Baltic Battles?

Tuesday, 21 June 2022 — The Van Says…

Gonzalo Lira may not be name known to many in the West, but he certainly has a firm grip on current affairs


Sundays are more usually dedicated to less serious articles than this, yet a video posted by Gonzalo Lira gives a lot of pause for thought. This longer article will look at the reasons events may happen as well as the events themselves. In the interests of brevity, links will be provided to previous posts in order that the reader gain a better understanding of certain key points without making this article inordinately long. The author would like to thank @Dogsareloyal1s for his invaluable assistance in the writing of this article.
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Bridging the Gap

Monday, 20 June 2022 — The van says…

The logistical corridor to the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad has been cut off by the Lithuanians. What might this mean? Photo©️Tass


Last week saw the Lithuanian government prohibit the transport of EU sanctioned goods across its territory from the Russian Federation to the exclave of Kaliningrad. This article subsequent to a previous one that examined the Baltic states from another angle, will look at what this means and what reaction this may elicit from Moscow.
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Russia takes Europe’s support to calm Belarus

18 August 2020 — Indian Punchline

M.K. Bhadrakumar

Opposition protests in Minsk, Belarus, Aug 16, 2020

The mercurial Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko has not been an easy ally for the Kremlin. But the growing interference by Belarus’ “New European” neighbours is setting the stage for a “colour revolution” with potentially anti-Russian orientation. Poland, egged on by the US, has convinced itself that it has become a regional heavyweight and eyes Belarus as a valuable piece of real estate that could shift the military balance on Russia’s western borders.

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New at Strategic Culture Foundation 27 October – 2 November 2013

2 November 2013 — — Strategic Culture Foundation

Who is the USA in Debt to? (II)

02.11.2013 | 00:00 | Valentin KATASONOV

…Switzerland, Belgium, Great Britain, Luxembourg and Ireland each have a bundle of securities amounting to more than USD 100 billion, and each of them has external debt that far exceeds their GDP… It is one of the main indicators of Europe’s dependence on the United States. And more than that, a number of European countries are not just tributaries of America, they are still acting as tax collectors for the US in other countries. Tiny Luxembourg, for example, purchased US Treasury securities totalling almost USD 150 billion, with a GDP of less than USD 47 billion. Luxembourg is a typical tax collector. It borrows money from other countries on a colossal scale, while Luxembourg’s external debt exceeds its GDP by 46 times!.. Continue reading

New at Strategic Culture Foundation 13-19 January 2013: Middle East / Israel / Mali / Syria / Lithuania / India-Pakistan / Obama / Venezuela

19 January 2013Strategic Culture Foundation

In which good news is very bad

19.01.2013 | 10:52 | Rafe MAIR

To get down to basics, we have in the Middle East, a four pronged budding crisis, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Israel. Israel has nuclear weapons, Iran will soon have them and the royal family in Arabia are not long for this world. My crystal ball tells me that Egypt will end the 1979 peace treaty with Israel, Saudi Arabia will be governed by Wahabbi militants, and Iran will become a nuclear power with eyes on Israel which will continue to build, provocatively, settlements on occupied land. What will the US do? The better question is what can the US do?.. Continue reading

“Fictitious Enemies” and “Combat Scenarios”: The Pentagon and NATO Rehearse for War against Russia? By Rick Rozoff

3 July, 2012 — Global Research – Stop NATO – 2012-07-02

Last month was a busy one for U.S.-NATO military exercises in the Baltic Sea. Three major multinational training exercises, including naval maneuvers, amphibious landings and preparation for deployment to Afghanistan, occurred in the region in June, in one case overlapping.

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Stop NATO News: November 11, 2011

11 November 2011 — Stop NATO

  • Africa: NATO, AFRICOM And The New White Man’s Burden
  • Russia Should Prevent Military Strikes On Iran: Leading Parliamentarian
  • U.S. To Replicate NATO, NATO Missile Shield In Asia-Pacific
  • Lithuania: NATO Gathers Over 200 Energy Experts To Support Global Military Missions
  • Afghan War: NATO Rotates Georgian Cannon Fodder
  • Rasmussen Hails Georgian Outpost, Vows NATO’s Door Is Open
  • NATO Chieftain Visits Georgian Military Base, Inspects Afghan War Troops
  • North Atlantic Council: Georgia Will Be Member Of NATO
  • Saakashvili To Rasmussen: Bring Me A NATO Jacket
  • NATO Caucasus, Central Asia Representative Praises Georgia’s Integration, Pledges Membership

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Updates on Libyan war/Stop NATO news: November 5, 2011

5 November 2011 — Stop NATO

  • Israeli President Speaks Of Military Strikes Against Iran
  • Belarus: NATO’s Murder Of Gaddafi Worse Than The Nazis
  • NATO Action In Libya 21st Vandalism: Belarusian President
  • Afghanistan: Deputy U.S.-NATO Commander Sacked
  • Lithuania: NATO Trains Response Force For ‘Anywhere In The World’
  • Belarus Fears Regime Change Plans As NATO Advances
  • NATO Contracts For Interceptor Missile System Upgrades
  • U.S. Military ‘Institutionalizes’ Past Decade’s Irregular Warfare Lessons
  • American Patriot Award: National Defense University Honors McCain, Lieberman
  • AFRICOM: 850 Sierra Leone Troops To Be Deployed In Somalia

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Updates on Libyan war/Stop NATO news: October 8, 2011

8 October 2011 — Stop NATO

  • Video And Text: NATO Attack Helicopters Help Level Sirte
  • Russian Envoy: U.S.-NATO Build Proxy Armies In Afghanistan And Libya, Establish Permanent Presence
  • Ten Years In Afghanistan. How Many More To Come?
  • After Ten Years Of War, Peace Eludes Afghanistan
  • NATO Has Trained Over 7,000 Czech Troops In Afghan War Theater
  • Gravest Threat To Russia: U.S.-NATO Interceptor Missiles In Arctic
  • Lithuania: NATO Holds Exercise To Prepare Global Response Force
  • Sarkozy Baits Russia In Tbilisi
  • Sarkozy Demands European Monitors In Abkhazia, South Ossetia
  • Eyes On NATO, EU: Saakashvili Praises Sarkozy’s Speech

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New on Strategic Culture Foundation 2-8 July 2011: China / NATO / Nazism / Canada / Lithuania

8 July 2011 — Strategic Culture Foundation

No Point in Discarding State Capitalism (I)

08.07.2011 | 15:42 | Alexander SALITZKI
It is common knowledge that the past three decades highlighted the fundamental advantages of modern Asia’s pattern of economic progress. The pattern can be defined as a combination of the modernization imperative and the practice of state capitalism. The approach produced excellent result in South Korea’s, Taiwan’s, and Singapore’s fight against poverty and underdevelopment, then was adopted by newly industrializing countries including China…

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Libyan war updates/Stop NATO news: June 17, 2011

17 June 2011 — Stop NATO

  • Canadian Warplanes Join NATO Raids On Tripoli
  • War On Libya: Canada’s Parliament Endorses Military Escalation
  • Libya: “The Right To Protect” Has Triggered A Humanitarian Disaster
  • Video And Text: Russia And China Can Build New World Order Versus U.S. And NATO
  • NATO To Help Arab Revolts “Blossom”: Rasmussen
  • U.S. Strengthens Ties With Syrian Insurgents
  • Russia Backs SCO Observer Status For Afghanistan
  • Georgian Opposition Asks U.S. Ambassador To Leave Country
  • Lithuania: NATO Holds Multinational War Games Based On Afghan, Iraqi And Somali Scenarios
  • U.S. Marines Leave Afghanistan For Bulgarian War Games, Serbia Next

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Libyan war updates/Stop NATO news: June 12, 2011: NATO Wars Lead To Near Quintupling Of U.S. Arms Sales In Past Decade

12 June, 2011 — Stop NATO

  • Libya: 10,686 NATO Air Missions, 4,050 Combat Sorties
  • NATO Wars Lead To Near Quintupling Of U.S. Arms Sales In Past Decade
  • Russia: U.S. Interceptor Missile Ship In Black Sea Threat To National Security
  • U.S. Congressmen Demand Iraq Pay For Eight Years Of War, Occupation
  • Lithuania Hosts NATO Military Training For Iraq/Afghanistan/Somalia-Type Operations
  • Drive Southeast: NATO Oversees Balkans Chiefs Of Staff Conference
  • Ukraine: U.S. Marines, NATO Integrate Eastern European, Black Sea, Caucasus And North African Partners
  • NATO To Keep Hungarian Troops In Afghanistan Indefinitely
  • U.S. Subsidizes Czech Proxy Army For Afghan, Future Wars
  • Afghan War: Czech Death Toll Rises To Four
  • Analysis: Empire Games – But Who Writes The Rules?

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Viktor PIROZHENKO: Soros as the Mirror of the US Politics in the Post-Soviet Space

27 February, 2009

US Vice President Joe Biden’s speech at the Munich Security Conference and a number of less notable statements made by US officials revived the discussions of the US strategy in the post-Soviet space. Recently the notorious financial megaspeculator George Soros contributed to the discourse with his articles in the Russian Vedomosti (the Russian partner of The Financial Times and the Wall Street Journal) entitled ‘Global Anticrisis Policy: Create New Money’ (February 10), ‘An Alternative to Geopolitics: the Russian Problem’ (February 12), and ‘A Crisis Landscape: the Geopolitics of Cheap Oil’ (February 16).

Soros has always been a supporter of the US Democratic Party and a critic of G. Bush’s politics. His ideas may be regarded as an expression of the foreign politics objectives of B. Obama’s administration and the methods it is going to employ to pursue them. Soros suggests to Europe a dual strategy – the defense against the newly assertive and aggressive Russia and the encouragement of the strivings for democracy, open society, and international cooperation to prevail over geopolitics.
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