Stop NATO News: March 16, 2012: Argentina To Sue Over British Oil Exploration Near Falklands

16 March 2012 — Stop NATO

  1. NATO Arctic War Games: Norwegian Military Aircraft Goes Missing
  2. NATO Attack Kills Pakistani Civilian; Four Others Arrested
  3. NATO Enhances Interceptor Missile System From One End Of Europe To The Other
  4. Georgia: U.S. Marines Lead Two-Week War Games
  5. Afghanistan: Pentagon Chief Inspects Georgian Cohorts
  6. Georgian Fatalities In Afghan War: NATO Cannon Fodder
  7. German Foreign Minister In Tbilisi: Georgia To Join NATO
  8. Gulf Cooperation Council Monarchies Close Embassies In Syria
  9. Argentina To Sue Over British Oil Exploration Near Falklands
  10. U.S., Azerbaijan, Kuwait Discuss “Global Energy Security”
  11. Eastern Mediterranean: NATO Naval Group Practices Low And High Intensity Warfare
  12. After Libyan War: Canadian Warship Charlottetown In NATO Mediterranean Maneuvers
  13. NATO Maritime Group Conducts Joint Operation In Morocco
  14. NATO Member Latvia’s Capital Hosts Waffen SS March

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Stop NATO News: February 29, 2012: “Nightmare For Invader”: Georgia Is NATO States’ Window To Caucasus

29 February 2012 — Stop NATO

  • Attacks On Syria, Iran Would Overwhelm Armenia With Refugees
  • Russian Expert: Azerbaijan’s Territory May Be Used To Strike Iran
  • “Nightmare For Invader”: Georgia Is NATO States’ Window To Caucasus
  • Georgian Foreign Minister In Israel To Discuss “Regional Security Issues”
  • Saakashvili: NATO Afghan Operation Provides Training For Local Conflicts
  • Labor Party Calls On Opposition To Demand Georgia’s Afghan Withdrawal

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BREAKING NEWS: Israel backing down from Iran threats By Michael Carmichael

23 February — Global Research

Israel is backing down from her threats to bomb Iran

In a scathing loss of face for Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, diplomatic sources in Israel have revealed that President Shimon Peres will meet privately with President Obama at the White House before – repeat before Netanyahu.

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NATO’s Double Game In Libya Under UN Cover Revealed By Akhtar Jamal

20 February 2012 — NATO’s Double Game In Libya Under UN Cover Revealed – Pakistan Observer

NATO double game in Libya under UN cover revealed
Suitcase size drones played decisive role

Islamabad: A Canadian newspaper has revealed an account of NATO’s double-game in Libya and disclosed how the NATO countries collaborated with each other to topple the Libyan regime and secretly supplied most sophisticated weapons and drones to Libyan rebels.

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Syria: China, Russia Won’t Allow Further Transformation Of UN Into West’s Bludgeon

18 February 2012 — Global Times

China unwavering on Syria in new UN vote

Western powers are privileged to interpret interests and ethics at their own will due to their obvious dominance of public opinion. They label the 12 countries who voted differently to them at the UN as being ‘unethical.’ China should never be fooled by this hypocrisy.

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Stop NATO News: February 15, 2012: Russia To Counter U.S. Interceptor Missile Ships Off Coasts

15 February 2012012

  • Russia To Counter U.S. Interceptor Missile Ships Off Coasts
  • U.S. Aircraft Carrier Passes Through Strait Of Hormuz
  • NATO Holds High Level Consultations With Four Gulf Countries
  • Russian Foreign Minister: West Preparing Replay Of Libyan Model In Syria
  • NATO Representative: Georgia’s Full Membership Is Decided Issue
  • Germany Supports Macedonia’s Full NATO Membership
  • War Zone Deployments: U.S. European Command Director Solidifies Ties With Armenia

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Russian Foreign Minister: Libyan Scenario Undermines Global Stability

11 February 2012Stop NATOItar-Tass

Russia will seek respect for sovereignty of states – Lavrov

Russia will seek respect for the sovereignty of states and non-interference in their internal affairs. This was stated by Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov at a Moscow function to mark National Diplomacy Day.

The minister said Moscow was opposed to violence, wherever it might originate from, while at the same time upholding fundamental principles of international law. This first and foremost pertains to the situation in Syria, said Lavrov. He noted that a Libyan scenario of events would undermine global stability. Continue reading

Stop NATO News: December 8, 2011

8 December 2011 — Stop NATO

  • Russia To Counter Western Missile Deployments Near Border: Military Chief
  • Russian Envoy Slams NATO Over Middle East, Interceptor Missiles
  • French Foreign Minister: NATO-Russia Missiles Talks ‘Near Deadlock’
  • West’s Most-Cherished Desire: Disintegration Of Russian Federation
  • NATO Border: Belarus To Receive New Russian Air Defense Systems
  • Top NATO Commander Wants Afghan Troop Withdrawal Stalled Continue reading

Stop NATO News: November 29, 2011

29 November 2011 — Stop NATO

  • Will America’s New Hypersonic Weapon Cause A Global Arms Race?
  • Russian Warships Head For Syria
  • SCO Partners: China, Russia Say NATO Attacks On Pakistan Unacceptable
  • NATO Exceeds All Limits In Pakistan
  • Russian Foreign Minister Condemns Deadly NATO Air Attack In Pakistan
  • Pakistan Army Refuses To Accept NATO ‘Expressions Of Regret’ Continue reading

Stop NATO News: November 14, 2011

14 November 2011 — Stop NATO

  • U.S. Speeds Up Militarization Of Iran’s Neighbors
  • U.S. To Provide Advanced Interceptor Missiles To United Arab Emirates
  • Video And Text: Foreign Minister Blasts NATO In Libya, Warning Vis-A-Vis Syria
  • Obama To Meet With All Major Asia-Pacific Military Allies
  • Albania, Georgia: NATO Values Troops More Than Democracy

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Updates on Libyan war/Stop NATO news: October 22, 2011

21 October 2011 — Stop NATO

  • Pentagon Chief Praises NATO For Libyan War Role
  • Russian Foreign Minister: West Plans To Effect Libyan Scenario In Syria
  • Libya: Canada’s Latest War
  • Obama Praises NATO Ally Norway For African, Asian War Efforts
  • Russian Foreign Minister Rebuffs McCain Over Gaddafi Fate For Putin Remark
  • NATO Moves Troops, Helicopters, Tanks, Artillery To Pakistan Border Continue reading


6 October 2011 — PCHR

Today, 6 October 2011, former Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni visited the United Kingdom. Ms. Livni was Foreign Minister during Israel’s 27 December 2008 – 18 January 2009 offensive on the Gaza Strip (Operation Cast Lead. OCL). Significant evidence was collected indicating her individual criminal responsibility for war crimes and other international crimes committed during this period.

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