When Google decides what news you read

24 February 2021 — USRTK

As tech giants wrestle over content moderation, “their decisions also run the risk of stifling routine reporting,” reports Parker Higgins for Freedom of the Press Foundation. “When content is removed or an algorithm tweaked behind closed doors, news organizations and journalists are often left without any sort of transparency into the process or a clear path to appeals.”

We are learning about this situation the hard way here at USRTK, as Higgins reports in When algorithms come for journalists.

“U.S. Right to Know, a non-profit newsroom that engages in investigative journalism on public health issues, has provided Freedom of the Press Foundation with evidence of a sudden and dramatic drop-off in incoming traffic from Google search results after the search engine released a ‘core update’ to its ranking algorithm,” Higgins wrote.

“Other outlets have had their entire ability to reach an audience jeopardized,” the foundation explains in a tweet. “The non-profit newsroom @USRighttoKnowsaw their search traffic drop precipitously, and can’t get answers as to why.”

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Lessons from battles to expose Monsanto and DuPont. In this press briefing for the Foreign Press Association, hear our colleague Carey Gillam and Robert Billott, the attorney whose story was socialfeatured in the movie Dark Waters, share how they wrestled with companies that are now ordered to pay billions in costs and damages, the efforts that were made to discredit them, and lessons for journalists.

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For our right to know,
Carey, Gary, Sai, Stacy

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