Syria News Links 22-23 October 2019

23 October 2019 • 20:40 — The New Dark Age

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Dozens Of French, UK, U.S. Service Members Withdraw From Northeast Syria

Russian MoD: Syrian Army To Establish 15 Observation Post East Of Euphrates (Map)

Turkish Defense Ministry: No More Operations Needed In Syria

Russia Says All Oil Sites In Northeast Syria Should Be Under Damascus Control

WATCH Russian military police arrive in Manbij & Kobani after deal on Syrian-Turkey border (VIDEOS)

Military Situation In October 23, 2019 (Map Update)

Russian Military Police Enter Kobane To Conduct Patrols Under Agreement With Turkey (Photos)

François Hollande, the first to acknowledge defeat

New Wave Of Russian Airstrikes Target Terrorists In Greater Idlib (Videos)

Syrian Army Reinforces Its Newly-Established Positions In Raqqa, Al-Hasakah (Photos)

Map Comparison: Turkish-US Safe Zone Vs Turkish-Russian Safe Zone In Northeastern Syria

Trump lifts Turkey sanctions as he claims ALL credit for Syria border de-escalation

Erdogan wants the Bomb, by Manlio Dinucci

Turks appeased, Kurds saved, US gets breathing space: ‘Russia takes on job that US failed at’ in Syria

Putin urges Erdoğan to keep commitments

Turkish Military Machine Will Crush Kurdish Units If They Decline To Withdraw: Kremlin

Americans Are Dangerously Out of Touch With Reality

Turkey Syria offensive: Erdogan and Putin strike deal over Kurds

The New World Is Emerging Before Us

Germany, US threaten war amid Russia-Turkey summit on Syria

Top US diplomat in Ukraine tells impeachment inquiry Trump tied military aid to Biden probe

Trump calls developments around Syria ‘good news’

Putin and Erdogan hold joint press conference in Sochi

Special agency may be set up to assist refugees returning from Syria’s north — Shoigu

Syria: Dignity, tenacity, and commitment against Western hegemony

Turkish-Russian agreement on Syria ‘new era’ in bilateral relations — spokesperson

Russia, Turkey to monitor implementation of joint memorandum on Syria

The Empire Steps Back: Trump Withdraws From Syria – Impeachment Now Possible by Jim Kavanagh

Turkey and Russia will carry out joint patrolling in Syria, says Erdogan

Turkish operation in Syria ending, further developments depend on the Kurds — Lavrov

The Empire Steps Back: Trump Withdraws From Syria – Impeachment Now Possible

Russia, Turkey determined to combat Syrian separatism — joint memorandum

Erdogan says two Russians who worked on nuclear plant construction in Turkey died

Putin says talks with Erdogan unblocked momentous decisions on Syria

Can Trump Survive Ending Project Syria?

Islamic State in Asia: ‘Unintentional’ Consequences of Turkey’s Syria Operation

Shamima Begum exposed to real risk of torture or death, court told

Today’s Links 22 October 2019

Greater Middle East Project of Chaos: The Management of Savagery

The Ceasefire That Never Was: Betrayal In Rojava

Syria News Links 22 October 2019

Putin-Erdogan Meeting Aims to Organise Differences and Shorten the Gap Between Allies

The Mother of Messes in Syria

US Syria Pullout Leaves Troops in North and South

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