Some of the Civilians killed by the Ukraine Army in Donbas

Thursday, 14 April 2022

Donbass dead

Sourced from a Telegram Channel, so not quite sure what the origin is as it’s ‘bounced’ from channel to channel.

8 years

8 fucking years of slaughter!
10+ thousand people have been butchered relentlessly by the Ukrainian armed forces, the west fucking watched, was silent and even partook in the slaughter of the people of Donbass.

Now all we hear is Russia did this atrocity, and Russia did that! Where were these western libshit fucks the past fucking 8 years as the people of donbass where slaughtered by the Ukrainians and their Nazi hordes, that’s right, most were silent and or didn’t care.

Now that Donbass fights back with its Russian supporters, now the west screams in agony.

Now the Donbass revenge has come and the west screams in pain and rage as there victims now fight back!

Donbas dead 2

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