London Renters Union: This is how we build the powerful movement we need

29 May 2021 — London Renters Union

What: LRU outreach training

When: 7th June 6-8pm
Via ZoomRegister here.

Over the past year, renters like you have taken action together and won crucial government protections from eviction during the pandemic and forced landlords to pay out thousands of pounds in repairs and compensation.

This summer, renters in the LRU will be reaching out to people in their neighbourhoods through street stalls and door knocking. This is how we build the big, powerful movement that is rooted in our communities that we need to win homes for people not profit.

Getting involved in street stalls and door knocking is one of the most effective ways you can help build the collective power of renters.

As a renter, you’ve already got the knowledge and experience of the housing system you need to empower other people to take action. Together we can be powerful – but only if renters like you get involved.

Join other LRU members on June 7 to learn how you can get other renters involved in our movement.

��How to have effective, persuasive conversations with other renters.
��How the experiences you’ve had of renting can move other people to action.
��The London Renters Union’s plan to win.

We encourage all LRU members to attend this training, even if you’ve never done anything like this before! Register here.

In friendship and solidarity,
Sara, Myriam and Michael

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