People Power in Pakistan

Thursday, 28 July 2022 — Pepe Escobar

“In Pakistan’s history, it may be the first time that people’s power has been honored by the judiciary in the face of open threats on the judges’ safety, including an attack on the chief justice. The lawless and powerful corrupt politicians did everything to derail the process of the rule of law, but justice prevailed. The U.S. government that initiated the current political crisis in Pakistan through its extremely unwise and self-destructive act of regime change in Pakistan has, hopefully, learned that it cannot impose corrupt and servile politicians on the 220 million people of Pakistan whose steady progress in the past three and a half years under the leadership of Imran Khan has been nullified by those incompetent and self-serving politicians that the U.S. installed in Pakistan. Pakistan now faces the challenge of going back to square one and re-starting its road to recovery. Congratulations to the people of Pakistan, to Pakistan’s Tehreek-e Insaaf Party (the Movement for Justice), and to the Party’s leader Imran Khan for this valiant and successful fight against foreign intervention and the powerful mafias.”

– Prof. Abdul Jabbar, longest-serving Pakistani academic in American history, professor of literature, global politics, Muslim world affairs. Based in San Francisco, California.

H/t Junaid Ahmad

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