FAIR TV: Snowden & Hayden, Pro-Equality 'Bias,' Climate Coverage By Peter Hart

6 July 2013 — FAIR Blog

Bob Schieffer (photo: CSIS)

Bob Schieffer

On FAIR TV this week: CBS covers the Edward Snowden and the NSA scandal by asking Bush-era NSA chief Michael Hayden for help. And NPR wonders if media coverage of marriage equality is too tilted in favor of… equality? Plus network TV doesn’t cover Obama’s climate speech–but the fake newscast at Comedy Central does.

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The Pentagon was behind Egypt's Military Coup By Prof Michel Chossudovsky

7 July 2013 — Global Research


Interview with Michel Chossudovsky

Press TV has conducted an interview with Michel Chossudovsky, Centre for Research on Globalization, Montreal about the coup d’état by the Egyptian military that has deposed the elected Morsi government after large anti-government protests arose.

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Bradley Manning Newslinks 28-29 June 2013

29 June 2013 — williambowles.info


29 June 2013

‘Bradley Manning leaked classified info cables to WikiLeaks’

Hindu Business Line

US Army Pfc. Bradley Manning disclosed potentially damaging classified information in at least 117 of the more than 250,000 US State Department cables he has acknowledged sending to WikiLeaks, according to evidence prosecutors presented at his …



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Humanitarian Crisis in Syria: “The West should Pay War Reparations to Syria”. Interview with Michel Chossudovsky

9 June 2013 — Global Research

“What we must now tackle at an international level is war reparations. The war is over unless of course the West decides to continue this war e.g. with a no fly zone. That would be an extremely dangerous option at this stage because Syria has an advanced air defense system.”

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Bradley Manning (not) on TV Network News By Peter Hart

5 June 2013 — FAIR Blog

manning-nbcThe first day of Bradley Manning’s court-martial trial was, by any rational definition, big news. Manning allegedly shared thousands of documents with the anti-secrecy websiteWikiLeaks. Those revelations made enormous contributions to public knowledge about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and exposed some of theinner workings of U.S. foreign policy.

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America’s Greatest Affliction: The Presstitute Media By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

3 June 2013 — www.boilingfrogspost.com

“The Entire Western Media: A Collection of Bought-and-Paid-for Whores.” 

When Gerald Celente branded the American media “presstitutes,” he got it right. The US print and TV media (and NPR) whore for Washington and the corporations. Reporting the real news is their last concern. The presstitutes are a Ministry of Propaganda and Cover-up. This is true of the entire Western media, a collection of bought-and-paid-for whores.

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Video: FAIR TV: PBS and Koch, Guatemala and the U.S. Role and Rumsfeld Meets the Press

25 May 2013 — FAIR Blog

This week: PBS won’t be showing us the documentary Citizen Koch–for some very dubious reasons. Also: The New York Times points out that the U.S. role in supporting genocide in Guatemala was hardly discussed at the trial; the same goes for U.S. media coverage of that trial. And Donald Rumsfeld goes on Meet the Press to talk about accountability. No, it’s not what you think.

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Black Agenda Report 22 May 2013: Can Black Politics Be Revived? The Obama "Dog Whistle" & More

22 May 2013 — Black Agenda Report

This week in Black Agenda Report

Can Black Politics Be Revived?

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

Obama’s presidency has been disastrous for African Americans, who have been economically crushed and disconnected from their historical roots in social struggle.Political fantasists now urge us to put our faith in demographics, claiming that change will inevitably flow from the darkening of America’s population. But, that’s a trap which leads to a descent into South Africa-like conditions. Continue reading

Covert Israeli Forces Inside Syria Within Rebel Ranks? Israeli Military Vehicle Seized: Report

20 May 2013 — Global Research News

Seizure of Israeli Vehicle in al-Qasayr


Media sources confirm the seizure of an Israeli military vehicle in Al Qseir inside Syrian territory, pointing to the presence of covert Israeli forces operating within the ranks of  “opposition” rebel forces. 

The vehicle’s licence plate corresponds to that of the Israeli military with a black background and the letter Tsade (?) (see image below)

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Dead Journalists and the Newseum Scandal By Peter Hart

14 May 2013 — FAIR Blog

newseum-memorialA memorial  for journalists who died while reporting the news wouldn’t seem to be the kind of thing that would attract controversy, but that’s exactly what’s happened with an exhibit at the Newseum.

On May 10, the Huffington Post‘s Michael Calderone reported that the museum was being criticized by “conservative outlets and a pro-Israel think tank” over the inclusion in its Journalists Memorial of two reporters from Al-Aqsa TV, which is run by Hamas.

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BLACK AGENDA TV – "Black Diamonds”: South Africa’s Black Millionaires Act as Middlemen for Corporate Power

16 May 2013 — Black Agenda Report

By The Editors

An elite class of Black millionaires has “accumulate wealth at the expense of the vast majority” of South Africa’s people, said community organizer and researcher Molefi Ndlovu, on the latest edition of Black Agenda Television. These “Black Diamonds,” as they are called, have become “a sort of middleman, people who push the envelop for the people who hold real power in the country.”

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