Brexit News Links 17 October 2019

17 October 2019 • 11:45 — The New Dark Age

There may be some duplication due to cross-posting and may be updated throughout the day, so check back

Is Johnson planning to renege on his Brexit deal?

Brexit deal done, Boris Johnson announces

New Brexit deal agreed, says Boris Johnson

EU, London reach Brexit deal

The DUP’s three concerns with Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal

No Brexit deal reached as European Union summit begins

The Papers: Johnson’s Brexit deal balances ‘on a knife edge’

The Brexit Catch 22

Brexit: ‘No deal tonight’, UK government source says

Government admits Brexit could be delayed this week

BC: Italy: Artificial Financial Crisis: All About Protecting the US!

Farage, the Brexit Party – and the Con-trick

Brexit: PM meets cabinet and DUP as Brussels talks continue

Swinson hates Corbyn so much, she’ll back a Tory Brexit to keep him out of government

Selected Articles: 15 Days to Brexit?

Scotland Edges Closer to Independence Amid Brexit Chaos

Brexit: DUP rejects deal ‘as things stand’ as PM heads to EU summit

Brexit: What have been the sticking points?

News Daily: Blow to PM’s Brexit deal hopes and Labour veteran quits party

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