Statewatch News Online, 31 December 2012 (22/12)

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1.    EU: European Parliament study: Evaluating current and forthcoming proposals on JHA databases and a smart borders system at EU external borders
2.    EU: Council of the European Union: Exchange of EU classified information (EUCI) with third States and international organisations
3.    Council of Europe: Human Rights Commissioner: Restrictions on defenders of migrants’ rights should stop
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Money Laundering and Offshore Fraud for the Rich, Economic Austerity for the Poor By Julie Lévesque

2 November, 2012Global Research

Offshore banking is the elephant in the global economic room which the political and financial elite is trying to hide from the public view. While imposing austerity measures on hard working citizens, they are well aware that astronomical amounts of money are secretly held in offshore banks, thus lost in taxes. Where is that money from? What is it for?

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Information Clearing House Newsletter 25 June 2012: “Netanyahu has Decided to Attack Iran Before the U.S. Elections in November”

25 June 2012Information Clearing House

“Netanyahu has Decided to Attack Iran Before the U.S. Elections in November”
By Michael Carmichael
Netanyahu‘s agenda is much broader than knocking out Iranian nuclear installations for his aim is to reshape the political landscape in the USA and Israel shifting everything to the far, far right in order to create a new comfort zone for religious fundamentalists.

New at Strategic Culture Foundation 18-22 June 2012: Iran / Asia / Greece /nEgypt / Ecuador / CIA / Media

23 June 2012Strategic Culture Foundation

US shopping for «lily pads» in Central Asia
22.06.2012 | 10:24 | Melkulangara BHADRAKUMAR

The hidden agenda of the United States’ invasion of Afghanistan in 2001 lay enveloped by the fog of the war for most of the past ten-year period… Even now, when the topic of discussion is the withdrawal of the US forces from Afghanistan by end-2014, it is being overlooked in much of the world opinion that something like 50000 troops will stay back for an indefinite period in the region, including combat troops and air power. But then, the argument goes that 50000 US troops cannot be expected to turn the tide of the war when three times that number (during the ‘surge’ in 2010) couldn’t succeed, after all. So, where is the need of a hidden agenda?..


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A different kind of Europe By Trevor Evans

22 March 2012 — Red Pepper

Trevor Evans outlines the basis for a progressive pan-European response to the euro crisis

The growth of private international financial institutions since the 1970s has seriously curtailed the ability of national governments to exercise democratic control over economic policy. This was vividly demonstrated early in the 1980s, when capital flight forced the French government to abandon its programme of progressive economic reforms. Since then, finance has become much stronger, and the constraints are especially severe for smaller countries.

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Information Clearing House Newsletter 17 March 2012: “The End Of Israel”?

17 March 2012 Information Clearing House


“The End Of Israel”

Israel Too Small to Last Even One Week of Real War


“If Israel ever makes that mistake [attacking Iran’s nuclear sites], that will set the time for the end of Israel. They know it very well…. We don’t consider Israel a country. Israel is an entity, the extension of the US influence in the Middle East…. So, the real threat is the US,” he said.

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Europe’s Economic Crisis: Portugal, Ireland, Spain, Italy and Belgium are Heading in the Same Direction as Greece by Bob Chapman

14 March 2012 — Global Research

It isn’t over until it is over. Of course, we are referring to Europe and its version of 1984. We find it profound that the bankers, politicians and bureaucrats of Europe can do what they have done with a straight face. Investor had a haircut shoved down their throats and the ECB, the European Central Bank and the IMF were exempt.

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Video: ‘The biggest imperialist bullies get slammed first’ — RT

18 February 2012‘The biggest imperialist bullies get slammed first’ — RT

Iran decided not to wait until July 1, when the EU oil embargo comes into effect, instead imposing its own ‘boycott on the offending powers, starting with the two biggest imperialist bullies on the schoolyard,’ journalist Webster Tarpley told RT.

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