Syria News Links 12-13 October 2019

13 October 2019 • 23:50  — The New Dark Age

There may be some duplication due to cross-posting and may be updated throughout the day, so check back

Turkey-Syria offensive: Kurds reach deal with Syrian army

Washington abandons its Kurdish proxies as Ankara and Damascus step in

Russia calls for efforts to prevent humanitarian disaster in northern Syria

Erdogan refutes reports about Islamic State militants’ escape from prisons in Syria

Erdogan says Turkey has no problems with Russia over operation in Syria

Putin says glad to see beginning of political process in Syria

When Turkish-backed jihadists link up with Daesh, there’s only one outcome. And it’s begun.

Turkey-Syria offensive: US ‘to evacuate 1,000 troops’ as Turkey advances

We need your support – Open letter by #FridaysForFuture #Rojava

Why is the world ignoring the revolutionary Kurds in Syria?

Remember the media outrage when Turkey was found guilty of war crimes? No, neither do we.

Proposed US Sanctions against Turkey. Why? Washington Supports Turkish Aggression in Northeast Syria

Today’s Links

BC: Syria: Difficult Choices

Number of drone attacks on Russian airbase in Syria increase in 2019

Hundreds of Daesh supporters escape in northern Syria as the Turkish invasion continues

Turkey-Syria offensive: ‘Hundreds’ of IS relatives escape camp

Erdogan War Crimes, SDF Atrocities, No Reconciliation

Turkey’s “Operation Peace Spring” Rages on Creating a Chaotic Battlefield in Northeastern Syria

Video: Turkish Forces Confront Kurdish Armed Groups in Northeastern Syria

It’s time to bring Syria back to Arab League, Putin says

Political settlement in Syria is difficult but still can be achieved – Putin

Turkey Beats the War Drums

Iran News Links 13 October 2019

Information Clearing House Headlines 12-13 October 2019

British orphans found trapped in Syria IS camp

Russian Defense Ministry warns of worsening humanitarian situation in northeastern Syria

According to Turkey’s president, these women are terrorists. Total crap.

As countries pull arms sales to Turkey, the UK government is still complicit in death–4yZwbew/

Today’s Links 12 October 2019

Russian senior diplomat, Syrian opposition politician discuss situation in northern Syria

Turkey’s offensive in Syria “entails risks of great tensions” – PACE president

US Denial of Sovereignty – Unipolarism Laid Bare

To understand the true horrors of the Turkish invasion in Syria, please listen to the children

Turkey Beats The War Drums

Turkey Syria offensive: Fierce battle rages in Ras al-Ain

Armenian PM, Putin discuss situation in north Syria – PM’s press service

Over 190,000 civilians flee their homes following Turkey’s invasion in Syria – TV

Berlin suspends exports of arms to Turkey over operation in Syria – foreign minister

Kurdish Fighters Always Feared Trump Would Be a Treacherous Ally

Russia will pull out of Syria if Damascus decides troops have to leave – Putin

The Turkish Attack on Rojava: Iran is No Longer the Target of the United States in Syria

Information Clearing House Headlines 11-12 October 2019

A Turkish-Russian entente cordiale in the making By M.K. Bhadrakumar

Trump admits US killed millions in war based on lies

Nationalism Doesn’t Mean Isolationism: Why Bertrand Russell Is Wrong

Do Not Succumb To Political Censorship on Syria

Turkey Syria offensive: US builds pressure to halt incursion against Kurds

Talks on Syria may be postponed until November – Kazakh top diplomat

A Turkish-Russian entente cordiale in the making

New Anti-capitalist Party demands military escalation against Turkey in Syria

Chairman of US Joint Chiefs of Staff discusses Syria with Turkish counterpart

US troops came under fire from Turkish positions in Syria — Pentagon

US trying to convince Turkey to stop military operation in Syria — Pompeo

Eight civilians killed in shelling of Turkish city near border with Syria — media

Russian senior diplomat tells ICRC president about situation in Syria’s Rukban camp

Turkey says 399 “terrorists” neutralized in military operation in Syria’s north — media

Improvised bomb goes off near Russian military police patrol in Syria

Turkey Syria offensive: 100,000 flee homes as assault continues

Incursion in Syria will not help ensure Turkey’s security — Iranian foreign minister

Trump makes fascistic appeal to police and military at Minneapolis rally

Corbyn says sanctions on Turkey could be needed if ‘appalling’ attacks on Kurdish areas of Syria continue

Manchester knife attacker held on suspicion of terrorism as UK abandons anti-terror fighters in Syria

Video: Turkey’s “Operation Peace Spring”. US Withdraws. Turkey Invades Northeastern Syria. Bombs US Supported YPG Forces

Mohammed Yamin jailed for Al-Qaeda membership in Syria

Sure Trump is ‘Betraying the Kurds!’ But What’s New about That?

Channel 4 shamed other establishment outlets with its frank report on Turkey’s illegal invasion of Syria

‘There’s a hundred ways to defend Rojava’: a statement from British Internationalists in North East Syria

Today’s Links 11 October 2019

Kurds report 262 Turkish soldiers dead in Syria

Is “Operation Peace Spring” a Trap Sprung by Trump on Turkey?

Trump Admits US Killed Millions in War Based on Lies . “We went to war under a false & now disproven premise, WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION”

US and Russia Fail to Condemn Turkish Aggression in Syria. Moscow and Washington Exercise Their UNSC Veto in Favor of Turkey’s Invasion of Northern Syria

More than 20 Kurdish fighters killed in two days in Turkish operation in Syria

World Leaders Condemn Turkey’s “Operation Peace Spring” and Demand Exercising Restraint

Down with the Turkish war of aggression against Rojava!

An Unfaithful Servant of Imperialism: The Real Reason Trump Is Facing Impeachment

Russia’s Middle East Strategy: “Balance” vs. “Betrayal”?

World leaders condemn Turkey’s “Operation Peace Spring” and demand exercising restraint

Kurdish Forces Recapture Large Parts Of Ras Al-Ayn, Kill Many Turkish-Back Militants

Trump threatens to impose ‘powerful sanctions’ on Turkey

Hundreds Of ISIS-linked Foreigners Fled SDF-run Detention Camp In Northern Syria

Imran Khan says Pakistan will push for Iran-Saudi mediation

Turkish Forces Once Again Cut Off M4 Highway

Miltiary Situation In Northern Syria On October 13, 2019 (Map Update)

Turkish-Backed Militants Storm Tell Abyad, Capture Key Positions (Photos, Video, Map)

U.S. Is Preparing To Withdraw 1,000 Troops From Northeast Syria

Syrian Troops Prepare For Possible Takeover Of Manbij From SDF

Kurdish-led SDF Cries Foul Over Rapid Turkish Advance In Northern Syria

Turkish-Backed Forces Execute Head Of Pro-SDF Syrian Political Party

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