Syria News Links 15 October 2019

15 October 2019 • 20:00 — The New Dark Age

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Die or ask the Syrian government to take them in: the Kurdish militias simply have no other options

Left in a hurry: RT films inside abandoned US military base at Manbij, Syria (VIDEOS, PHOTOS)

Donald Trump Regarding Turkey’s Actions in Northeast Syria, by Donald Trump

Map Update: Military Situation In Northern Syria After Handover Of Manbij To Syrian Army

Syrian War Report – October 15, 2019: Syrian Army Taking Control Of Key Positions In SDF-held Area

First Photos Of Russian Troops In Manbij

BC: America, the Runaway Train

US-led coalition exits Manbij

Erdogan Holding 50 US Tactical Nukes ‘Hostage’ as Trump Authorizes Sanctions

Trump’s Bankrupt Syria Policy: Civilians Will Pay the Price

Hard to say now whether US troops will leave Syria, says Russia’s envoy

Video: Turkish Offensive in Northern Syria Pushed Kurds into Hands of Assad and Moscow. War Report

Kurds Face Stark Options after US Pullback from Northern Syria

Turkey-Syria offensive: UK government halts arms export licences to Turkey

Turkish Incursion into Syria: US Abandons Kurds

Islamic State: How could these children get home?

Russian Military Police, Syrian Army Deployed In Manbij After US Troops Withdrawal

Turkey Still Aims To Capture Manbij Despite Syrian Army Deployment There

Military Situation In Syria On October 15, 2019 (Map Update)

US Senators Propose Resolution Blocking US Withdrawal From Northeastern Syria

Operation Peace Spring

Turkey-Syria offensive: UK government halts arms export licences to Turkey

Turkish Incursion into Syria: US Abandons Kurds

Trump imposes sanctions on Turkey in response to Ankara’s “Operation Peace Spring” in Syria

Press review: Huge deals seal Putin’s Saudi tour and Turkey pushes Kurds into Assad’s arms

‘Islamic State’ children: How do they get home?

As Turkey Prepares to Slice Through Syria, the US has Cleared a New Breeding Ground for Isis

US pressed for Turkish military intervention in Syria in its interests, says analyst

Erdogan says Turkey ‘liberated from terrorists’ territory of 1,000 sq km in Syria

Europe Can No Longer Trust the United States. Better Look Eastwards

Kurds Make Alliance With Assad – Victory For America (But Not For Neocons)

Turkey to return 3mn refugees to Syria after securing border zone – Erdogan

Kurds launch counteroffensive, gain back control over Ras al-Ayn in northern Syria

SOHR Claims Syrian Army Convoy Was Bombed By US-led Coalition In Raqqah Province

In Video: Large Syrian Army Convoy With Battle Tanks In Southern Raqqah

Trump Announces Sanctions On Turkey In Response To Northeastern Syria Offensive

Syrian Army ‘enters city of Manbij’ at the height of Turkish offensive against Kurds

One out, another one in: Retreating US military meets advancing Syrian Army (VIDEO)

Pentagon to ‘press NATO allies to sanction Turkey’ over Syrian op, blames Erdogan for potential ‘war crimes & ISIS resurgence’

‘Fully prepared to destroy economy’: Trump sanctions Turkish officials, raises steel tariffs & stops $100bn trade deal

Our approach hasn’t changed’: Kremlin rules out potential conflict with Turkey in Syria

Syrian army, Iran threaten counterattack against Turkish invasion of Syria

Map Update: Areas Of Deployment Of Syrian Army In Northeastern Syria

United States Abandon Kurds and How will this Move Impact Middle East

Turkey’s military assault on the Kurdish people in Syria turns into a full-blown disaster

Turkey’s actions in Syria led to release of detained terrorists

Trump announces sanctions against Turkey over Syrian operation

US puts sanctions on Turkey over Syria offensive

ABC Admits To Using Fake Footage Of Kurdish ‘Slaughter’

Turkish-backed Forces Announce Advance On Manbij, Clash With Syrian Army

Turkish Offensive In Northern Syria Pushed Kurds Into Hands Of Assad And Moscow. War Report

US Troops Allegedly Prevent Syrian Army From Entering Kobani (Video)

Putin to discuss Syria, antit-terrorism efforts, bilateral matters during visit to UAE

Syrian Army deployed to country’s northeast to counter ‘Turkish aggression’ (VIDEOS)

Turkey’s actions in Syria led to release of detained terrorists — Pentagon

US takes wives of 50 foreign mercenaries who fought alongside terrorists out of Syria -—TV

Russian, US military chiefs discuss Syria — Pentagon

Trump signs decree imposing sanctions on Turkey

‘Islamic State’ children: How do they get home?

Local authorities in northeastern Syria resume subordination to Damascus

Russian defense ministry says it never discussed operation in Syria’s Kobani with Turkey

Turkey-Syria offensive: Assad’s army ‘enters Manbij’

While Your Attention…

Lessons Not Learned from History Can Kill You

Thousands take to the streets worldwide against Turkey’s invasion of northern Syria

Syrian Kurds, “Allies of Convenience” to US

Turkish invaders in Syria have killed at least 39 civilians so far – including children

Kremlin calls on Turkey to refrain from steps impeding political settlement in Syria

Today’s Links 14 October 2019

Lessons Not Learned from History Can Kill You. How the US Dumps Its Allies

ABC News Busted Using Gun Range Footage To Report Turkish “Slaughter” Of Kurd Civilians

Erdogan says Turkey will not abandon operation in Syria

Trump’s pullback of US troops reshapes Syrian war

Selected Articles: Turkey’s Aggression against Syria

Military deal sees Syrian army support Kurdish-led resistance to Turkish invasion

Syrian Government Regains Control Over Country’s Northeastern Parts

Syria News Links 14 October 2019

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