NHS: Leaked this week

9 February 2021 — NHS Support Federation

Evidence-based journalism and research on the NHS to create change.

Documents passed to the Lowdown reveal how US company, Centene is expanding its interests in the NHS by buying up a network of GP practices.

And in the same week the BBC report a likely fall in private sector involvement, as after years of public campaigning leaked details emerged of the government’s plan to remove NHS competition rules, so what is going on, is this really the end of NHS outsourcing? And what does the leaked white paper really mean for the NHS? We take a look.

Mental health services are confronting a surge in demand but without the promised support.

And we look at why government ministers are being hauled through the courts over the covid contracts and why we need more accountability.

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Here is this week’s Lowdown,  on PDF and our one-stop roundup

US company in takeover of network of GP practices

New NHS White Paper – the end of outsourcing?

White Paper: power grab, sea change or cementing in the status quo?

Covid contracts: the struggle for scrutiny

Mental health services still waiting on promised improvements

Private health and privatisation costs lives

Hundreds of US hospitals at risk

Also, take a look at this online public conference to examine the true facts and what can we do about NHS privatisation, more updates on this soon.

With thanks and best wishes

Paul, John, Sylvia, Molly & Martin
The Lowdown team

NHS Support Federation


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