We Took Action Against the Hostile Environment

16 October 2020 — Migrants Organise

This weekend, under the banner of ‘Solidarity Knows No Borders’, groups in more than 20 locations across the country joined us to take action to demand an end to the Hostile Environment.

In a beautiful display of solidarity, and to fight back against cruel and racist British immigration policies, groups staged socially-distanced protestsbanner dropscreative direct actionsvigilsonline awareness raising events and photos, they also made posters, and dozens took part in the Justice for Simba poster campaign. You can see some more photos and find out more in our latest blog, or check out our Facebook page to see more of the action.

We joined together from every corner of the country, with actions organised in Abergavenny, Brighton, Bristol, Cambridge, Coventry, Dover, Folkestone, Hastings, Halifax, Hull, Liverpool, Central London, London Bridge, Twickenham, Manchester, Oxford, Sheffield, Waltham Forest and Wellingborough. Thank you to every person who organised, attended, spoke out, and took action this weekend.

This is only the beginning of building a migrant-led movement for justice.We have a hard and long winter ahead of us, but we must remember that there is an army of people in every corner of the country prepared to come together in struggle. We must join up, speak out and find a way to escalate our work to achieve justice.

Create this movement with us by signing the FIRM Charter, and join us at future actions and organising meetings to build the demand for an immigration system based on basic rights, and on the principles of dignity, justice, and welcome.

The International Struggle for Universal Healthcare – #PatientsNotPassports

This week, with the New Economics Foundation and the Patients Not Passports campaign, we launched an action orientated new reportinvestigating how movements across Europe have been fighting against the exclusion of migrants from healthcare.

It looks at how and why migrants have their right to healthcare restricted, and focuses on the practical lessons that healthcare workers, migrant groups, trade unions and campaigners can learn about the fight to defend universal access to health. You can read the research here.

You can find out more about the research on Tuesday 27th October, when we’re co-hosting a webinar to discuss what is to be done to end the Hostile Environment in the NHS. We’ll have a rare opportunity to hear directly from the experiences of people fighting similar struggles across Europe, learn how these movements organised, and ultimately, how – together – we can win.

Join us on Tuesday 27th October by registering on Zoom now!

As ever, thank you for your ongoing support for Migrants Organise and the work that we do.

In solidarity,
The Migrants Organise Team

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