Ukraine News Links 16-17 November 2022

Thursday, 17 November 2022 — The New Dark Age

The Dark Occult World Behind Ukraine

U.S. Will Have Spent $100B On Ukraine This Year

US-Russia Proxy War Risks Nuclear Apocalypse, 60 Years After Cuban Missile Crisis

Biden Says It’s ‘Unlikely’ Missile That Hit Poland Was Fired From Russia

Israel’s Relentless War against the Children of Palestine

The War in Ukraine, Geopolitical Forecast. The Kremlin’s “Indecision” “The War Will Continue to Widen”: Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

Ukraine Open Thread 2022-201

Blame the Deep State for Carnage in Ukraine

Interviewed By Trish Wood, On What I’m Seeing In The Donbass (Under Ukraine’s Fire)

Using American HIMARs, Ukraine Shelled a Cultural Building in Gorlovka, Destroying the Roof and Theatre

Ukraine News Links 15-16 November 2022

FTX Partnership With Ukraine Is Latest Chapter in Shady Western Aid Saga

Poland, NATO Agree Deadly Polish Border ‘Russian Attack’ Was Errant Ukrainian Missile

Israeli Drone Sales Are Fueling Military Occupations Around The World

UN Envoy Admits Fabricating Claim of Viagra-Fueled Rape as ‘Russian Military Strategy’ 

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