Servant of the West

Thursday, 17 November 2022 — The van says…

Zelenskiy has come to typify the Western-orchestrated war in the Ukraine, yet his recent demeanor is causing concern amongst his most important backers.


The recent arrival of a Ukrainian missile in Poland was seen as the harbinger of the Third World War by some, yet it was obvious from the outset that this was no attack by Russia. This has been seen not only as another failure on the part of Kiev’s, but a huge step towards the end of Western support fir the conflict as a whole. This article will examine why.


After it gained independence in 1991, the world lauded subsequent Ukrainian governments for the steps they apparently took after shedding the yoke of their former Soviet masters. One ongoing matter that has caused problems however is that of keeping the country financially solvent. Since Kiev took control of its own affairs, rampant corruption, legalized robbery, racketeering and nepotism have reduced what was once Moscow’s breadbasket into an absolute basketscase servant of Western ideals.

Despite having the huge agricultural and industrial importance it did until the 1990s, in the period until 2014, the country was as ravaged by its own politicians as it has been by war today.

Next Step for the West

Two factors governed the country’s destiny until the current period. One was the fact that unlike other European countries whose borders represent peoples and the histories they have experienced, the Ukraine was a political creation. The truth is that it is a hotch-potch of very different cultures and ideologies, a border thrown around an area which has always seen great divisions.

The other was the fact that this area was the next stepping stone as a Washington-led West made its slow Drang nach Osten, the final maneuver before the vultures of capitalism would again attempt to bring Russia and its wealth of resources under their wing.

A land that was ripe to be divided and conquered was the last step before tackling Russia itself, it being no surprise that successive US administrations have made the efforts they have to ensure that useful idiots in Kiev can be of use to Washington.

Servant of the West

After the Maidan coup of 2014, it was not only imperative that the government in Kiev was under the control of the White House, but that it exclusively served American interests rather than those of Europe. Victoria Nuland’s exclamation of ‘Fuck the EU‘ in a tapped phone call came as no revelation to observers back then, yet despite that, the Old Continent was apparently surprised by Russia’s actions over the last year. After the Donbass Republics of Donetsk and Lugansk declared themselves independent of Kiev, the tenures of both Poroshenko and then Zelenskiy allowed the US, UK and other nations to slowly unravel the cultural fabric of the country; with that, the resources and wealth began to decrease just as fast as Western influence went up. The stage was set for a showdown between East and West, the Ukraine being the theater.

Servant of the People

Zelenskiy is having a rough ride at the moment, yet when he’s no longer of use, just like so many of Washington’s puppets, he’ll be on his bike.

As dynamic a new political personality as Zelenskiy first appeared, it was clear from the outset he was just an actor. As a stand-up comedian by trade with no political experience, he simply had neither the credentials nor the ability to effectively rule his country. His former TV show, just as with the political party he headed was called ‘Servant of the People’, yet in the corridors of power, he was serving people in Washington rather than in Eastern Europe. He would never have made it to election day unless he was part of DC’s plans; they had great hopes that a well-known and popular face could inject some turn the tide of increasing public unpopularity into something more positive. Things were to drastically change in February this year.

Serving up an Ultimatum

It had been presumed in the West that Moscow would threaten to intervene in Ukrainian affairs, but that an actual invasion would never happen. Decades of the West sanctioning nations had led Washington to believe that if the White House threatened to take away what others wanted, it would in turn get what it wanted. In this respect, the plans on the part of the collective West were very much wanting, the Kremlin standing fast in its security guarantees before finally stepping forward. In response to a steadfast Moscow, Herculean efforts were made to ship materiel into the country, further sanctions and measures raining on Moscow in a way that no nation had ever seen before. This was again to no avail, yet for all the bombastic talk coming from Western capitals, there were, even at this early stage, some dissenting voices claiming that if these measures remained in place for long, the side effects could adversely affect the overall European economic situation. February of this year saw all this come to a head; as the West threw everything it could at Eastern Europe, the Russians were heading west.

Servant of the Circumstances

As Russia’s Military Operation in the Ukraine began, anyone except an idiot could see that the future did not augur well for Kiev. A country that had slowly been run into the ground over decades by politicians and profiteers alike simply did not have the wherewithal to fight a war against an opponent such as Russia. Despite the overt generosity of Western powers who sent machine guns, munitions and money to Kiev, with a tattered infrastructure, poor public morale and an economy in bits, there was no way that a broken nation could be put together through the ravages of war.

To His Service

Whilst the chances of Kiev coming out of this conflict as the loser was never in doubt, this has not deterred Western nations from giving all they can to mitigate a disaster which ultimately is of Washington’s making. Not only that, but many donors have in all honesty given more than their economies can afford, they emptying their arsenals as fast and their bank accounts as they strive to maintain the Ukraine as a going concern. This however, as was predicted at the start of the year, began to have adverse consequences for the nations that have supported this cause for so long.

Service for a Smile

The gifts that the West has granted are of little consequence when compared to the hurdles that their politics are now presenting closer to home. With oil and gas imports from Russia being all but severed, energy costs are soaring as well as food prices reflecting the effects of higher fertilizer prices. Add that to the issue of a recession, and Western governments are beginning to feel the heat from the repercussions of their new Cold War. The de facto one-party political systems in place across numerous nations do to some extent blunt political fighting and public backlash, yet it has to be said that those states are cutting off their noses to spite Russia, and in doing so, they are putting a smile on policymakers faces inside the Beltway. Simply put, Western administrations are now putting the needs of the Ukrainian government before those of their own people, Washington being the only benefactor.

Out of Service

This week, a Ukrainian S-300 surface to air missile which had apparently been targeting incoming Russian cruise missiles somehow went haywire, eventually running out of fuel and landing in the Polish village of Przewodow some four miles from the Ukrainian border. Within just a couple of hours of the incident, it became obvious that not only was this missile not fired by the Russians, but it was not even a system that they were using. After the media had kicked up a storm of Russophobia and diplomats has made a flurry of calls, it became obvious that this missile had been fired by the Ukrainians.

Service without a Smile

The facts as they stood on Wednesday night were that not only was a smoking gun pointing at Kiev but it was in the Ukrainian leadership’s hand. Notwithstanding the proof against him and his government, Zelenskiy’s tirade against Russia as well as his denial of any wrongdoing caught even his most ardent supporters off guard. Western powers were cautious in their wording, nothing being confirmed or denied until more was known of the situation. Sometimes things go wrong, and as in this case, ignorance meant that many were calling for war. Nonetheless, when faced with indelible evidence of his army’s failings, it was the Ukrainian president that was shouting the loudest. Even though his country is not a member state, he demanded that NATO immediately invoke Article Five. He also required that the Polish authorities grant his investigators immediate access to the crash site. As much as the consequences of this incident are now being forgotten by the media and Western governments alike, there are important points to be noted here.

Lip Service

Once the truth had been ascertained, the Western world quickly changed its tune, but only very slightly. Rather than a missile fired by Russia landing in Poland, it was apparently now just a Russian missile. Nobody had attempted to ascertain whether it had been sold to Kiev after 1991 or was old stock from the Soviet Union, yet in every headline, it was Russia’s fault. All the while, nobody was asking the question as to how the Ukrainian Armed Forces had no knowledge whatsoever as to how they managed to lose track of a thirty foot long rocket armed with a hundred pound warhead. Although the truth has now been established, NATO openly points the finger at Moscow, Jens Stoltenberg yesterday repeatedly claiming that the incident is entirely Russia’s fault. Among his closing remarks today, he stated that ‘what we do know is that is that the whole incident is caused by Russia’s brutal war in Ukraine’

At My Service

Ignoring the realities of the current situation will not work in Zelenskiy’s favor.

With the war attracting the attention that it has, every political and military mind around the globe is focused on events in Eastern Europe. Those high-ranking officials and officers know the ins and outs of a conflict and are increasingly taken aback by the posture taken by Kiev. Rather than being the grateful recipient of what is coming from the West, Zelenskiy is behaving like a spoilt brat, increasing his accusations that the help being rendered is not adequate. It was widely reported that Biden recently had to put the Ukrainian leader in his place during a phone call, Zelenskiy now expecting the West to accede to his increasing demands. Some may say that this is the result of him being caught in affairs between the East and the West, yet were it not for Western influence in Kiev, he would never have got the job he craved for so long. The Ukrainian war is absolutely a western creation, yet such ungrateful and immature behavior on the part of Kiev is beginning to grate on the nerves of those it needs most.

No Service

As matters stand today, notwithstanding Zelenskiy’s demeanor, Russia standing up to the West and its Ukrainian puppet is making an increasing number of people outside the region sit down and think. The government in Kiev is now not only lying, but being openly criticized by some of the Western media, the honeymoon period of the Zelenskiy administration coming to an end. At the same time as we are seeing intolerance on the part of Kiev, we see ministers and the military becoming tired of an operation that is doomed to failure as well as a leader who treats his supporters as if he were a small child. All this is happening against a backdrop of Western nations who are increasingly incapable of supporting an American war whilst they struggle to support themselves at home.

Denied service

Many have criticized the Russian retreat from Kherson, yet if the West was to turn its back on Kiev, this would be an immeasurably more embarrassing event for Washington and its allies. The disgrace of walking away from the Ukrainian situation would haunt the corridors of Western political power for decades to come, yet in spite of the control that governments wield over the masses and the media, leaders simply cannot walk out on their own countries. Just like a gambler that has wagered everything on a stupid game that has gone horribly wrong, the West is slowly coming to terms with the fact that not only has it lost a game of Russian Roulette, but that the finger on the trigger in Kiev begs that it be pulled again.

Skeleton Service

With there being no real way for Washington et al to walk back nearly a decade of interference and intervention in the Ukraine, there is no hope of them just dropping the cause like a hot potato. The whole Western political landscape today relies on combating the threats of its own creation, and were Washington and its allies to stop in their tracks, so would the entire Western political machine. This means that in spite of a brat running Kiev for as long as it is convenient, the aid and assistance he receives will inevitably reduce in the coming months. The lights may have gone out in Kiev, yet were they to go out in London or Berlin, their leaders would also be out soon afterwards.


It was the West that encouraged the war dogs in Kiev back in 2014, and eight years later it is the Ukrainian president barking at the hand that feeds it whilst being bitten by the Bear.

Moreover, in the face of facts that cannot be refuted, Zelenskiy denies the obvious in spite of his sponsors’ statements, yet he cannot deny the desperation of the Ukrainian cause for much longer. As the dead start to pile up for Kiev, the dead weight of the Ukrainian cause is beginning to weigh upon the West; recession-crippled economies are unable to sustain a drain on their pockets as well as the consequences of their politics.

Only time will tell how this will all end, but recent weeks have seen Western leaders cooling their enthusiasm for their hot war as the cold hard realities of Kiev and the Cold War they created finally hit home…

2 thoughts on “Servant of the West

  1. WillD says:

    Zelensky has made a lot of money out of this acting role, but has taken it too far. He’s become an egomaniacal puppet clown, with his non-stop nagging, complaints, demands, and highly provocative demands for major escalation and WWIII. His guru like status amongst US sycophants hasn’t helped keep him grounded in reality, any more than his well-known snorting habit.

    Anyone who takes more than a few seconds to follow what this man says and does, will quickly see how poor his scripting and acting really are.

    Washington probably didn’t think the role would require real acting in a dramatic wartime drama, and has also been guilty of promoting him as the brave, fearless leader of a peaceful democratic country invaded and attacked in an illegal and unprovoked manner by the evil Russians – none of which has any foundation in normal reality. Neither he nor Ukraine, nor Russia are any of those things.

    Clearly his time is rapidly running out. Frankly, I’m surprised he’s still there – in one piece, and that he hasn’t had an ‘accident’ and hasn’t been ‘disappeared’ by Ukrainian or other security forces.

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