Information Clearing House Headlines 27-28 December 2019

28 December 2019 — Information Clearing House

Turkey to send Syrian rebel mercenary fighters to battle Haftar in Libya

By Ragip Soylu in Ankara
Libyan “forces previously sent weapons and ammunition to help Syrian rebels in 2011. They even sent some commanders to help them,” – Continue


Turkey’s Military Intervention In Libya Might Help Syria

By Moon Of Alabama
Less ‘rebel’ fighters in Syria will make it easier for the Syrian army to make progress in its renewed Idleb campaign. – Continue


India’s new citizenship law ignites religious tensions

By Miriam Jackson
Hindu nationalists are seeking the Israelification of India; they must be stopped. – Continue


The Thick Blue Line: How the United States Became the World’s Police Force

By Patrick Blanchfield
American officials portrayed US-sanctioned police-from South Vietnam to Indonesia to Nicaragua to Turkey-as essential to maintaining international order. – Continue

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