New at Strategic Culture Foundation 11-18 April 2015

18 April 2015 — Strategic Culture Foundation

Political Successors of Banderite Killers Slap Poland in the Face

18.04.2015 | 00:03 | Nikolai MALISHEVSKI

The Polish social democratic political party Democratic Left Alliance (SLD) considers the Ukrainian parliament’s recent recognition of the UPA as fighters for independence to be an insult to Poland and its President, Bronislaw Komorowski, an SLD representative stated at a press conference on April 12. The UPA is the Ukrainian Insurgent Army, a wing of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN). In the days of the Second World War it collaborated with Hitler’s Germany, including the Wehrmacht, police and security services. Continue reading this...

Marketing2U – has your health information been sold to direct marketers?

16 April 2015 — medConfidential

For years, we’ve had credible reports of highly accurate marketing that could only be based on health records. Now reports in the media have revealed “a nice little trade” in your health records – and that’s the Information Commissioner’s description, not ours.

These latest reports reveal two ways in which information about your health may be collected and sold on: from insurance forms you fill in and, in particular instances, from information provided to “the UK’s largest online pharmacy”, Pharmacy2U.

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New at Black Agenda Report 15 April 2015

15 April 2015 — Black Agenda Report

GLENprotest4Black People Must Police Themselves

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

When police murder Black people on the streets of U.S. cities, they do not think they are behaving like “rogue” cops or “bad apples.” Rather, most of them believe – and are encouraged in believing – that they are protecting and serving their communities. The central question task of the Black Lives Matter mobilization must become empowering the Black community to protect and police itself – with the understanding that this cannot occur without an insurgency.

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Media Lens: Hillary Clinton – Of Glass Ceilings And Shattered Countries

16 April 2015 — Media Lens

We live in a time when compassionate rhetoric is used as a weapon of state-corporate control. The rhetoric focuses on ethical concerns such as racial, gender and same-sex equality, but is disconnected from any kind of coherent ethical worldview. Corporate commentators are thereby freed to laud these moral principles, even as they ignore high crimes of state-corporate power.

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13 April 2015 — Manifesto Club

There are growing calls for boycotts of artistic endeavors – including performance art installations, visual artist exhibitions, performing arts groups, erotic movies, exhibitions and art biennials.

The boycott, as a public declaration of not attending an ‘offensive’ exhibition, festival or film, has led to cancellations of art events and disturbances at live performances. The result is the censorship of artists, and the shutting down of public access to art and cultural events. Continue reading this...

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In No Particular Order… By S. Artesian

12 April 2015 — The Wolf Report: Nonconfidential analysis for the anti-investor

1.  There was this from Michael Heinrich, arguing that real Marxists are those who declare they aren’t Marxists, or at the very least, don’t claim to be capital M Marxist.  Marx describes himself as 1. not a Marxist and 2. a “man of science.” That, for Heinrich, not only sums it up, but is itself the it.  

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New at Strategic Culture Foundation 4-11 April 2015

11 April 2015 — Strategic Culture Foundation

Why Alexis Tsipras is not Popular in EU

11.04.2015 | 00:00 | Arkady DZIUBA

No matter how hard the European political beau monde tried to prevent it, Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras did visit Moscow. Neither Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades, nor Hungarian leader Victor Urban, who have also recently met Russian President Vladimir Putin, had received so many warnings and admonitions as the Greek PM… 

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Keep the NHS Free! Sign the Petition

10 April 2015 — 38 Degrees

Over 133,000 of us have signed the petition asking all of the main political parties to pledge to keep our NHS free at the point of use. [1] Continue reading this...

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New at Black Agenda Report April 9, 2015: Killer Cops, Black Politicos Re-Elect Rahm Emanuel, Why Al Shabaab Kills

9 April 2014 — Black Agenda Report

Killer Cops Boost Body Count in War on Black America

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

March was a very good month for killer cops: they racked up at least 111 bodies, the majority of them unarmed Black and brown men. “Any genuine movement for criminal justice ‘reform’ must aim to abolish the Mass Black Incarceration State, root and branch, by removing the ‘occupation’ army from Black areas and replacing it with a force of Black people’s own choosing.”

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Media Were Already Running With Police Fantasy When Video Exploded It By Adam Johnson

10 April 2015 — FAIR

The New York Times (4/7/15) released a video of a black South Carolina man Walter Scott being shot, casually and without apparent mercy, eight times in the back by white police officer Michael T. Slager. The media’s outrage after the video’s publication was righteous and swift. The state of South Carolina followed suit, filing murder charges against Slager. Indeed, the video offers no ambiguity whatsoever:

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Video Replay: Bradley Manning, the Nuremberg Charter and Refusing to Collaborate with War Crimes – Vijay Prashad on Reality Asserts Itself

9 April 2015 — The Real News Network

In this segment of Reality Asserts Itself, Paul Jay and Vijay Prashad discuss the Bradley Manning case in light of the 68th anniversary of signing the Nuremberg Charter which states it is illegal to follow orders to commit a war crime (inc. transcript). Continue reading this...

Leading Papers Incite ‘Supreme International Crime’ By Jim Naureckas

30 March 2015 — FAIR

War op-eds in NYT, WaPo

Op-eds in the Washington Post (left) and New York Times called for unprovoked military attacks on Iran.

After the New York Times printed John Bolton’s “To Stop Iran’s Bomb, Bomb Iran” (3/26/15; FAIR Blog, 3/26/15), following the Washington Post publishing Joshua Muravchik’s “War With Iran Is Probably Our Best Option” (3/13/15), veteran investigative reporter Robert Parry made an excellent point (Consortium News, 3/28/15):

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Media Lens: When Free Speech Becomes Dead Silence – The Israel Lobby And A Cowed Academia

8 April 2015 — Media Lens

The sudden cancellation of an academic conference on Israel, as well as the lack of outcry from ‘mainstream’ media, demonstrates once again the skewed limits to ‘free speech’ in ‘advanced’ Western democracies. ‘Je suis Charlie’ already feels like ancient history. It certainly does not apply when it comes to scrutiny of the state of Israel.

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No to NHS Charges: Sign the Petition!

7 April 2015

We’ve just caught a glimpse of the worst case scenario for our NHS. One of Britain’s leading doctors has just said that patients could have to pay for basic medical care after the election. He’s warning that politicians could “destroy the ultimate ethos of the NHS” by introducing fees and charges for NHS services like GP appointments. [1]
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