Syria News Links 14 October 2019

14 October 2019 • 14:30  — The New Dark Age

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‘Do people really think we should go to war with NATO member Turkey?’ Trump defends Syria withdrawal

Kurds Ally with Damascus Against Turkish Aggression

Syrian Government Regains Control Over Country’s Northeastern Parts

Media Yells “Cut!” When Trump Forgets His Lines and Says Something Anti-War

“Homeland of the Jews” partners with “Homeland of the Kurds” in the oil smuggling business

US-Turkey covert plot? Expert hints secret deal may have been struck on northern Syria

‘Are you with us or with terrorists?’ Erdogan lashes out at NATO allies for failure to back Turkey’s Syria op

Trump Accuses SDF Of Letting ISIS Members To Flee Prisons To Get U.S. Involved

Turkey’s Syrian National Army And Myth Of United Syrian Opposition

Map Update: Movement Of Syrian Army Within SDF-held Area

In Video: Turkish Airstrike Destroys YPG Truck With Ammunition

Neo-Ottoman Turkey’s ‘String of Pearls’The Turkish push into northeastern Syria is just the latest evidence of Ankara’s quest to reclaim former Ottoman territories

Faced with Turkish invasion, Kurds turn to Damascus
Hundreds of ISIS detainees have fled amid a chaotic US pullout from northeastern Syria

Trump calls on European states to take back ISIS militants remaining in Syrian prisons

Military Situation In Northern Syria On October 14, 2019 (Map Update)

US Secretary Of Defense: We Didn’t Sign Up To Fight the Turks On Behalf Of SDF

Syrian Army Enters Tabqah Airbase, Other Points In SDF-held Area (Video, Photos)

Syrian Army Will Enter Manbij And Kobane To Rescue Mighty SDF From Turks

European NATO Members Limit Arms Exports To Turkey In Face Of Operation Peace Spring

Russian Warplanes Target Communication Equipment, Fortifications In Southern Idlib

Turkey Deploys Floating Bridge Equipment North Of Manbij (Video)

Turkish Warplanes Attack Kurdish Forces In Northern Aleppo

Syrian Army deployed to country’s northeast to counter ‘Turkish aggression’ – state media

US troops ‘leave’ Kobani as Turkish incursion advances and Kurds make deal with Damascus

‘Others may want to come in and fight’: Trump calls withdrawal of remaining US troops from northern Syria ‘very smart’

Military Situation In Northern Syria After SDF-Damascus Deal (Map Update)

Over 14,000 ISIS Terrorists Remain In Detention Camps In SDF-held Area: Russian Defense Ministry

Kurdish-led SDF Says It Reached Deal With Damascus. Syrian Army Marches Towards Kobani

Turkish Forces Advance West Of Ras Al-Ayn, Capture Seven Villages (Map, Video, Photos)

Merkel tells Erdogan to IMMEDIATELY stop Syrian op – but why should he care what Europe says?

Putin visits Saudi Arabia for first time since 2007 – but can Russia be friends with EVERYONE in the Middle East?

Syrian Army moving to face ‘Turkish aggression’ in the north – state media

Turkish-backed forces ‘CUT OFF US troops’ after seizing key highway in Syria

Rojava’s democracy project dashed by America’s betrayal

Putin to visit Saudi Arabia to discuss oil prices, situation in Syria

Debunking the Putin and Netanyahu/Israel work together canard (final installment)

News Daily: Brexit ‘gap’ and Kurds’ deal with Syria

Turkey-Syria offensive: Kurds reach deal with Syrian army

More Links

Washington abandons its Kurdish proxies as Ankara and Damascus step in

Russia calls for efforts to prevent humanitarian disaster in northern Syria

We need your support – Open letter by #FridaysForFuture #Rojava

Erdogan refutes reports about Islamic State militants’ escape from prisons in Syria

Erdogan says Turkey has no problems with Russia over operation in Syria

Putin says glad to see beginning of political process in Syria

When Turkish-backed jihadists link up with Daesh, there’s only one outcome. And it’s begun.

Turkey will push 35km into Syria and Western arms embargoes won’t make it turn back – Erdogan

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