COLDTYPE Issue 193 November 2019 – is now on line

31 October 2019 — COLDTYPE

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WORLD’S END? Our main cover story deals with climate change and efforts being made to eliminate the threat – Lee Camp tells of the 100 mega-corporations who hold our future in their hands, while Ron Fassbender’s photographs illustrate the actions by Extinction Rebellion to make the world aware of the consequences if we don’t act now. In other stories, Gavin Lewis asks why a comedian who has been discredited for racial abuse has become a leading voice in the Guardian newspaper’s campaign against antisemitism in the UK Labour Party, CJ Hopkins reflects on the latest outburst from Hillary Clinton, Caitlin Johnson is baffled by the sudden popularity of George W. Bush. We’ve also got Tom Engelhardt, Jonathan Cook, Craig Murray, Sarah Anderson, John W. Whitehead, a wonderful photo story from John Cohen, and much more great reading. And it’s all FREE.

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