Housmans Books April 2017 Newsletter

29 March 2017 — Housmans


1. Pluto Press Takeover


2. ‘The Punk Kings of Dyslexia’ with Stephen Micalef
‘Sound System: The Political Power of Music’ with Dave Randall
4. ‘Free Movement and Beyond: Agenda Setting for Brexit Britain’ with Kate Hudson
5. ‘The Political Thought of Abdullah Öcalan – Kurdistan, Women’s Revolution And Democratic Confederalism’ with Dr Kamran Matin, Dilar Dirik, and Reimer Heider
6. ‘Voices from the “Jungle” – Stories From The Calais Refugee Camp’
7. ‘Signal Failure: London to Birmingham, HS2 on foot’ with Tom Jeffreys
8. ‘Surviving The Future: culture, carnival, and capital in the aftermath of the market economy’ with Shaun Chamberlin
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ICH Headlines 28 March 2017

28 March 2017 — Information Clearing House

Ending Syria’s Nightmare will Take Pressure From Below

By Mike Whitney

Ominous developments have drawn the United States and Russia into closer proximity increasing the likelihood of a violent confrontation. Continue reading this...

COLDTYPE Issue 137 April 2017 – is now on line

28 March 2017 — Coldtype

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Roundup: Evidence EPA Colluded With Monsanto to Dismiss Cancer Concerns Grows Stronger

28 March 2017 — Dr. Mercola

Glyphosate — the active ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup and other herbicides — is the most widely used agricultural chemical in the world, and testing suggests a large portion of the global population now has glyphosate in their system.

According to the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), a research arm of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the “gold standard” in carcinogenicity research, glyphosate is a “probable human carcinogen” (Class 2A).1,2

Research scientist Anthony Samsel has also reported he has evidence showing Monsanto is well aware glyphosate promotes cancer, and that they’ve had this knowledge since 1981.

Publicly, the company has insisted glyphosate is harmless to both environment and human health, but recent revelations are beginning to unravel Monsanto’s carefully orchestrated plot to deceive the public.

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Media: NYT Says Congress Has ‘Duty’ to Make War–Rather Than the Right to Reject It

27 March 2017 — FAIR

NYT: Congress’s Duty in the War With ISISThe New York Times argues that Congress has a duty to authorize war–rather than a responsibility to determine whether war should be fought.

As reports come in detailing the degree to which Donald Trump has escalated the “War on ISIS”—and killed hundreds more civilians in the process—this would seem like a good time for the country to sit back and examine the United States’ approach to fighting “terrorism” and its recent iteration, the so-called Islamic State. Continue reading this...

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ICH Headlines 27 March 2017

27 March 2017 — Information Clearing House

Operation Mosul: A Medieval Massacre

By Stephen Lendman

– Warning – An orchestrated coverup of reality continues. Continue reading this...

Fake News and the Unravelling of US Empire, Yemen Genocide: US-NATO Using Saudi Arabia

27 March 2017 — Global Research

Fake News: The Unravelling of US Empire From Within

By Prof. John McMurtry, March 27 2017

The ruling big lies of the US money party and corporate globalization have divided into opposing camps. The Press and the President denounce each other non-stop on the public stage, while US dark state agents take sides behind the scenes.

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John Bellamy Foster answers five questions about Marxism and ecology

27 March 2017 — EcologizeClimate & Capitalism

Can Marxism strengthen our understanding of ecological crises? The author of Marx’s Ecology replies to a critic on metabolic rift, sustainable human development,  degrowth, population growth, and industrialism. 

Introduction: The Indian website Ecologize recently published John Bellamy Foster’s Foreword to Ian Angus’s book Facing the Anthropocene. Commenting on Foster’s article, journalist and activist Saral Sarkar,  who describes his views as eco-socialist, raised questions that challenge the usefulness of Marxist analysis in understanding the global ecological crisis. Foster’s reply was posted by Ecologise on March 26.

The exchange, republished below, addresses important questions about Marxist perspectives on the global ecological crisis. C&C welcomes further discussion.

C&C has added paragraph breaks to both articles to improve on-screen readability.

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medConfidential Bulletin, 24th March 2017

24 March 2017 — medConfidential

It has been a while since we last sent a newsletter. Our apologies for that, but we have been kept busy!

We are entering a period where a lot of things are happening – and are likely to happen – in quick succession, so we wanted to provide a perspective and some context that we hope will help explain at least some of what is going on.

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US Coup in Ukraine: Aftereffects, Untold Story of the Greek “Bailouts”

24 March 2017 — Global Research

Armée Ukraine USAWhat America’s Coup in Ukraine Did

By Eric Zuesse, March 24 2017

On March 23rd, Gallup headlined “South Sudan, Haiti and Ukraine Lead World in Suffering”, and the Ukrainian part of that can unquestionably be laid at the feet of U.S. President Barack Obama, who in February 2014 imposed upon Ukraine a very bloody coup (see it here), which he and his press misrepresented (and still misrepresent) as being (and still represent as having been) a ‘democratic revolution’, but was nothing of the sort, and actually was instead the start of the Ukrainian dictatorship and the hell that has since destroyed that country, and brought the people there into such misery, it’s now by far the worst in Europe, and nearly tied with the worst in the entire world.

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Ten Ways to Reduce Terrorism, FBI’s Trump/Putin Conspiracy Theory

23 March 2017 — Global Research

15-fake-news.w190.h190.2xThe FBI’s Conspiracy Theory of a Trump/Putin Collusion Has No Clothes

By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, March 23 2017

Unable to provide an ounce of evidence that a Trump/Putin conspiracy stole the presidential election from Hillary Clinton, the corrupt US “intelligence” agencies are shifting their focus to social media and to Internet sites such as Alex Jones and Breibart. Little doubt the FBI investigation will trickle down to Glenn Greenwald at The Intercept, Zero Hedge, the Ron Paul Institute, Nomi Prins, Naked Capitalism, Lew Rockwell, Global Research, antiwar.com, and to others on the PropOrNot, Harvard Library, and Le Monde lists, such as top Reagan administration officials David Stockman and myself. It is extraordinary that the FBI is so desperate to protect the budget of the military/security complex that it brings such embarrassment to itself.  Who in the future will believe any FBI report or anything a FBI official says?

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ICH Headlines 23 March 2017

23 March 2017 — Information Clearing House

North Korea: The Really Serious Options on the Table

By Pepe Escobar

“The two sides are like two accelerating trains coming towards each other,” Continue reading this...

Black Agenda Report for March 22, 2017: Don’t Give Your Vote To Black Misleaders, the Black Political Class and Peace, Hillary Returns

22 March 2017 — Black Agenda Report

Don’t Give the Black Misleaders Your Vote (They’ll Just Cash It In)

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

The Democratic Party acts like it owns Black America. It certainly owns most of the Black political (Misleaderhip) class, who “have used their local, state and national offices to facilitate the mass Black incarceration regime at every stage of its deployment.” These servants of the police state and war need to be challenged by candidates that reflect the left-leaning politics of Black America. The Black Is Back Coalition is seeking candidates.

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NSA: Secret South Korean Nuclear Weapons Program Created Anxiety in Washington in Mid-1970s

22 March 2017  — National Security Archive

Ford Administration Sought to “Inhibit … Development of a Nuclear Explosive Capability;” South Korean Officials Initially Resistedstrong>Lessons for Today’s Challenges in Confronting Proliferation
National Security Archive Electronic Briefing Book No. 582 Continue reading this...