Black Agenda Report 10 August 2022

Wednesday, 10 August 2022 — — Black Agenda Report

Nancy Pelosi, White Supremacy, and China
Margaret Kimberley
White supremacist arrogance was the order of the day when Nancy Pelosi ignored a red line set by the Chinese government and visited Taiwan. The Speaker of the House showed stereotypical and racist attitudes towards that country.

ESSAY: Women in Prison: How We Are, Assata Shakur, 1978
Editors, The Black Agenda Review
Assata Shakur exposes the conditions faced by incarcerated Black women in a powerful 1978 essay.

For the American Empire, Hypocrisy and War Go Hand in Hand
Danny Haiphong
American exceptionalist hypocrisy was on full display during Nancy Pelosi’s provocative trip to Taiwan.

Crazy Like a Woodfox
Raymond Nat Turner
An homage to the late Albert Woodfox, one of the Angola Three, who survived more than 40 years of solitary confinement.

US Threatens Ethiopia and Eritrea with “Genocide Designation”
Ann Garrison
Ann Garrison’s remarks at the annual Eritrean Festival.

We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Harvard: Why the Crew, and not the Captain, Will Save America
Jon Jeter
The elites who control international finance are the best educated people in the world. They are also the most dangerous and have inflicted the most harm.

Black August Builds on Our Black Radical Traditions
Charles Brooks
Black August is the commemoration of actions carried out by revolutionaries ranging from Nat Turner to George Jackson. It is a month to “study, fast, train, and fight” to build the Black radical tradition.

BAR Book Forum: Maboula Soumahoro’s “Black is the Journey, Africana the Name”
Roberto Sirvent
This week’s featured author is Maboula Soumahoro. Soumahoro is Associate Professor in the English department of the University of Tours. Her book is Black is the Journey, Africana the Name.

BAR Book Forum: Jesse Olsavsky’s Book, “The Most Absolute Abolition”
Roberto Sirvent
This week’s featured author is Jesse Olsavsky. Olsavsky is Assistant Professor of History at Duke Kunshan University in China. His book is The Most Absolute Abolition: Runaways, Vigilance Committees, and the Rise of Revolutionary Abolitionism, 1835–1861.

Global Solidarity of the Oppressed is the Kryptonite of Zionism and Imperialism
Mark P. Fancher
Zionist efforts to influence U.S. elections are not surprising, nor is their concern solely about policy towards Israel. The broader goal is to kill solidarity between the oppressed in this country and revolutionary forces abroad lest they find common ground and change the political landscape here.

Gustavo Petro and Francia Márquez Take Office in Colombia
Peoples Dispatch
Gustavo Petro and Francia Marquez are now President and Vice President of Colombia. Their Historic Pact coalition will face many challenges in fulfilling its commitment to make fundamental change in their country.

Fact Finding Mission to Donbass Part 2
John Parker
John Parker continues reporting from his trip to Russia and Ukraine earlier this year. His perspective is rarely seen in U.S. media.

Ruchell Magee: US Prisoner, Political Thinker, Rebel, and Still Fighting for Release After 67 Years
Natalia Marques
Ruchell Magee has been incarcerated for 67 years and is the longest serving political prisoner in the world. Black August is a time to remember him and his role in the Marin County Courthouse Rebellion, as this April 2022 Peoples Dispatch article reminds us.

Israel’s True Target Is Not Islamic Jihad
Ahmed Abu Artema
Israel’s periodic and deadly attacks on Gaza continue. Despite a variety of justifications, the true goal is to maintain control by terrorizing the Palestinian population.

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