The Strange Thing About Cluster Bombs By Jim Naureckas

6 September 2013 — FAIR Blog

These are not the bad kind of cluster bomb, because they are dropped on and not by official enemies. (photo: US Air Force)

These are not the bad kind of cluster bomb, because they are dropped on and not by official enemies. (photo: US Air Force)

The New York Times has an article today (9/5/13) about a Human Rights Watch report charging Syria’s government with the use of  cluster bombs, a “widely prohibited weapon.”  Cluster bombs are munitions that release hundreds of miniature explosives; as the Times‘ Rick Gladstone writes, “Each bomblet detonates on impact, spraying shrapnel in all directions and killing, maiming and destroying indiscriminately.”

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The NATO Economy, the solution to the U.S. crisis? By Thierry Meyssan

3 March 2013 — Voltaire Network 

During his annual State of the Union address, President Barack Obama unilaterally announced the opening of negotiations for a Transatlantic Global Trade and Investment Partnership with the European Union (12 February). A few hours later, the scoop was confirmed by a joint statement from the U.S. President and the Presidents of the European Council, Herman van Rompuy and European Commission, José Manuel Barroso.

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The battle of Damascus has begun By Thierry Meyssan

24 July 2012Global Research – Voltaire Network

Western and Gulf powers have launched the largest secret war operation since the Contra war in Nicaragua. 

The Battle of Damascus is not intended to topple President Bashar al-Assad, but to fracture the Syrian Army to better ensure the domination of Israel and the U.S. over the Middle East. While the city is bracing for a new assault by foreign mercenaries, Thierry Meyssan takes stock of the situation. Continue reading

Assad in Western eyes: From riches to rags By Dmitry Babich

29 February, 2012Voice of Russia

The recent pronouncements by Western leaders and the monarchs of the Persian Gulf  Emirates on the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad and his regime make one want to rub one’s eyes. Are we hearing them from the same people we have just seen shaking hands with Assad and hinting at lucrative contracts with his “regime”? Didn’t the French president Nicolas Sarkozy consider it an honor to meet Assad at his Elysee Palace just one year before? Now Sarkozy calls him a “mass killer.” And wasn’t Sarkozy’s glamorous wife Carla Bruni entertained by the company of Assad’s British-raised wife, Asma? And can a person indeed change from a welcome guest to a mass killer in the short period between December 2010, when al-Assad’s last visit to France took place, and now?

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Diplomatic Blowback By Craig Murray

5 October 2011 — Craig Murray

Here is something you won’t find in any western media. Part of the actual Russian speech or ‘Explanation of Vote’ for their veto of the UN Resolution on Syria. It is worth reading. It is my own translation from the website of the Russian mission to the UN. There will be an official UN translation circulated in New York, but there will not be major differences: Continue reading

National Security Archive Update, September 11, 2011: New Documents Detail America's Strategic Response to 9/11

11 September 2011 — National Security Archive

Secret U.S. Message to Mullah Omar: “Every Pillar of the Taliban Regime Will Be Destroyed”
New Documents Detail America’s Strategic Response to 9/11
Bush White House Resistant to Rebuilding Afghanistan
Rumsfeld’s War Aim: “Significantly Change the World’s Political Map”

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Updates on Libyan war/Stop NATO news: August 6, 2011

6 August 2011 — Stop NATO

  • Media Coalition: NATO, Israel Breached Geneva Convention, Security Council Resolution
  • NATO ‘Protects’ Libyan Civilians By Killing Them
  • U.S. Navy Drone Shot Down Along Libyan Coast
  • U.S. Marines Extend Counterinsurgency Front From Black To Caspian Sea
  • Afghanistan: Four Killed In Anti-NATO Rally
  • Georgia: U.S. Marines And Machine Guns
  • New Japanese Defense White Paper A Ploy

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Syria Newslinks 5 August 2011

5 August 2011 —

Syrian unrest charges Lebanese tinderbox
Asia Times Online Today at Noon
The protests and violent counter-protests in Syria are echoed in Tripoli, the second-largest city in Lebanon and a microcosm of the treacherous field of Lebanese politics. Recent clashes in the city show that sectarianism remains a tinderbox, with the specter of competing factions in the country and beyond keen to enter the fray. – Chris Zambelis (Aug 5, ’11)

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