Russiagate Is a Sham: Selected Articles

18 February 2018 — Global Research

War Clouds Gather Over Munich Security Conference

By Peter Schwarz, February 18, 2018

The Munich Security Report, which outlines a scenario of the collapse of the international order, has the apocalyptic title, “To the brink—and back?” In answer to that question, the conference is not pulling back from the brink, but preparing to leap into the abyss. Along with the 90-page Security Report, Ischinger presented a 50-page European Defence Report entitled “More European, More Connected and More Capable. Building the European Armed Forces of the Future.” It contains a crazed rearmament program for Europe, the likes of which have not been seen since Hitler, in an unprecedented show of force, prepared the Wehrmacht for World War II. Continue reading

Indictment of Russian nationals used to campaign for censorship and war By Andre Damon

17 February 2018 — WSWS

On Friday, the US Justice Department announced charges against 13 Russian nationals and three organizations for allegedly entering into a conspiracy to “interfere in the US political system.” The indictments are the first charges filed by the investigation headed by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, the former head of the FBI.

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From PyeongChang to Lasting Peace on the Korean Peninsula By Hyun Lee

15 February 2018 — Global Research

Perhaps the most moving moment in the opening days of the PyeongChang Winter Olympics was when Kim Yong-nam, the president of the Presidium of North Korea’s Supreme People’s Assembly, quietly wiped his tears as North and South Korean singers sang in unison at a concert celebrating the winter games. South Korean k-pop star SeoHyun held hands with North Korean singers as images of tearful North-South family reunions played in the backdrop of the finale of the North Korean Samjiyeon Orchestra’s historic performance in Seoul on February 11. As the concert came to a close, they sang, “Be well, let us meet again. Go safely, let us meet again,” and waved their hands as the audience waved back and Kim silently wept. Continue reading

Neo-McCarthyite hysteria at US Senate Intelligence Committee hearing

15 February 2018 — WSWS

Tuesday’s Senate Intelligence Committee hearing on “Global Threats and National Security” was an exercise in right-wing hysteria aimed at promoting the claim that all social opposition in the United States is the product of foreign subversion. This fraudulent narrative was advanced to justify censorship and police state repression.

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US ‘Stumbled Into Torture,’ Says NYT Reporter By Adam Johnson

15 February 2018 — FAIR

NYT: That Time the C.I.A. Tried to Recruit Me

Jennifer Lawrence does not actually come up in New York Times reporter Scott Shane’s reminiscence (2/14/18).

As part of a promotion for the upcoming “Look, Evil Russians!” film Red Sparrow (hyping Hollywood films is apparently a thing reporters do now), New York Times national security reporter Scott Shane (2/14/18) wrote a synergistic Cold War 2.0 essay about the CIA’s alleged attempt to recruit him. It included a rather jarring—if not risible—paragraph summarizing Shane’s years of reporting: Continue reading

War and Globalization: Selected Articles

15 February 2018 — Global Research

Revealed: Internal Discussions Between Ministry of Defence and Regulators on Flying Predator Drones in UK

            By Chris Cole, February 15, 2018

David Cameron announced in October 2015 that the Britain was to purchase the new version of the Predator, which the UK is re-naming as ‘Protector’.  The UK’s current type of armed unmanned aerial vehicles, the Reaper, are unable to be flown in the UK due to safety issues and the new version was purchased, in part, to enable the RAF to fly its large armed drones within the UK for training as well as security and civil contingency purposes. Continue reading

US Media Turn to ‘Superhero’ Pence to Combat Korean Olympic Peace Threat By Adam Johnson

14 February 2018 — FAIR

North Korea, like virtually every country on earth, is using the Olympics this week as an opportunity for political theater, and this has greatly upset many in US media. Ostensibly this is because North Korea, marching with South Korea in the opening ceremonies and sending a squadron of cheerleaders to the Winter Games, is getting a pass on human rights abuses. But if one scratches the surface of the widespread outrage, it’s clear the real objection is that North and South Korea are having bilateral peace talks without the permission of—much less the participation of—the United States. Continue reading

The UK’s Hidden Hand in Julian Assange’s Detention By Jonathan Cook

13 February 2018  — Jonathan Cook

It now emerges that the last four years of Julian Assange’s effective imprisonment in the Ecuadorean embassy in London have been entirely unnecessary. In fact, they depended on a legal charade.

Behind the scenes, Sweden wanted to drop the extradition case against Assange back in 2013. Why was this not made public? Because Britain persuaded Sweden to pretend that they still wished to pursue the case.

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CIA declassifies more of "Zendebad, Shah!" – internal study of 1953 Iran coup

12 February 2018 — National Security Archive

National Security Archive Electronic Briefing Book No.618

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Washington, D.C., February 12, 2018 – A partially-declassified CIA history of the 1953 coup in Iran, released in late 2017, includes an-depth critique of how the agency approached the operation, highlighting the effects of bureaucracy and politics on the conduct of U.S. clandestine activities. The CIA report, posted today by the George Washington University-based National Security Archive, also reveals details about the hatching of the covert plot as well as its execution.

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The Never-Ending War in the Middle East: Selected Articles

12 February 2018 — Global Research

Another Unnecessary War: Israel is Planning to Launch a Military Operation against Lebanon

By Prof. Idan Landau, February 12, 2018

The writing is already on the wall: Israel will soon launch a military operation in Lebanon. Not a targeted attack on a weapons convoy or factory, but a simultaneous attack on Hezbollah’s missile production and launch sites. The operation will take place at the same time as, or immediately after, a series of assassinations of known Hezbollah operatives. Continue reading

The Anti-Empire Report #155 By William Blum: Fake News

8 February 2018 — Anti-Empire Report

“Fake news” is fake news.

The people who created Facebook and Google must be smart. They’re billionaires, their companies are worth multi-multi billions, their programs are used by billions around the world.

But all these smart people, because of Congressional pressure, have swallowed the stories about “fake news”. Facebook hired a very large staff of people to read everything posted by users to weed out the fake stuff. That didn’t last too long at all before the company announced that it wasn’t “comfortable” deciding which news sources are the most trustworthy in a “world with so much division”. We all could have told them that, couldn’t we?

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Making America Great Through Exploitation, Servitude and AbuseBy Prof. James Petras

9 February 2018 — Global Research

The public denunciation by thousands of women and a few men that they had been victims of sexual abuse by their economic bosses raises fundamental issues about the social relations of American capitalism.

The moral offenses are in essence economic and social crimes. Sexual abuse is only one aspect of the social dynamics facilitating the increase in inequality and concentration of wealth, which define the practices and values of the American political and economic system.

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Israel: DNA tests may provide answers on missing babies By Jonathan Cook

8 February 2018 — Jonathan Cook

Al Jazeera – 8 February 2018

Thousands of Israeli families who have been searching in vain for answers since their babies mysteriously disappeared in the early 1950s – shortly after Israel’s creation – have been thrown a lifeline.

The mystery of the missing children has plagued Israel for decades, with evidence mounting that at least some of the babies were trafficked by hospitals and orphanages – possibly with the connivance of Israeli officials.

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The Threat of Nuclear War: Selected Articles

8 February 2018 — Global Research

Amid the ongoing political crisis in the US, the collapse of financial markets, is the world slowly inching toward nuclear war?

How to reverse the tide of war? 

Let us fight media disinformation which upholds America’s nuclear Blitzkrieg.

Read our selection of articles below and circulate them to your friends and colleagues, post on social media platforms and repost on your blogs and websites. Continue reading

Media Lens: ‘A Load Of Tosh’ – The BBC, ‘Showbiz News’ And State Propaganda

8 February 2018 — Media Lens

On January 22, BBC News at Ten carried a piece by ‘defence’ correspondent Jonathan Beale reporting a speech by General Sir Nick Carter, the British Army’s Chief of General Staff. Carter gave his speech, pleading for more resources in the face of the Russian ‘threat’, at the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI), an establishment thinktank with close links to the military and corporate media.

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