Iran News Links 13 October 2019

13 October 2019 — The New Dark Age

There may be some duplication due to cross-posting and may be updated throughout the day, so check back

HSBC: The World’s Dirtiest Bank

US Denial of Sovereignty – Unipolarism Laid Bare

Putin calls on countries to respect Iran’s interests

Russia will pull out of Syria if Damascus decides troops have to leave – Putin

The Turkish Attack on Rojava: Iran is No Longer the Target of the United States in Syria

Uzbekistan Decided to Join the EAEU

Russian Duma speaker to take part in parliamentary conference in Istanbul

Russian lower house speaker, Turkish leader discuss approaches to anti-terrorism efforts

US To Send “Thousands” More Troops- To Saudi Arabia

Today’s Links 11 October 2019

Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe: Daughter of Briton jailed in Iran back in UK

Is Trump’s Syria Withdrawal Gambit an Anti-Impeachment Card? How Trump Uses This to Win in 2020

Iran oil tanker ‘explosion’ reported off Saudi coast

Trump’s Syria Withdrawal? Relax, It’s Another PR Gimmick

America Doesn’t Belong in Syria

US Betrays Kurds – Again

Explosion occurs on Iran’s tanker in Red Sea

An Outside View from the Palestinian Camps of Lebanon Raises Troubling Questions

The War on Syria Continues. Iran Is Next?

Nuclear War: Just Another Day?

FIFA looks forward to all Iranian women being able to attend football games

About 3,500 women attend football match in Iran

Afghan Peace: A Pre-requisite for Prosperity in Eurasia Region

Today’s Links

Iran and the UN General Assembly: Mediation Efforts, Militant Threats, and Multilateral Cooperation

Sanctioning Away Free Speech: Americans Meet with Iranians at Their Peril

Trump’s Latest Foreign Policy Nightmare: Peace Breaking out in the Middle East

The Puzzling Logic Behind Trump’s Syria Withdrawal

Sanctioning Away Free Speech: Americans Meet With Iranians at Their Peril

Egyptian Protests: A US-Fuelled “Arab Spring” Reboot

Obama: the Greatest War President

A Major Conventional War Against Iran Is an Impossibility. Crisis within the US Command Structure

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