Welcoming Old Friends

Sunday, 26 June 2022 — The Van Says…


Van friendThis is one of thousands of tales telling of how the Ukrainian people were abused by their own countrymen


Four months after Russia launched its Special Military Operation in the Ukraine, immense tracts of former Ukrainian territory are now under Russian control. Despite western media reports to the contrary, rather than the people of these regions fighting the Russians, they are actually welcoming them. This article will examine why.

Historical Brothers

At this stage in the proceedings, anyone with knowledge of Eastern European affairs will know that the Russian and Ukrainian peoples go back centuries and in spite of the difficulties over recent months and years, their mentality and outlook is for the most part very similar indeed. Many remember Soviet days and whilst there was not the ‘democracy’ that there is today, despite the absence of political choice, there was a much greater quality of life. Recent years have seen changes in the mindset of a few hard-right nutjobs, but for the most part, the peoples share most of their common values.

A Decade of Downfall

Since the western-orchestrated Maidan coup of 2014, the fortunes of the Ukrainians and their country have taken a real tumble, numerous changes for the worse meaning that living standards have plummeted for most whilst western enterprises have had a field day. The Ukrainian people know that the decline of their country was in no part caused by Russia and have little sympathy for either the government or its supporters. After the ravages that befell them during Poroshenko’s time in office, Zelenskiy was voted into power promising to push for peace, yet his volte face after gaining the top job has angered an immense percentage of the people, increasing fear and ire becoming part of their daily lives.

The Enemy Within

The political decisions that have been made for Kiev from Washington are well known, yet for eight years there has been a resurgence of fascism in the country, those involved not only attacking their former countrymen in the Donbass but also repressing the people in their own country. The people of the Ukraine have suffered at the hands of their own armed forces, the country resembling many South American countries of the past, US-approved paramilitaries terrorizing the public into an uneasy submission, millions under the jackboot of fascist maniacs who love political ideals far better than they understand them.

True Ukrainian Faces

As Russia’s Special Military Operation in the Ukraine has moved forward, rather than evacuating civilians as the Russians did in the Donbass, Ukrainian forces have forced the public into cellars, occupied and looted their apartments and then killed or destroyed anyone or anything that they wanted. Rather than being the defenders of community and country, many in the army have used the war as a means to embark on a psychotic free-for-all, an inevitable hatred and loathing from their own people being the result.

True Russian Faces

As Ukrainian forces have been pushed ever further westwards, the manner in which the Russians have conducted their war has reduced casualties and damage to a minimum. This has been difficult when Kiev’s men have been shelling civilian areas in order to point the finger at Russia, yet when we view areas that have been taken by the Russians, there is not the resentment from the people that the western world wants us to believe that there is. Most if not all of the Ukrainian civilians have welcomed the Russians, it being Moscow’s men who have liberated them from basements and cellars after being held there starving and cold by Ukrainian forces for weeks without food or water.

True Heart

In light of the oppression suffered over the last eight years as well as the horrors inflicted upon the Ukrainian population during the battles of this war, it is hardly surprising that neither the people are repelling the Russians nor are the western media telling stories regarding mistreatment by the Russians. The period since Maidan has been the result of western interference whilst Russia has forged forward in spite of the efforts made against it. The general public in the Ukraine have seen how this has resulted in changes for both countries and would be far happier to be governed from Moscow than by their own government in Kiev. The likenesses between the two peoples have proven to be far stronger than the differences between what they want and what a western circus of clowns in Kiev wish to impose upon them.

Forward Together

No level-headed person would want the status quo to continue in the country and all but the die-hard fanatics are pleased to be out of the clutches of their previous rulers. They neither want to be governed by an administration that is collapsing by the day, nor do they wish to follow the previous path that only benefited the West. This will mean over the next year a number of referenda will be held, giving regions the choice between becoming a part of the Russian Federation, self-autonomy or returning as part of the Ukrainian nation. With there being as many liberated regions as there already are as well as others that will inevitably fall under Moscow’s rule, the political geography of this part of Eastern Europe is sure to change immeasurably over the next twelve months.

Western Whining

No article regarding the current conflict can be made without mentioning those who caused this situation in the first place. Both governments and media alike have ridden this issue for all it is worth, yet as the weeks have passed into months, more and more hot air has been created in the absence of any evidence to back up claims regarding Russian abuses. Look to the alternative media and there are literally thousands of videos and testimonies showing everyday Ukrainians welcoming Russian forces before being helped back onto the path of normal life, but with the modern world being what it is, none of this ever filters through to the peoples whose politicians started this show in the first place. History however is not on the side of those concealing the truth and as either parts of the Russian Federation or nations in their own rights, these regions will over time ensure that the truth comes out.

Deep Divisions

There is one factor that will prove to be a sticking point however, that being the divisions that the last eight years have caused. In that time, the people of the country have become polarized; western regions have come to need the West whilst eastern and central regions feel closer to Russia. This schism existed before the current troubles, yet the fact that so many have chosen the false gods of fascism and capitalism means that the country as it was could never exist in the future. Moreover, millions of Ukrainians know who has assailed and assaulted both country and community, recent torments today ensuring that Kiev and its cohorts will never again be able to wreak the terror they previously did.


For thousands of years, a common people shared pretty much identical values in spite of borders eventually separating them through time. The last decade attempted to turn all this on its head in the interests of western politics, but fortunately Russia has stepped in to ensure that a millennium of brotherhood and friendship is not lost forever.

Time is a healer and gradually the wounds of this war will disappear, yet one only has to look at those who have been liberated to see that whilst the pain between Russia and the Ukraine will recede, the burning pain that Kiev and the West brought to the land will never be forgotten…

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