The Looting Machine Called Capitalism By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

25 April 2017 — Paul Craig Roberts

I have come to the conclusion that capitalism is successful primarily because it can impose the majority of the costs associated with its economic activities on outside parties and on the environment. In other words, capitalists make profits because their costs are externalized and born by others. In the US, society and the environment have to pick up the tab produced by capitalist activity.

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Bechtel Corporation and Iran By Gaither Stewart

26 April 2017 — Greanville Post

A Story of American Corporatism-Imperialism

(Rome) Iran’s Islamic Revolution in 1979 resulted in the overthrow of the US-supported Pahlavi dynasty at that time under Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi. The Iranian Revolution was a violent and widely popular overthrow of a ferocious US-inspired regime installed following the CIA-organized coup d’état of the democratically elected government led by Premier Mohammad Mossadegh on August 19, 1953.

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Media Lens: ‘An Impeachable Offence’ – Professor Postol and Syria

26 April 2017 — Media Lens

It is hard to believe that just three weeks ago the entire corporate media was in uproar over Syria; specifically, about the need to ‘do something’ in response to an alleged chemical weapons attack in Khan Shaykhun, Idlib, Syria, on April 4. Guardian commentator George Monbiot summed up the corporate media zeitgeist:

‘Do those who still insist Syrian govt didn’t drop chemical weapons have any idea how much evidence they are denying?’

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Housmans Books May 2017 Newsletter

26 April 2017 — Housmans


1. London Radical Bookfair 2017 & DIY Cultures 2017
2. New Feminist Sci-fi Book Club at Housmans

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NSA: Agustin Edwards: A Declassified Obituary

26 April 2017  — National Security Archive

  • Declassified CIA, White House Documents Reveal Collaboration between Chilean Media Mogul and Highest Level of Nixon Administration
  • Kissinger Set up Secret Meetings for Edwards with Nixon and CIA Director Richard Helms
  • Documents Record Edwards Covert Coup Plotting to Overthrow Allende in Chile

National Security Archive Electronic Briefing Book No. 587

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US Destabilization Plots, Trump on Wikileaks

25 April 2017 — Global Research

Destabilization Plots Against Syria and Venezuela

            By Hugo Turner, April 24, 2017

Trump is massively expanding every dirty war and destabilization campaign the Empire is involved in and doubtless in future months we will learn of countries now peaceful being thrown into chaos as a result of CIA/NED operations now being launched of which we have no idea. We can only hope that Russia and China are working on some plans of their own. Continue reading this...

Statewatch News Online, 25 April 2017 (06/17)

25 April 2017 — Statewatch

Also available as a pdf file:


1. Hindering humanitarianism: Commission not to ensure protection for those supporting sans-papiers
2. UK-EU: Guide to the Brexit Negotiations (EU Law Analysis, link) by Professor Steve Peers:

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ICH Headlines 23 April 2017

23 April 2017 — Information Clearing House

Kremlin Advisor Reveals ‘Cure For US Aggression’

By Sergey Konkov

The only way to stop the United States’ aggression is to get rid of dollar addiction, a Kremlin advisor said on Friday. Continue reading this...

France’s Presidential Elections: Selected Stories

23 April 2017 — Global Research

In line with the first round of the 2017 French Presidential Elections, take a look at the articles below for some issues concerning France’s future and potential threats on the day of the elections.

The Main Issue in the French Presidential Election: National Sovereignty and the Future of France

            By Diana Johnstone, April 21, 2017

The 2017 French Presidential election marks a profound change in European political alignments. There is an ongoing shift from the traditional left-right rivalry to opposition between globalization, in the form of the European Union (EU), and national sovereignty. Continue reading this...

ICH Headlines 22 April 2017

22 April 2017 — Information Clearing House

Why Does North Korea Want Nukes?

By Paul Atwood

Under no circumstances could any westerner reasonably expect, that the North Korean regime would simply submit to any ultimatums by the US. Continue reading this...

Earth Day 2017. Humans are the Most Destructive Species on Planet Earth

22 April 2017 — Global Research

Earth Day 2017: Humans Are The Most Destructive Species On Earth

            By Pratap Antony, April 20, 2017

Our planet is not in danger. Humans are in danger. From ourselves. Humankind is on the road to extinguish ourselves. Sooner rather than later. The future for all of us is bleak. The planet will continue as it has for the 99% of the time before man, it will adjust and continue. Perhaps with other life forms, other vegetation, other landscapes. Continue reading this...

ICH Headlines 21 April 2017

21 April 2017 — Information Clearing House

After “Liberation,” U.S. To Give Control Of Raqqa To Rebels, Not Syrian Government

By Whitney Webb

Fighting terrorism is merely a cover for a very different type of operation. Continue reading this...

Foreign Policy and “False Flags”: Trump’s “War and Chocolate” Reality Show By Prof Michel Chossudovsky

21 April 2017 — Global Research

Who is the Butcher, Mr. Trump?

What kind of president do we have?

Cynical and diabolical?  The plush dinner event with China’s president Xi Jinping at Mar-a-Lago on the evening of April 6 was carefully planned to coincide with Trump’s missile strikes against Syria.

Xi and Trump were accompanied by their wives; guests, family members and high-level officials from both countries were in attendance at the Palm Beach Mar-a Lago “replicate” of Rome’s Palazzo Chigi 16th Century dining room. Continue reading this...

medConfidential Bulletin, 21st April 2017

21 April 2017 — medConfidential

Though the political focus is on the General Election, the ‘STP shuffle’ remains highly significant. Whatever the result in June, both funding and decision-making for health and care services will be increasingly devolved to local areas.

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