Media Lens: Fantasy Politics – ‘Corbyn’s Morons’ And The ‘Sensible Approach’

29 July 2015 — Media Lens

Fantasy Politics – ‘Corbyn’s Morons’ And The ‘Sensible Approach’

In May, voters grasped Spanish political orthodoxy and shook it like a rag doll:

‘The anti-austerity party Podemos claimed its biggest victory in Barcelona, where activist Ada Colau seized control of the city hall. Podemos and Ciudadanos… made advances across the country that will give them a chance to shape policy for the first time.’

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Housmans Books Newsletter August 2015

28 July 2015 — Housmans



1. Pits and Perverts – T-Shirts/Posters/Badges
2. Political ephemera volunteer request

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SA(S)R Syndrome Moves On By S. Artesian

26 July 2015 — The Wolf Report: Nonconfidential analysis for the anti-investor

SA(S)R Syndrome Moves On 

Short-Attention-Span-Radicalism has quickly recovered from its setback in Greece,  finding solace in  its own unique spin on Joe Hill’s supposed last words– “Don’t mourn, Don’t organize; Forget, Ignore, Repeat.” The SARs brigade made up of VIBs; SIPs; near, neo, quasi, democratic, semi, hemi, demi, erratic, mo, po, po-mo socialists is done sitting shiva for Greece and has moved on to its next challenge, its once and future failure, Britain.

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New at Strategic Culture Foundation 19-25 July 2015

25 July 2015 — Strategic Culture Foundation

The Tatar Knight of the Lithuanian Knight’s Cross – a Faithful Servant to the West

25.07.2015 | 00:00 | Peotr VOROBIEV

At the beginning of July, an interesting story appeared in the media: the head of the Crimean Tatar Mejlis, Mustafa Dzhemilev, was awarded the Order of the Knight’s Cross «For services to Lithuania» by Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskait?. The nature of this Tatar’s knightly, which is to say military, services to the Lithuanian state could not but arouse curiosity. And I immediately called to mind that the first of this future knight’s seven previous convictions, at that time a Soviet citizen born in 1943 in German-occupied Crimea, was at the age of 22 for refusing compulsory military service in the army…

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NHS privatisation is destroying our health service

24 July 2015 — 38 Degrees

The truth about NHS privatisation has been exposed. An undercover investigation has found shocking care failures by private health business Care UK. It’s been caught leaving dangerously ill patients waiting for hours, and using work experience students instead of nurses. [1] This is what happens when private companies get their hands on our NHS. 

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Black Agenda Report July 15, 2015: NetRootsNation Confrontation, Obama’s Prison Reform Con Game, Iran Deal, Sandra Bland

23 July 2015 — Black Agenda Report

A Black Agenda Radio Commentary by BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

NetRootsNation is a gathering for paid and wannabe paid Democratic party activists, including the ostensibly non-partisan ones. You go there to make connections, learn new stuff and get noticed by the people who hand out grants, jobs, fellowships and careers, cash for “voter education” and GOTV. Confronting minor white male candidates was a great way to get noticed without antagonizing Hillary, the inevitable Democratic nominee.

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The Tories are Killing the Bees!

22 July 2015 — 38 Degrees

Breaking news: an hour ago, environment minister Liz Truss snuck out a last-minute decision to allow the use of bee-killing pesticides on UK fields. [1]

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Beyond Beelief!

22 July 2015 — 38 Degrees

It’s a total mess. The government’s gagged their own experts – because they’ve said no to the pesticide companies that want bee-killing toxins back on UK fields this autumn. [1] Now the final decision’s being made behind closed doors – with Environment Minister Liz Truss at the helm.[2]

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Video: Who rules Europe?

22 July 2015 — Andrew Gavin Marshall

From the outbreak of Europe’s debt crisis in 2010, Germany and the Troika institutions of the European Commission, European Central Bank and IMF have come to wield immense influence over the continent and the populations within it. This video examines the individuals and institutions of power in Europe.

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UK Government cover up

21 July 2015 — 38 Degrees

Cover ups. Government scandals. Most have been exposed using Freedom of Information laws designed to keep democracy open. [1] But now ministers are plotting to stifle these laws. [2]

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The Last Poets pay us a visit

21 July 2015 —

I had the pleasure of hanging out with The Last Poets yesterday, who were visiting these shores to shoot a documentary about them as well tour the country performing.

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Video: Interview with Costas Lapavitsas

18 July 2015 — The Real News Network

Dimitri Lascaris of The Real News interviews Syriza MP Costas Lapavitsas –   July 17, 2015 (inc. transcript)

In the case of Greece the Eurozone is an unmitigated disaster. Greece basically doesn’t belong in the Eurozone. If you weren’t Greek and you weren’t subject to the culture and so on, the everyday life here, it would be so obvious again looking at it from the outside. This is a country that’s been thrashed by the Eurozone. It’s clinging on to the union tooth and nail, I mean, whatever the cost for its population, because of the decisions of its political and economic elite. It’s a tragedy.” – Costas Lapavitsas MP

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Video: The Trail of the Troika

6 July 2015 — Youtube

What is happening in Europe in the name of the troika? A must-see for anyone who wants to understand the situation in Greece. The European Union and International Monetary Fund have lent more than 400 billion Euros to Greece, Portugal, Ireland and Cyprus to keep these countries solvent. The lenders granted enormous power to the three institutions of the so called troika: the IMF, the European Central Bank and the European Commission. Without any public accountability, the troika is forcing the crisis states to implement policies that are tearing the social fabric of their countries apart.

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New at Strategic Culture Foundation 12-18 July 2015

18 July 2015 — Strategic Culture Foundation

Nuland Goes to Europe: End of Compromise Culture

18.07.2015 | 08:00 | Dmitry BABICH

Victoria Nuland, the Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, has just wound up its European trip which included US satellites in the eastern part of old continent: Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia and Ukraine. Making speeches she sounded more like a British viceroy addressing the subjects in a colony than a middle-ranking official of another state located overseas which is supposed to treat US allies with due respect as sovereign nations…

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