Putin on Multi-Polarity

Wednesday, 20 July 2022 — Eurasia &  Multipolarity

Putin: Truly revolutionary transformations are gaining momentum more and more. They are, of course, irreversible. Both at the national and global levels, the foundations of a more just, socially oriented world order are being worked out. An alternative to the existing unipolar world, which is becoming a brake on civilization. The model of total domination of the “golden billion” is unfair! Exclusivity based on the illusion divides peoples into first and second class, and therefore is racist and neocolonial. And globalist ideology is increasingly acquiring the features of totalitarianism. It seems that the West simply cannot offer the world its model. The West did not accidentally became powerful, but it gained its position largely due to the plunder of other nations. Therefore today its elites are panicking that other centers may present their own development models.

How Corrupt is Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky?

Wednesday, 20 July 2022 — CovertAction Magazine

By Jeremy Kuzmarov

A picture containing text, person, posing, crowd</p> <p>Description automatically generatedOn the left, Zelensky in circle behind Kholomoisky. On the right, Zelensky on the campaign trail is followed by one of Kholomoisky’s bodyguards. [Source: national-conservative.com]

Before the Russian invasion, CIA reports linked him to an oligarch so dirty and so mired in “significant corruption” that the State Department banned him from entering the U.S.

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Ukraine News Links 19-20 July 2022

Wednesday, 20 July 2022 • 21:00– The New Dark Age

There may be some duplication due to cross-posting and may be updated throughout the day, so please check back. If it gets updated, I usually insert the time on the line above. A lot of cross-posting usually indicates that the article is popular and some links may not work, depending on your location but I’ve kept them anyway, so at least the reader has some idea of the scale of censorship now operating in the ‘democratic’ West.

Support for more sanctions falls as cost of living grows – poll

EU approves new round of sanctions

Only two candidates left for UK PM post

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Poland’s Position as the “Next Ukraine”

Tuesday, 19 July 2022 — New Eastern Outlook

Author: Brian Berletic


While Western governments and the Western media continue clinging to the hope of an eventual “victory” for Kiev’s forces in Ukraine, the “frontline” is quietly being moved back to western Ukraine and even Poland just across the border. Recent pledges by NATO as well as arms deliveries this year and next appear to be headed in the direction of using Poland as the next battering ram with which US-led NATO will use against Russia.

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The Criminal Focus of Secret US Biolabs Now Becomes Apparent

Wednesday, 20 July 2022 — New Eastern Outlook

Author: Vladimir Platov


Russia’s special military operation to localize neo-fascist activities in Ukraine continues to receive more and more documentary evidence of the criminal plans and activities of the current government in Kiev, sponsored by Washington, as well in as the USA itself.

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The Future of Food? Genetic Engineering, Value Capture and Dependency

Wednesday, 20 July 2022 — CounterCurrents


The following is an abridged version of the second chapter of the author’s short (free-to-read) e-book Food, Dispossession and Dependency (2022) 

GM crops are required to feed the world is a well-worn industry slogan trotted out at every available opportunity. Just like the claim of GM crops being a tremendous success, this too is based on a myth.

There is no global shortage of food. Even under any plausible future population scenario, there will be no shortage as evidenced by scientist Dr Jonathan Latham in his paper “The Myth of a Food Crisis” (2020).

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Tony Blair’s Response to a Multi-Polar World Should Surprise Nobody

Tuesday, 19 July 2022 — Strategic Culture Foundation

Robert Bridge

Western leaders would sooner drag down the entire planet than surrender their fever dream of a one-world political system. 

The British butcher of Iraq, speaking on the demise of a Western-led one world order, is advocating for yet more stockpiling of weapons of mass destruction to even the score.

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Ukraine’s ‘Great Game’ surfaces in Transcaucasia

Tuesday, 19 July 2022 — Indian Punchline


Presidents of Russia, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Iran and Kazakhstan (clockwise from left) took part in the 6th Caspian Summit, Ashgabat, June 29, 2022

If the metaphor of the “Great Game” can be applied to the Ukrainian crisis, with the expansion of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) at it core, it has begun causing reverberations across the entire Eurasian space. The great game lurking in the shade in the Caucasus and Central Asian regions in recent years is visibly accelerating.

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Russia teaches Europe ABC of gas trade

Wednesday, 20 July 2022 — Indian Punchline


Gazprom’s Nord Stream gas pipeline, Lubmin, Germany

The unthinkable is happening for the second time in five months: Russian gas giant Gazprom writes to German gas companies announcing force majeure effective from June 14, exonerating it from any compensation for shortfalls since then.

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