Syria News Links 26-27 October 2019

27 October 2019 • 16:30 The New Dark Age

There may be some duplication due to cross-posting and may be updated throughout the day, so please check back

Syrian Army Reaches Turkish Border Near Ras al-Ayn (Photos)

Military Situation In Syria On October 27, 2019 (Map Update)

SDF Announces Withdrawal From Border With Turkey In Coordination With Russia (Video)

The United Nations as an “Instrument of War”: The Russia-China Veto Has Protected Syria from Obliteration. What Comes Next?

Trump says Islamic State leader al-Baghdadi killed in US raid in Syria

US Tries to Reverse Syrian Fortunes with “Baghdadi Raid”

ISIS Leader Al-Baghdadi Was Killed In US Operation In Syria’s Idlib: Reports

In Video: Kurdish Rebels Target Turkish Armoured Vehicle In Northeastern Syria

Syrian Army Reinforces Its Positions Around Kobane (Video, Photos)

US Tries to Reverse Syrian Fortunes with “Baghdadi Raid”

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi: IS leader ‘killed in US operation’ in Syria

Today’s links 27 October 2019

Video: Russia Deploys Large Number of Troops, Equipment in Northern Syria

Controlling the Narrative on Syria: Turkish Aggression, Kurdish Independence, and Honouring the White Helmets

War With Iran, Oil, and the 2020 Election

Needed: a Re-Strengthened United Nations

US bolsters forces in oil-rich east Syria as Russia raises objections

US Tries to Reverse Syrian Fortunes with “Baghdadi Raid”

US Tries to Reverse Syrian Fortunes with “Baghdadi Raid”

Revolution and Counterrevolution in Rojava

Armored vehicles delivered to Syria to assist Russian military police

Russian military police arrive in Syria’s Kobani

U.S. Anti-War Movement Should Stay Focused On Getting U.S. Out Of Syria

Russian military police conduct patrols along three routes near Turkish border

Vladimir Putin, Syria’s Pacifier-In-Chief

Today’s Links 26 October 2019

Lavrov, Pompeo discuss Syria, bilateral issues by phone – Russia’s Foreign Ministry

Turkey’s Erdogan says will oust Kurdish armed groups from northeast Syria

America’s New Game in Syria

The Real Reason Why the West Is Upset Over the Syria-Turkey Debacle

Putin discusses implementation of Syria deal with Russia’s Security Council – Kremlin

US Troops are Staying in Syria to ‘Keep the Oil’ – and Have Already Killed Hundreds Over it

Syria News Links 25-26 October 2019

World’s Biggest Empire Talks Itself into Oblivion

US Economy: The Tale of Green Paper Rectangles

Trump shifts from ending “forever wars” to sending tanks into Syria’s oil fields

Syrian Army Reinforces Its New Positions Around Kobane (Video, Photos)

Newly-Deployed U.S. Troops Are Now In Northern Hasakah, Not Oil Fields Area: SANA

New Explosion Rocks Turkish-Occupied Areas In Northeast Syria (Photos)

Military Situation In Syria On October 26, 2019 (Map Update)

Dozens Of U.S. Armored Vehicles Enter Northeast Syria, Head To Oil Fields (Video)

Trump and NY Times Admit US Imperialist War in Syria

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