Syria News Links 25-26 October 2019

26 October 2019 — The New Dark Age

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U.S. Is Looting Syrian Oil Fields To Fund Mercenaries And Intelligence Operations

Pentagon Confirms: Tanks & Additional US Forces To Deploy At Syrian Oil Fields

Northeast Syria Is Suitable For Arabs, Not Kurds: Erdoga

Syrian Army Began Deployment West Of Qamishli (Videos)

Car Bomb Targets Turkish-Backed Militants’ Headquarters In Northern Raqqa (Photos)

Turkish Drone Strikes Injure Several Civilians, SDF Fighters In Northeast Syria (Video)

US Economy: The Tale of Green Paper Rectangles

Trump shifts from ending “forever wars” to sending tanks into Syria’s oil fields

Russian defense ministry refutes media reports on pro-Turkish units’ attack in north Syria

Russia Deploys Large Number Of Troops, Equipment In Northern Syria

The Internal War Between Syria’s Enemies

Bern calls for further de-escalation in Syria in light of Russia-Turkey memorandum

Ohh, Goody!!

UN has information about escaping militants in northern Syria

Chechen military police start patrolling northern Syria

Today’s Links 25 October 2019

Syria News Links 24-25 October 2019

US Reoccupation of Northern Syria? Turkish Aggression Halted?

Clashes in Northeastern Syria Put Turkish-Russian Memorandum at Risk

US Special Forces’ Secrets Fall into Hands of Russians as Kurds Side with Syria

US statements on Syria can imply desire to maintain pressure on Damascus — senior diplomat

‘New War for Oil?’: Pentagon Chief Confirms US to ‘Strengthen’ Military Presence Near Syria Oil Fields

Iraq Takes International Legal Action to Kick Unauthorized US Forces Out

Irregularities in implementation of Russian-Turkish deal on Syria are possible — Kremlin

New War for Oil? Trump to Occupy Oil-Rich Syrian Province with Tank Corps, Asks for Kurdish Displacement There

Lavrov slams initiative to set up NATO-controlled safe zone in Syria

Video: How Russian-Turkish ‘Safe Zone’ Deal Shapes Course of Syrian Conflict

The Turkish Invasion Of Rojava

US to introduce sanctions against Turkey if it opens fire on Kurds, says Trump

Trump and NY Times Admit US Imperialist War in Syria By Finian Cunningham

The United States, Turkey and the SDF: The Internal War Between Syria’s Enemies

Trump and NY Times Admit US Imperialist War in Syria

Expert Panel Finds Gaping Plot Holes In OPCW Report On Alleged Syrian Chemical Attack

BC: Imran Khan and the Silk Road

Historic Russia-Turkey Deal in Syria, But US/NATO Pitfalls Await

Clashes in northeastern Syria put Turkish-Russian Memorandum at risk

Revisiting the win-win-win-win outcome in Syria

Syria – The Kurds Want To Play On Both Sides

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