Time is running out: Have your say on the future of the BBC

6 October 2015 — 38 Degrees

There’s just 48 hours left to have your say on the future of the BBC. The government consultation on the BBC’s future closes on Thursday. David Cameron and media baron Rupert Murdoch – owner of the Sun, the Times and Sky News – are trying to build support for their plans to cut the BBC. They want to make way for more biased corporate news.
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Media Are Blamed as US Bombing of Afghan Hospital Is Covered Up

5 October 2015 — FAIR

Media Are Blamed as US Bombing of Afghan Hospital Is Covered Up

NYTUSBombsHospitalA US-led NATO military coalition bombed a hospital run by international humanitarian aid organization Doctors Without Borders (known internationally as Medecins Sans Frontières, MSF) in Afghanistan, killing at least 22 people—12 staff members and 10 patients, including three children—and wounding 37 more.

AFP, the first network to report the story, in the early hours of October 3, quoted NATO saying, “US forces conducted an air strike in Kunduz city…. The strike may have resulted in collateral damage to a nearby medical facility.”

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Media Lens: Nuclear War And Corbyn – The Fury And The Farce

5 October 2015 — Media Lens

Nuclear War And Corbyn – The Fury And The Farce

Last month, 250,000 party members voted Jeremy Corbyn leader of the Labour party, ‘the largest mandate ever won by a Party Leader’. The combined might of the political and media establishment had fought and lost its Stalingrad, having bombarded Corbyn with every conceivable smear in a desperate [attempt] to wreck his reputation with the British public. The more extreme the attacks, the more people caught on. Social media surely played a part in this awakening; but the public simply needed to compare the cynicism with Corbyn’s obvious decency and common sense.

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New at Strategic Culture Foundation 27 September -3 October 2015

3 October 2015 — Strategic Culture Foundation

American Revolution: Top-Down Rebellion Against System

03.10.2015 | 00:00 | Dmitry MININ

It might seem unlikely to some, but a real political revolution is underway in the US right under our noses. The deeply underwhelming start to the American presidential campaign has unexpectedly evolved into a significant social phenomenon that could well have far-reaching consequences…

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Miles Davis at Juan-Les-Pins Jazz Festival 1969

2 October 2015 — Jazz on the Tube

July 25th, 1969 at the Juan-les-Pins Jazz Festival, France
Milestones, Footprints, ‘Round Midnight
Miles Davis – trumpet
Wayne Shorter – tenor and soprano saxophones
Chick Corea – electric piano
Dave Holland – bass
Jack DeJohnette – drums

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2 October 2015 —Manifesto Club


Online briefing: Public Spaces Protection Orders (PSPOs) – which give councils powers to ban activities which have a ‘detrimental effect’ on the ‘quality of life’ – are increasingly being used to target youth activities such as skateboarding, swimming, or even just gathering in groups.

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Volkswagen chose profit over the planet By Tyler Zimmer

1 October 2015 — Socialist Worker (U.S.)

Volkswagen chose profit over the planet

VolkswagenThe auto giant only did what the capitalist system demands of every corporation: it put profit first, no matter who got hurt

It’s only been a week, but it’s already being dubbed one of the biggest-ever corporate scandals.

Volkswagen, the world’s largest auto manufacturer, was recently caught rigging millions of its cars to cheat on emissions tests. Software known as “defeat devices” was installed in more than 11 million cars that enabled the vehicles to pass emissions tests they would otherwise have failed. The illicit devices detect when a car is being tested and direct the engine to pump out far less pollutants — 98 percent less — into the air than they ordinarily do when on the road.

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Obama Accuses Russia of Going After America’s “Good Guy Terrorists” By Prof Michel Chossudovsky

1 October 2015 — Global Research

Obama Accuses Russia of Going After America’s “Good Guy Terrorists” By Prof Michel Chossudovsky


Amply documented but rarely mentioned in news reports, the ISIS is a creation of US intelligence, recruited, trained and financed by the US and its allies including Britain, France, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, Israel and Jordan.  

Until recently, the ISIS was known as Al Qaeda in Iraq (AQI). In 2014, it was renamed the Islamic State (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant).

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New at Black Agenda Report 30 September 2015: Not Getting on the MMM Bus, Venezuelan Leader in Harlem, Putin VS. Obama

30 September 2015 — Black Agenda Report

Why I Ain’t Getting on the Bus for the MMM This Or Any Other Year

by BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

Getting on the bus to DC this October 10? BAR managing editor Bruce Dixon wishes you safe travels, but he ain’t coming. “Justice or Else” is a meaningless slogan, he says, and MMM continues a century old tradition of black leadership dependent on an unprincipled pretense of “black unity” so empowered leaders can speak for us while we serve as their mute (unless commanded otherwisde) backdrop. 

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New Labour Party shadow chancellor seeks to reassure big business at party conference By Chris Marsden

29 September 2015 — WSWS

New Labour Party shadow chancellor seeks to reassure big business at party conference By Chris Marsden 

Newly appointed shadow chancellor John McDonnell outlined his and Jeremy Corbyn’s new economic prescriptions at the Labour Party’s conference yesterday. It was an exercise in appearing as “sensible” and “safe” as possible to Britain’s ruling class, while still making verbal feints towards the anti-austerity sentiment in the working class that catapulted Corbyn to the leadership of the Labour Party.

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Housmans Radical Books October 2015 Newsletter

28 September 2015 — Housmans


1. Housmans Peace Diary
2. Left Book Club


3. ‘Industrial Workers of the World: the union for all workers’
with Dave Pike
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Corbyn’s jobs for the boys By William Bowles

28 September 2015 — williambowles.info

Corbyn’s Jobs for the boys By William Bowles

So socialist Jeremy Corbyn, after pressure from the trade union boys who bankroll him, agreed not to make Trident an issue. After all, making nuclear missiles and the submarines that carry them, are jobs for the boys.

“Earlier Mr McCluskey said [the] Unite [trade union] was sympathetic to the argument that Trident nuclear weapons were expensive but added that not renewing the multi-billion pound system would cost some workers their jobs.

“He told a fringe meeting in Brighton: “We won’t be voting in favour of any anti-Trident resolution.The unions who were opposed to Trident are likely to carry the day and that is the way it is, that is the reality.”” – ‘Jeremy Corbyn loses the battle on Trident after trade unionists side with Labour MPs to block the move‘, the Independent, 27 September 2015

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RISE: Scotland’s Left Alliance By Ken Ferguson

17 September 2015 — MRZine

RISE: Scotland’s Left Alliance By Ken Ferguson

One year on from the historic Scottish independence referendum politics here are utterly changed.

The long dominant Labour Party, which opted to campaign against independence — alongside the Conservatives, loathed by the big majority of Scots voters, and the now virtually demolished Liberal Democrats in the Better Together alliance — reaped the whirlwind at the UK general election in May.

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“The Bride of death?” By William Bowles

13 October 2003 — williambowles.info

Intro, 26 September 2015: I wrote this thirteen years ago and on rereading it now I think it deserves a fresh airing given as how things have just gone downhill since then with the total demonisation of the Muslim/Arab in the so-called civilised world. And, it must be me that’s changed because I’m even more appalled today by the repellent racism of Kevin Toolis’s muck in the Observer than when I first read it all those years ago.

“The Bride of death?” By William Bowles

This is a kind of followup to the piece I wrote the other day “Let the reader be aware” about the way the media repeats lots of small lies to make one Big Lie, predicated on the approach that swallowing a lot of small lies is a lot easier to do than swallowing one Big One.

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