The Anti-Empire Report By William Blum: US Might is Right

1 November 1st, 2011 —

It doesn’t matter to them if it’s untrue. It’s a higher truth.

“We came, we saw, he died.”
US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton,
giggling, as she spoke of the depraved murder of Moammar Gaddafi

Imagine Osama bin Laden or some other Islamic leader speaking of 9-11: “We came, we saw, 3,000 died … ha- ha.”

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The execution of Gaddafi and the attempted humiliation of Africa By Horace Campbell

27 October 2011 — Pambazuka News – The execution of Gaddafi and the attempted humiliation of Africa

Horace Campbell reconstructs ‘the decision at the highest levels’ to execute Libya’s Colonel Gaddafi and considers ‘the urgency for organising to oppose the remilitarisation of Africa.’

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America’s Secret Empire of Drone Bases: Its Full Extent Revealed for the First Time By Nick Turse

17 October 2011 — Greanville PostAlterNet and TomDispatch

us-drone.jpgTHEY INCREASINGLY DOT THE PLANET. There’s a facility outside Las Vegas where ‘pilots’ work in climate-controlled trailers, another at a dusty camp in Africa formerly used by the French Foreign Legion, a third at a big air base in Afghanistan where Air Force personnel sit in front of multiple computer screens, and a fourth that almost no one talks about at an air base in the United Arab Emirates.

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New York Times Reports On Libya Ethnic Cleansing of Black People Months Later

14 September 2011 — Black Star News

[According to Black Star News, after this editorial was published last week, the site went down.]

‘Today, at around noon, we finally accessed the website. As a matter of course, I quickly reviewed the site. Everything seemed fine….except, the main editorial, under the headline “New York Times Reports On Libya Ethnic Cleansing of Black People Months Later,” had been deleted!

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NYT Points Out ‘Racist Overtones’ in Libyan Disinformation It Helped Spread By Peter Hart

24 August 2011 — Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting

Today’s New York Times has a story by David Kirkpatrick and Rod Norland running down the exaggerations and misinformation that have been spread throughout the Libya War. There’s been ‘spin from all sides,’ they report. Gadhafi’s exaggerations are well-known, but this passage is rather striking: Continue reading

As Economy Crumbles, Media Goes into Ritual Politics Mode: What is Michelle Bachmann wearing? By Danny Schechter

15 August 2011 — News Dissector

And so it came to pass, as predicted, projected, and warned about, that the economy is about to tank again. No less an authority than Nouriel Roubini, once dismissed as “Dr. Doom” for his accurate predictions of the financial crisis in 2007 and 20088, is shaking his head and pointing his finger again.

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New York Times stands by Ethan Bronner’s Facebook fabrications By Ali Abunimah

13 July 2011 — Electronic Intifada

Ethan Bronner speaks at UVSC, on Flickr

Ethan Bronner

Ethan Bronner speaks at UVSC

The New York Times has told The Electronic Intifada it stands fully behind an article by its Jerusalem bureau chief Ethan Bronner despite compelling evidence that the article contains fabrications, misleading statements, and gross exaggerations.

In a series of emails between The Electronic Intifada and The New York Times foreign editor Susan Chira, the newspaper defended the article and denied that any corrections or clarifications were required. This is despite the fact that additional data presented by The Electronic Intifada shows that the central premise of the article is false.

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NATO’s “Alternate Universe” in Libya By Wayne Madsen

8 June 2011 — Strategic Culture Foundation

The Pentagon and its NATO partners are engaged in one of the most obvious and intensive propaganda ploys in their military operations against Libya since the days leading up to the ‘Coalition of the Willing’ attack on Iraq. Suggestions that the government of Muammar Qaddafi is on its last legs and that life in Tripoli has drawn to a standstill as a result of the NATO bombing campaign are not based on reality, as any unbiased observer who has recently been in Tripoli, has witnessed…

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Corporate Media’s Capital Crimes Against Libya – and Humanity By Glen Ford

8 June 2011 — Black Agenda RadioA Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford

Western reporters in Tripoli dismiss the casualties inflicted by their own countries’ bombs on Libyan civilians, but are careful to alert NATO when they themselves venture outside their hotels. The war criminals and their corporate media are morally – and probably legally – indistinguishable. ‘As facilitators of those crimes – through ceaseless propaganda, lies and demonization of those targeted by the United States – the corporate media are just as guilty of the grossest human rights violations as the government they serve.’ Continue reading

Media Lens: You Cannot Kill An Ideology With A Gun

19 May 2011 — Media Lens

Writing in the New York Times, Jonathan Haidt, professor of psychology at the University of Virginia, commented:

‘Although Americans are in full agreement that the demise of Osama bin Laden is a good thing, many are disturbed by the revelry.’ (Haidt, ‘Why We Celebrate a Killing,’ New York Times, May 7, 2011)

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NYT Calls for Protecting Libyan Civilians by Escalating War–Like in Fallujah By Peter Hart

8 April 2011 — FAIR Blog

Afraid of NATO killing civilians in Libya? The New York Times editorial page (4/8/11) sees the way forward by ramping up the war:

There is a much better option: the American A-10 and AC-130 aircraft used earlier in the Libya fighting and still on standby status….

But no other country has aircraft comparable to America’s A-10, which is known as the Warthog, designed to attack tanks and other armored vehicles, or to the AC-130 ground-attack gunship, which is ideally suited for carefully sorting out targets in populated areas.

AC-130s were used frequently in the Iraq War, particularly in the bloody fight in the city of Fallujah–which was not often characterized by the careful sorting of targets. The Times established a record of downplaying the civilian deaths there, which might help explain why their editorial page has such faith in the careful sorting properties of these aircraft.

Stop NATO Updates on Libyan war: 4 April 2011

4 April 2011 — Stop NATO

Libyan War In Third Week As NATO Takes Command

Six Warships, 600 Marines: Britain Deploys Task Force To Libya
Why NATO Cannot Be Trusted
Mounting Alarm Over U.S. Use Of Depleted Uranium Arms In Libya
Impact Of Depleted Uranium Ammunition In The War On Libya
Today It Is Libya, Tomorrow It Is You: Namibian MPs
Italy To Open “Embassy” In Eastern Libya
New York Times: U.S. Ready To Abandon Yemen’s Saleh

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Gaddaffi’s African “Mercenary” Story is a Disinformation Ploy by the CIA By Wayne Madsen

4 April 2011 — Strategic Culture Foundation

[Editor’s note: I commented on this at the time (5/3/11) noting that the stories of ‘African mercenaries’ emanated from a single source: “There is only one, unverified source for this allegation. See ‘Dogs of War’ Fighting for Gaddafi‘,, 25 February, 2011… The allegation, by Air Force Major Rajib Feytouni became the source of a Guardian and subsequent stories. Google Rajib Feytouni and you’ll get the same single source rehashed this way and that.” — ‘Civil war already a reality By William Bowles, 5 March 2011.]

Another, this time an Israeli source alleges that 50,000 African mercenaries have been hired by Ghadafi through an Israeli company, Global CST. Watch the PressTV video here. But one would have thought that were this story true it would be headline news?

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Point Of No Return: U.S. And NATO Prepare For War With Libya By Rick Rozoff

8 March 2011 — Global Research Stop NATO

March 7 was a pivotal moment in plans by Western powers to launch military operations against Libya.

After meeting with Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard in Washington, President Barack Obama stated “we’ve got NATO, as we speak, consulting in Brussels around a wide range of potential options, including potential military options, in response to the violence that continues to take place inside of Libya.”

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WikiLeaks Analysis Suggests Hundreds of Thousands of Unrecorded Iraqi Deaths By Les Roberts

7 March 2011 — ICHBRussells Tribunal

Imagine that the New York Times revealed that five Senators were known to be taking bribes from a particular corporation. Some days later the Washington Post runs a story saying they had independent sources suggesting that four Senators were taking bribes from that same corporation but goes on to state that this was nothing new as the story was already covered, neglecting to mention that three of the four names were different than those previously reported by the Times. This is hard to imagine because eight named Senators in a scandal is not the same as five named Senators, and because healthy competition between papers would tend to point out the information missed by a rival. Yet, this is, at least numerically, what happened following the October 22nd, 2010 release of the Iraq War Logs by WikiLeaks.

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The Ten Reasons The Banksters Get Away With It By Danny Schechter

28 February, 2011 — Media Channel

The Wall Street Crime Syndrome Goes Deeper Than We Think:
Q. Why No Jailings? A: It’s The System, Not Just The Prosecutors

Hats off to writer Matt Taibbi for staying on the Wall Street crime beat, asking in his most recent report in Rolling Stone: “Why Isn’t Wall Street in Jail?”

“Financial crooks,” he argues, “brought down the world’s economy — but the feds are doing more to protect them than to prosecute them.”

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