Passing the Buk By William Bowles

22 July 2014  —

Well, aside from a few comments I’ve posted on Moon of Alabama, I’ve spent most of the time reading (when I’ve not been compiling) just about everything I could on the subject of the downing of Malaysian Airlines #MH17 and I think it’s pretty obvious that the Russians have been fitted up for this horrendous crime by the Kiev authorities (and possibly others) and, it must be said, they did a pretty bad job of it! If it wasn’t for the craven and complicit corporate/state media in the West simply not reporting on the actual events of the 17 July as they have been revealed, the reality of the frame would be obvious to everyone.

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National demonstration 26 July 2014: Stop the Massacre in Gaza – Free Palestine!

21 July 2014 — Stop the War

As if the people of Gaza have not suffered enough, Israel has escalated its brutal assault on Gaza in the last 24 hours. Last Saturday a fantastic 100,000 marched to the Israeli embassy – this Saturday’s demonstration is even more important.

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Gaza News Links 22-23 July 2014

23 July 2014 14:50:01  —

International Scientists and Doctors Denounce Israeli “Crimes Against Humanity” in Gaza (Global Research)

The Trans-Pacific Partnership and “Police Militarization”: The Coming Calamity, The Coming Resistance (Global Research)

I’d fire rockets at Israel, if I lived in Gaza (Veterans Today)

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PCHR_e 23 July 2014: On the 16th Day of the Israeli Offensive: Dozens of Palestinian Civilians Killed or Wounded by Israeli Attacks; More Palestinians Forcibly Displaced in Border Areas

23 July 2014 — Palestinian Centre for Human Rights

Press Releases

Ref: 97/2014

Date: 23 July 2014

Time: 07:00 GMT


On the 16th Day of the Israeli Offensive:

Dozens of Palestinian Civilians Killed or Wounded by Israeli Attacks;

More Palestinians Forcibly Displaced in Border Areas

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Calls for genocide enter Israeli mainstream

21 July 2014 — Jonathon Cook

As we watch the horrifying slaughter unfold in Gaza, bear in mind the Israeli psychosis that fuels and justifies it. Here are comments from three rightwing Israelis – two leading politicians and a professor – who very much reflect a strain of mainstream thinking in Israel, one that the international media largely avoids noting.

Each, in their different ways, is advocating a genocide of the Palestinians.

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Information Clearing House 22 July 2014: Bombing the Paralyzed: Stars of David on Rockets Bound for the Comatose

22 July 2014 — Information Clearing House

Reaping What We Have Sown In Gaza
By Amira Hass
Those who turned Gaza into an internment camp for 1.8 million people should not be surprised when they tunnel underneath the earth.

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VTJP Occupied Palestine and Israel: News and Articles 22 July 2014: Massacre in Gaza

22 July 2014 — VTJP


International Middle East Media Center

Israel Rejects Bedouin Family’s Bomb Shelter Request
IMEMC – Yesterday, Israel’s high court ruled that the state is not obligated to provide bomb shelters to its Bedouin citizens, following an incident in which a Bedouin man was killed and his family injured by a rocket which hit his encampment on Saturday, …
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Ukraine News Links 22 July 2014

22 July 2014 18:25:30 —

There are so many news items on events in Ukraine that it’s hard for me to keep up with them! Below, find just today’s stories (after weeding out irrelevant stuff), I doubt I’ll get round to updating yesterday’s releases, there’s just too much of it! Strange to say, even before MH17, coverage of the Fascist onslaught on Gaza has been a fraction of the Ukraine coverage, which gives you a good indication of where the Western media is at.

Putin: West should demand Kiev obey ceasefire during plane crash probe (SCF)

What are You Trying to Hide, Mr Obama? (SCF)
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Senior BBC official insists that all of Jerusalem is an “Israeli” city By Amena Saleem

22 July 2014 — Electronic Intifada

The BBC has provided evidence this week that it prefers to use the territorial claims of the Israeli government to the whole of Jerusalem as a framework for its reporting, rather than acknowledging international law.

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Video: “We Are Going Through Hell” – Report from Gaza

22 July 2014 — The Real News Network

On the 14th day of Operation Protective Edge, Gazan blogger Nalan al-Sarraj and TRNN Correspondent Yousef al-Helou discuss how Palestinians are responding to the massacre in Shujaiyeh, as well as the widespread support for the resistance against the siege (inc. transcript) Continue reading this...