ICH 6 February 2013: US Presidential Campaign Cost $7 Billion

6 February 213 Information Clearing House

Syria: Golden Days of Disinformation

The Houla Massacre and the Battle of Taldou

By Adam Larson

This campaign has been enabled by a “world community” – the United Nations and several world governments, the bulk of the mainstream media, human rights groups, etc. – accepting of any rebel explanation that demonizes the target government.



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New at Strategic Culture Foundation 20-26 January 2013: FED / Arab Winter / Egypt / Bolivia / Syria / Africa / Mali

26 January 2013Strategic Culture Foundation

The Committee of 147

26.01.2013 | 00:00 | Valentin KATASONOV

In the article «What is behind the information attacks on the Federal Reserve System?» I have already written about the research group of scientists at the Swiss Federal Institute (SFI) in Zurich. Their study was published in mid-2011 and was described by the world media as the sensation of the year. Continue reading

How 20 Tents Rocked Israel: Palestinians Take the Fight to their Occupiers By Jonathan Cook

14 January, 2013 — Global Research

When the Palestinian leadership won their upgrade to non-member observer status at the United Nations in November, plenty of sceptics on both sides of the divide questioned what practical benefits would accrue to the Palestinians. The doubters have not been silenced yet.

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VTJP Occupied Palestine and Israel News and Articles 8 January 2013: Media misconceptions: Is the conflict really about Jews vs. Arabs?

8 January 2012 — VTJP


International Middle East Media Center

Abbas Willing To Cooperate With US To Achieve Two-State Solution
IMEMC – Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, stated that he is willing to continue to cooperate with the United States and the Obama Administration to achieve a peace agreement with Israel based on the two-state solution. …

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VTJP Palestine/Israel News & Articles 5 December 2012: Justice, Peace and the Israeli State

5 December 2012 — VTJP


International Middle East Media Center

Indonesian Parliament Head Arrives In Gaza
IMEMC – Indonesian Parliament head, Ali Marzouki, arrived in the Gaza Strip via the Rafah Border Terminal on Wednesday heading a senior Indonesian delegation to observe the massive destruction caused by Israel during its recent war on Gaza, and to express solidarity with the Palestinian people. …

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Gaza Friends: Israel Is Dangerously Breaking the Ceasefire

3 December 2012Gaza Friends

Written by Maria del mar Fernandez | 03 December 2012


The report below is from Maria del mar Ferndandez, one of the board members of Free Gaza. She will remain in Gaza until the end of the year and will make periodic reports to us. Contact her for interviews at 00 972 (0) 595 157 194


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VTJP Palestine/Israel News & Articles 27 November 2012: Global Intifada

27 November 2012 — VTJP


International Middle East Media Center

Palestinian Youth Injured By Army Fire In Rafah
IMEMC – Palestinian medical sources reported, Tuesday evening, that a young Palestinian man was shot by a live round in the chest after Israeli soldiers, stationed across the border, opened fire at him east of Rafah city, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip. …

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Egypt's Morsi: Biting the bullet By Eric Walberg

25 November 2012 Eric Walberg

At last Egyptian politics is moving. President Mohamed Morsi is slowly building on his summer ‘coup’, when he stared down Egypt’s generals and put his men in the top army and defence positions, following terrorist attacks in Sinai which the army, so old and bumbling, so involved in Egyptian internal politics, failed to prevent.

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Lies, Revolutions and Wars: A House of Sand and Fog By Nebojsa Malic

17 February, 2012 — Antiwar.com February 11, 2012

Last summer, as the Sandstorm mistakenly dubbed the “Arab Spring” swept across North Africa, a cadre of professional revolutionaries the Empire created in Serbia bragged about their role in the revolts to some European videographers. Sure, the revolts in Tunisia and Egypt may have begun spontaneously, but Empire-trained activists soon took control and channeled the rage into “regime change.” It’s what they get paid for.

‘America preparing military intervention in Syria’ — RT

5 January 2012 — ‘America preparing military intervention in Syria’ — RT

Damascus is criticizing the US for sending an envoy to Cairo’s Arab League discussions about ending the Assad regime’s crackdown on dissent. London-based political analyst Chris Bambery says the US is preparing for a military intervention in Syria.

­According to Barbery, sanctions against Syria are only the beginning of Western intervention. ‘The key ally in this enterprise, Turkey, has been involved with the Free Syrian Army – training them, and we know there are also American advisers in those camps in Turkey,’ he says. And, ‘when you combine all that – sanctions, diplomatic moves, the involvement with the Free Syrian Army, it begins to create a dynamic that though perhaps the Americans don’t want involvement in the military operation in Syria, they can pull it in that direction.’

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VTJP Palestine/Israel Newslinks 20 December 2011: 182 Counties Vote For Palestinian Right TO Self-Determination

20 December 2011 — VTJP


International Middle East Media Center

New Government Will Not be Formed Before Dec. 26
IMEMC – Member of the Political Bureau of the Hamas movement, Izzat Al-Rishiq, stated that the Palestinian factions met on Tuesday to discuss the implementation of the Unity Agreement, and decided that general elections will not be held before December 26th. …

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Syria Newslinks 18-19 December 2011

19 December 2011 — williambowles.info

19 December 2011
Syria official in Cairo expected to sign Arab deal
The Associated Press
CAIRO (AP) — Syria’s deputy foreign minister has arrived in Cairo and is expected to sign an agreement allowing Arab observers into the country. The Arab League has given Syria until Wednesday to sign the deal. If Damascus does not, the League says it …

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Egypt Newslinks 3 December 2011

3 December 2011 — williambowles.info

Highest voter turnout in Egypt ‘since the pharaohs’
CAIRO — Anticipating a strong presence in the new Egyptian parliament, ultraconservative Islamists outlined plans Friday for a strict brand of religious law, a move that could limit personal freedoms and steer a key US ally toward an Islamic state. …

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Egypt Newslinks 2 December 2011

2 December 2011 — williambowles.info

Syria, Egypt and Middle East unrest – live updates
The Guardian
12.25pm GMT / 7.25am EST: Egyptian state TV is saying the results of the first round of elections will be released at 8pm local time (6pm GMT, 1pm EST). Meanwhile, numbers at the march to honour those killed since the Supreme Council of the Armed …

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Dirty warfare ignored by mainstream as Egypt votes

30 November 2011 — RT

Cairo : Election officials take away ballot boxes from a polling station near Tahrir square at the end of the voting day in Cairo on November 29, 2011. (AFP Photo / Odd Andersen)

Millions of Egyptians have voted in the first parliamentary election since the fall of President Mubarak. But many doubt whether it will change much, with the army generals who took over from the ousted president still holding the reins.

Authorities report unexpectedly high turnout reaching an estimated 70 to 80 per cent over the two days of voting. Some lines to the polling stations were several kilometers long.

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