13 July 2021 — Save Our Rights UK

Today the Government have snuck a Statutory Instrument onto the program of the day that would mandate vaccines for all care home workers. This would include not only the staff looking after the residents but also all cooks, cleaners, handy men and so on. This would result in thousands of people being forced to have the vaccine and hand over their private medical information to their employers.

Over one third of care home workers have said that they will consider quitting their jobs if the vote passes today. Lets help them feel safe to keep their job by urging MP’s to stand up for medical freedom and to vote against this motion.

It takes less than a minute and a half to send an email to your MP here.

By emailing them in advance it means we can hold them to account after the fact so please don’t delay as it is listed for this afternoon.

If you have more time after that then please also consider retweeting our Call to Action on Twitter and sharing the Facebook post too.

Many thanks for standing with us for Medical Freedom.

Kind regards,


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