Syria News Links 29-31 October 2019

31 October 2019 • 17:20 — The New Dark Age

There may be some duplication due to cross-posting and may be updated throughout the day, so please check back

Today’s links 31 October 2019

Tasmin: US Occupies Syrian Oil Fields

Why Those “Endless Wars” Must Never End

Asian Separatism Fuelled by US-backed Groups

Turkey clears mines from zone of future joint patrols with Russia in Syria’s northeast

Freedom Rider: The Baghdadi Scam

Syrian Woman to Ivanka: “How Shameless, You Are Proud Your Father Murders Us”

How the U.S. Regime ‘Justifies’ the Theft of Syria’s Oil

Turkish military shell village in northern Syria — TV

Syria’s Oil and Natural Gas Potential

Trump Shifts From Ending “Forever Wars” To Sending Tanks Into Syria’s Oil Fields

Asian Separatism Fuelled by US-backed Groups

Turkey fails to abide by Syria ceasefire, Kurdish commander says

Military conflict between Russia and the US looms large in Deir Ez Zor

Turkish military shell village in northern Syria

Second blast reported in Syrian city of Afrin in 24 hours

Syrian Defense, Interior Ministers Call On SDF Fighters To Join Their Ranks

Dozens Of Russian Airstrikes Target Terrorists In Southern, Eastern Idlib (Videos)

Nine people killed in blast from booby-trapped car near Syria’s Aleppo — media

A Change of Heart about War against Iran?

Washington threatens to fight Syria and Russia for oil

Russian military police in Syria depart for joint patrol with Turkey

Yemen Runs Out of Fuel and Last Hospitals Close

Video: Turkish-backed Forces Shell Russian Military Police in Northeastern Syria. US Says “We are not Going to Abandon (Our) Oil Fields”

Beirut is Burning: Rebellion Against the Elites has Commenced

Information Clearing House Headlines 30 October 2019

There’s more to Turkey’s invasion of northern Syria than the media’s reporting

Hillary “Queen of the Warmongers” as Trump’s Greatest Asset

Syria – The Launch of a Constitutional Committee – a Sign of Hope for Syrian People

Trump’s Latest Middle East Gambit Shows the True Face of American Imperialism

Video: Kurdish SDF Withdraw, Syrian Army Reinforces Positions on Turkish Border, US Forces Remain in Eastern Bank of Euphrates

Kurdish units may join Syria’s Armed Forces — daily

Baghdadi Dies Yet Again

Clashes between Turkish, Syrian troops reported in northern Syria

France supports relaunch of political regulation in Syria

Damascus suggests holding next Constitutional Committee’s meeting in Syria

US leaves troops to steal Syrian oil

Syrian opposition hopes to achieve political settlement by 2020

Turkey may launch operation in Syria if Kurdish forces fail to leave border area — Erdogan

Media Silent as Nobel Prize Winning OPCW Found “Fixing” its Own Findings on Syria

US intensifies geopolitical struggle over Syria

Syria:  The Launch of a Constitutional Committee a Sign of Hope for Syrian People

Russian MoD Doubts Trump’s Announcement of Killing ISIS Chief al-Baghdadi

Information Clearing House Headlines 29 October 2019

Trump and NY Times Admit US Imperialist War in Syria by Finian Cunningham

Endless Occupation and Plunder of Syria: U.S. Terrorism in the Name of “Going After the Terrorists”

Report: Baghdadi’s Body Chucked Out Of An Airplane Into The Ocean (Updated)

Trump Flip-Flops on Syria Withdrawal. Again.

Trump And NY Times Admit US Imperialist War In Syria

Russian MoD: Washington Loots Syrian Oil And Transports It Outside Country

Russian Military Releases Satellite Images Confirming US Smuggling Of Syrian Oil

Trump’s “Mission Accomplished”: US Forces Kill “Terror Mastermind” Al-Baghdadi? PR Success For POTUS

Trump Flip-Flops on Syria Withdrawal. Again

No Hope for the Kurds – 40 Million People Without a Country

Caliph closure: ‘He died like a dog’

Camp Bucca, Abu Ghraib and the Rise of Extremism in Iraq

Trump’s Stated Plan to Loot Syria’s Oil Reserves ‘Would Be a War Crime,’ Critics Say

Al-Baghadi and the U.S. Special Ops Raid. Hurras al-Din Regrouping of Islamic State in Syria’s Idlib?

Al-Baghdadi’s Death Won’t Change Much For Daesh*

US Tries to Reverse Syrian Fortunes with “Baghdadi Raid”

OPCW Losing Credibility As Even More Revelations Surface On Douma

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