Syria News Links 22 October 2019

22 October 2019 • 17:40 — The New Dark Age

There may be some duplication due to cross-posting and may be updated throughout the day, so please check back

Russian & Syrian forces to deploy to northeastern Syria outside Turkey operation zone – Putin-Erdogan agreement

Trump approves $4.5 million in aid to ‘White Helmets’ in Syria

US Troops Remain In Syria To Protect Oil Fields From ‘Terrorists’, War Report

Comparison Of Military Situation In Northern Syria On October 9 And October 22 (Map Update)

Turkish president wants to steal part of Syrian soil and its natural resources

Islamic State in Asia: ‘Unintentional’ Consequences of Turkey’s Syria Operation

Russian scholar appointed as senior adviser to UN envoy for Syria

US may leave troops in Syria to guard oil fields

Can Turkey Get Hold of Nuclear Weapons?

Transit only: US troops pulled out of Syria & moved to Iraq are now asked OUT of the country

Video: Syrian Army Takes Control of Abandoned US Bases

Trump’s Foreign Policy Strategy Is All About the 2020 Elections

Turkish president wants to steal part of Syrian soil and its natural resources, Assad says

Putin calls situation in Syria acute, says talks with Erdogan in high demand

Turkey to resume assault on Kurds in Syria with ‘more determination’ if US doesn’t keep its promises – Erdogan

Military Situation In Syria On October 22, 2019 (Map Update)

Erdogan says ready to resume Turkey’s operation in Syria

The Four A’s of American Policy Failure in Syria

Kremlin hopes Erdogan will reveal Turkish plans on carrying out Syria operation

Press review: Putin, Erdogan to discuss Syria operation and Russian Superjet’s sales drop

Blitz and Destroy and Move on – Leaving Chaos and Refugees

U.S. Is ‘Fully Prepared’ For Military Action Against Turkey If Needed: Pompeo

Video Comparison: How Locals React To US And Russia Troops In Northeastern Syria

Russian Helicopters Arrive At Syrian Airbase Freed From US Military (Video)

Stop The Turkish Invasion Of Syria

Militants from Idlib de-escalation zone plan to unleash active hostilities

US unlikely to take military action against Turkey

With Syrian ceasefire ticking down, Erdogan travels to Russia to meet Putin and talk peace

BC: EX-CIA Chief John Brennan Describes Trump as a National Security Risk

Bolivia at Crossroads: Choosing Between Continued Success or Handover to US Hegemony

Kurdistan, Imagined By French Colonialism

US troops withdraw across Syrian border into Iraq

Understanding Trump’s ‘Withdrawal’ From Syria And Advocating For Peace In The Middle East

US Out of Syria and the Middle East

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