Safe Passage Breaking News: UK dis-invited to EU meeting

26 November 2021 — Safe Passage

You may have seen that Priti Patel has been dis-invited to an upcoming summit of European Ministers this weekend to discuss the tragedy in the Channel.

As the Home Secretary won’t be meeting with European Ministers to discuss policy, it’s more important than ever that the Government hears our calls for safe routes now loud and clear.

Thank you for joining us in our calls in yesterday’s email.

With this latest news, we’ve reflected and have decided to focus less on the personalities and more on the policy. So we’re changing the focus of the campaign to our policy demands. We hope you’ll join us and continue to press for safe routes over failed policies. If you would like to have your name removed from the campaign, please let us know by responding to this email. The new link to the campaign is below.

Join our calls for the Government to bring in Safe Routes Now.

Safe Routes Now



CEO of Safe Passage

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Refugees need your support to make sure they can reach safety. Safe Passage are working hard to help bring these children to the UK, and fighting for more safe routes to sanctuary.
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