Global media promote New York Times propaganda photos on Ukraine By Alex Lantier

23 April 2014 — WSWS 

Yesterday, global media trumpeted pictures published by the New York Times, purporting to show Russian Special Forces involved in pro-Russian protests in east Ukraine.

This wave of positive coverage was all the more significant, in that the dossier is nothing but propaganda. The Times issued low-resolution pictures of bearded fighters, allegedly among Russian forces in Georgia and then in Ukraine, then asserted they were the same men and thus proof of armed Russian intervention in Ukraine. It was based on a crude trick noted on the Reddit Internet forum: the photos in the Times were downsampled versions of higher-resolution images circulating online, which show that the men in the different pictures are in fact different.

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Labour and UK Independence Party debate in Manchester By Julie Hyland and Paul Mitchell

22 April 2014 — WSWS

In their joint campaign in the European Elections, the Socialist Equality Party (UK) and Partei für Soziale Gleichheit (PSG) in Germany have stressed that neither the “pro”- nor “anti”-European Union stance of the various big-business parties represents a way forward for working people.

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French TV documentary: “Shoah by Shooting—SS Death Squads in Ukraine” By Clara Weiss

22 April 2014 — WSWS

Earlier this year, the 2008 French television documentary “Shoah by Shooting—SS Death Squads in Ukraine,” by Romain Icard, was released on DVD with German subtitles by Absolut Medien. The documentary describes the journey of the French Catholic priest Patrick Desbois through Ukraine in his search for the mass graves of some 1.5 million murdered Jews.

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Video: Obama channeling Cheney? By Michael Hudson

17 April 2014 — Michael HudsonThe Real News Network

I’m Jessica Desvarieux in Baltimore. And welcome to this edition of The Hudson Report.

Now joining us is Michael Hudson. He is a distinguished research professor of economics at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. His two newest books are The Bubble and Beyond and Finance Capitalism and Its Discontents.

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