Global Financial Diplomacy and the Empire of Economics By Andrew Gavin Marshall

30 March 2015 — Andrew Gavin Marshall

Global Financial Diplomacy and the Empire of Economics By: Andrew Gavin Marshall


The world of Global Financial Governance and Diplomacy is a world of empire, power politics, colonialism, war and destruction. Its brutal functions are veiled behind the dull, technocratic language of economics and finance, obscuring behind rhetoric the realities of ideology, actions and effects. It is an empire built by war, waged not with bombs and bullets but with numbers on screens and other illusions. Through the flow, management and direction of money and debt (representing what we call ‘financial markets’), nations are raised up and pushed down, countries prosper and plunder, people are enriched and impoverished, societies are structured, shaped and dismantled.

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New at Strategic Culture Foundation 21-28 March 2015

28 March 2015 — Strategic Culture Foundation

Ankara – Riyadh: A Geopolitical Fault Line (I)

28.03.2015 | 00:00 | Pyotr ISKENDEROV

…In some regional conflicts (primarily in Syria), Ankara and Riyadh are tactical allies, but since both countries aspire to regional leadership, the natural result is an intensification of their rivalry and discord. This process is accompanied by, on one hand, both countries attempts to win over the United States, and on the other, by the search for new allies, which can include Russia…

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De Value By S. Artesian

27 March 2015 — The Wolf Report: Nonconfidential analysis for the anti-investor

1.  Speaking for myself, I’ve had more than enough of political economy and political economists. Political economy is of a whole, and that whole is capitalism; political economists, in particular radical political economists are those who radically labor to prove that the alternative to capitalism is of course “radical” capitalism.  Here’s an experiment:  take all the radical political economists in the world (starting with those clustering in Greece) put them all in one bag; shake bag; turn bag over.  What comes out?  Nothing. There’s nothing there.  End of experiment. Political economy is the original zero-sum. 

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COLDTYPE ISSUE 96 now on line

27 March 2015 — Coldtype

GREED is the theme of this month’s issue of ColdType, with seven essays exposing the problems of wealth inequality in the modern world. We’ve also got two photo essays – on Canada’s ‘terror bill’ protests and the 30th anniversary of the UK miners’ strike. In addition, you can read how Castro helped end South African apartheid, an interview with Tariq Ali, an excerpt from Frida Berrigan’s latest book, and stories about taxis, fascism, the Washington Post and all manner of other things

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Wikileaks: Secret Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) – Investment Chapter

27 March 2015 — Wikileaks

WikiLeaks releases today the “Investment Chapter” from the secret negotiations of the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) agreement. The document adds to the previous WikiLeaks publications of the chapters for Intellectual Property Rights (November 2013) and the Environment (January 2014).

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The Global Mafiocracy and the Empire of Economics By Andrew Gavin Marshall

26 March 2015 — Andrew Gavin Marshall

The Global Mafiocracy and the Empire of Economics By: Andrew Gavin Marshall

This is a visual map I drew, outlining some of the institutions and connections in the world of global financial diplomacy and governance.

This is a visual map I drew, outlining some of the institutions and connections in the world of global financial diplomacy and governance.

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Wikileaks Publishes Full Text of Secret TPP Proposal

27 March 2015 — Fight for the Future

Dear Fight for the Future member,

Huge news. WikiLeaks just released the full text of the secret Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) chapter on “Investor State Dispute Settlement.”[1] It’s terrifying. The TPP is even worse than we thought. The leaked chapter shows how the TPP would set up a shadowy international “court system” that would have no accountability to the public.[2]

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New at Strategic Culture Foundation 15-21 March 2015

21 March 2015 — Strategic Culture Foundation

Contest of Absurdity and Victory Day

21.03.2015 | 09:26 | Yuriy RUBTSOV

All the proposals to mark the Victory Day in any other place but the capital of the Soviet Union/Russia – the leading victorious power in the main war of the 20th century – look like an absurdity contest… It’s always dangerous to mix things up – something being done by those who have started the discourse imposing lies about the «Russian aggression» before the celebration of the victory over fascist Germany. It will inevitably backlash against Europe. It knows what it is to foster Nazism. It did it once.

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medConfidential Bulletin 21 March 2015

21 March 2015 — medConfidential

This is just a brief update; we hope to have more substantive (good) news soon, but something else we think you should know about is happening and we wanted to give you the heads-up.

Urgent action – your health data and beyond

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20 March 2015 — Pambazuka News

The authoritative electronic weekly newsletter and platform for social justice in Africa


Pambazuka News is delivered free to you with the support of donations from Friends of Pambazuka.




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NHS: another sell-off

19 March 2015 — 38 Degrees

My name’s Gail. I’m a 38 Degrees member from Staffordshire, and I’m trying to stop the biggest-ever sell-off of NHS services.

Cancer treatment and end-of-life care in Staffs are being sold off to the tune of £1.2 billion. These services saved my husband’s life and cared for my mother – we can’t let profit-hungry companies take over. [1]

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The ISIS Described by the US Media as a “Sunni Muslim Militia” is “Made in America”. It has Nothing to Do with Sunni Islam By Prof. Henry Francis B. Espiritu

19 March 2015 — Global Research

isis_smallAs a lifetime student of classical mainline Islamic jurisprudential school of thought called “Sunni fiqh”,  I feel saddened to note how the Western mainstream media succumbed to the Islamophobic propaganda of affixing the epithet “Sunni” to the militia of the so-called Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

I can confidently say that ISIS is not Sunni because all that ISIS has done is to contravene the ethical teachings of Sunni Islam.

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New at Black Agenda Report 18 March 2015: No Justice, No Peace in Ferguson, 47 Republicans, Black Economic Progress a Myth

18 March 2015 — Black Agenda Report

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

Police, prosecutors, politicians and corporate propagandists seized on the shooting of two cops in Ferguson, to claim that the Black Lives Matter movement had suffered a “setback” – as if they have the moral authority to judge. But the movement is not about keeping its enemies happy, but to establish the power of the Black community over the police.

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The Political Economy of Things By S. Artesian

18 March 2015 — The Wolf Report:Nonconfidential analysis for the anti-investor

1. Left-Keynesians, Presente! 

The bourgeoisie have made a near-science of confusion  They’ve made a near-art of dressing the confusion in language of profound superficiality.  We know when they’re doing it, and they do it all the time. Continue reading this...