress in this world.  Does anyone disagree with that?  If not, then it follows as surely as night follows day that the successful cooptation of the Libyan revolution by NATO, the CIA and special forces is a victory for reaction.

As’ad AbuKhalil, 4 April 2011:

I was as excited as anyone to see the Libyan people revolt against the lousy dictator, Qadhdhafi: a tyrant who one should hate with an extra measure of eccentricity because — like Saddam — he is particularly obnoxious and repugnant as far as tyrants are concerned.  But I can’t say now that I support the Libyan uprising: it is no more a Libyan uprising.  The uprising has been hijacked by Qadhdhafi henchmen, Qatar foreign policy agenda, and the agenda of Western government.  Count me out.

Who will be the last leftist carrying a torch for the Libyan rebels, saying nonsensical things like this?

Revolutionary socialists must give unconditional support to the Arab uprising.  Its immediate goals in all these countries can be summed up as (bourgeois) democracy, and are 100% progressive.  Its domestic enemies are for the most part agents of imperialism, and where not directly so, are complicit with it.  We support it for this reason also. 

By “unconditional” support I mean support not conditioned by our evaluation of the leaders of the rebellions or whether or not we have political agreement with them.  That goes for Libya, too.  I disagree with comrades who seem to condition their support of the Libyan rebels on more knowledge of what their program is.  We must be for the victory of the rebellion in Libya, period.

Or like this?

Stop the bombing!  Deliver arms to the insurgents! Coupling the two demands is our way to show concretely that we care for the Libyan people’s uprising against its tyrant much more than those who deny them arms while wanting to impose their guardianship over their movement.

Cf. Yoshie Furuhashi, “What Is the National Front for the Salvation of Libya?” (MRZine, 24 February 2011); Yoshie Furuhashi, “Al Jazeera Promotes Libya’s ‘Crown Prince’ Who Calls for Military Intervention in Libya” (MRZine, 25 February 2011); Yoshie Furuhashi, “What Does the Libyan Opposition Want?” (MRZine, 27 February 2011); Yoshie Furuhashi, “Imperialists Prepare for Military Intervention in Libya” (MRZine, 28 February 2011); Yoshie Furuhashi, “Black Africans Live in Fear in ‘Free Libya'” (MRZine, 2 March 2011); Yoshie Furuhashi, “French Leftists for the Libya War” (24 March 2011); Yoshie Furuhashi, “Loving the Libyan Rebels” (MRZine, 27 March 2011); Charles Levinson, “Rebel Chief Asks for Timely Strikes, Helicopters” (Wall Street Journal, 4 April 2011).


Imperialists Prepare for Military Intervention in Libya By Yoshie Furuhashi

28 February, 2011 — MRZine

The Libyan exiles and defectors begging for no-fly zones failed to get them at the United Nations Security Council on Saturday, but they are inching closer to lining up Western military support nonetheless.  This just in from the Wall Street Journal today:

The Pentagon is repositioning warships and planes in the waters off Libya to be ready to enforce a no-fly zone or deliver humanitarian aid, military officials said Monday. . . . Pentagon officials have been loathe to spell out specific contingency plans they are considering for Libya, but officials have acknowledged that they are preparing for humanitarian missions as well as a campaign to forcibly ground Libyan military aircraft. . . .

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New website threatens the success of paywalls?

22 March, 2010 – Editors Weblog

A new website discovered by The Guardian’s Digital Content Blog, BreakthePaywall!, has arisen to counter the paywalls that news organisations are investigating to increase their revenue from online news.

BreakthePaywall draws some similarities to the previous website BugMeNot which allowed non-registered users access to websites through a collection shared user names. Although BreakthePaywall comes from the same philosophy that inspired BugMeNot, the new site is a down-loadable application that modifies a user’s internet browser to essentially ‘trick’ paywall websites. Basically, the application works by making the web browsers of non-paying readers forget that they have already maxed out their limited access to the news.

Many news organisations such as The New York Times, ABC News Online, and The Nikkei in Japan are currently preparing to introduce paywalls to their websites. With the successful use of paywalls for news organizations such as The Wall Street Journal, some media analysts view paywalls as the only method capable of saving news organizations in the Internet age.

BreakThePaywall remains relatively unknown and as such, is not a huge threat to news organizations that have already created paywalls. Still, the site serves as reminder of the Internet’s resistance to paid content.

Source: The Digital Content Blog


31 January, 2010 — Media Channel

As Media Coverage Fades, Urgent Issues On The Disaster Go Uncovered

UN Takes Over Aid Distribution; Admits Effort Has Been a Failure

Haiti is already fading from the headlines. The desperation of the population in what was called the “rescue” phase of the relief effort is giving way to ‘silver-lining” talk of recovery and rebuilding.

Even as the death count mounts, this apocalyptic disaster no longer has the ability to shock, perhaps because of media overexposure. The media well of compassion—fueled by images of lovable orphans and live extractions of half-dead individuals from the rubble,, is running dry as a ‘been there, done that’ feeling sets in among TV execs who sense that the audience will soon become jaded and turn away.

Perhaps that’s why the story turned quickly from the dead and dying to celebrities telling Larry King how much money they are donating. Perhaps that’s why the plight of sympathetic children took center-stage.

The reporters who have been there are all tired, and in some cases traumatized because of the vast needs they saw. However, most were gentle in chronicling the pathetic delivery of food and water despite the amazing outpouring of sympathy and generosity. Recently a homeless shelter in Baltimore donated $14.64.

Because of the suffering they have shown us, much of it as character-based human interest vignettes, correspondents seemed to have had little airtime for investigating what history might someday indict as an incompetent, if not criminally negligent, aid response.

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Stephen Lendman: Ongoing attacks on Hugo Chavez

Some of Chavez`s fiercest critics maintain pressure and show up often on the Wall Street Journal`s op-ed page.

Since taking office in February 1999, America’s dominant media have relentlessly attacked Chavez because of the good example he represents and threat it might spread in spite of scant chance it will in today’s climate.

Yet some of his fiercest critics maintain pressure and show up often on the Wall Street Journal’s op-ed page. Most recently on November 10 by its America’s columnist, Mary O’Grady. Her style is agitprop. Her space a truth-free zone. Her latest in an article headlined ‘Hugo Chavez Spreads the Loot’ referring to what The New York Times calls ‘Suitcasegate.’

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FAIR Media Advisory: Media Tell Obama–Don’t Be a Lefty Like Clinton

7 November, 2008

Rewriting the ’94 election to find a centrist moral

Immediately after Barack Obama was pronounced the victor in the 2008 presidential election, corporate media began to tell him how he ought to govern–in most cases, urging him to hew toward the center. To support their argument, many journalists pointed to President Bill Clinton’s first term to find lessons in centrism for Obama. But are media getting the history wrong?

In that “unhappy first year in office,” wrote the Los Angeles Times’ Doyle McManus (11/5/08), “Democratic congressional leaders pushed a new president to the left–leading to the party’s loss of both houses in the midterm elections of 1994.”

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