Black Agenda Report November 23, 2022

Wednesday, 23 November 2022 — — Black Agenda Report

Xi Jinping, Justin Trudeau and White Supremacist Ideology
Margaret Kimberley
Western arrogance and anger about the economic prowess of a non-white nation resulted in Xi Jinping’s very public dressing down of Justin Trudeau.

EXCERPT: Pentagonism, A Substitute for Imperialism, Juan Bosch, 1967
Editors, The Black Agenda Review
A book by Dominican politician and historian Juan Bosch explains the connections between U.S. foreign policy, permanent war, and the defense industries.

The US Is Determined to Drive a Wedge between Ethiopia and Eritrea
Ann Garrison
The US seems willing to accept Ethiopia’s defeat of its former puppet, the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), if it can just drive a wedge between Ethiopia and Eritrea.

Music in Montreal: Our song, “The Internationale!”
Raymond Nat Turner
The latest from BAR’s poet in residence.

BAR Book Forum: Cristina M. Visperas’s Book, “Skin Theory”
Roberto Sirvent
This week’s featured author is Cristina Mejia Visperas. Visperas is Assistant Professor of Communication at the University of Southern California. Her book is Skin Theory: Visual Culture and the Postwar Prison Laboratory.

Haiti in the Caribbean: A Political Economy Perspective on the Urgent Crisis of Imperialism
Tamanisha John
If Haiti is “the poorest country in the hemisphere” it is because imperialist policies continue to impoverish and destabilize that nation. 

Ethiopia Peace Deal: U.S. Proxy War By Other Means?
Hermela Aregawi
The people of Ethiopia are understandably relieved that a peace agreement now exists between their government and the TPLF. But aspects of the agreement may allow the U.S. to continue the conflict with the help of their TPLF proxies.

African and Indigenous Peoples: An Alliance for Defense, Survival and Revolution
Mark P. Fancher
The day known as Thanksgiving is an opportunity to remember how the settler colonial state began its genocide against both indigenous people and enslaved Africans. 

The End of American Thanksgivings: A Cause for Universal Rejoicing
Glen Ford
Glen Ford wrote many powerful essays, but his unflinching analysis of the history of the day known as Thanksgiving endures nearly 20 years after he wrote it.

“No More American Thanksgivings” and Other Essays Book Review: Glen Ford, 2022, The Black Agenda, OR Books
Roger D. Harris
Glen Ford’s posthumously published book, The Black Agenda, is a testament to the enduring power of his work. 

Ujima’s Plan to Transcend Neoliberalism in Maryland
Phillip Clark
The Ujima People’s Progress Party is organizing outside of the duopoly in an effort to gain true political representation for Black working people. 

Widespread Panic as Anti-Haitian Decree Goes into Effect in Dominican Republic
Carlos Edill Berríos Polanco
In the Dominican Republic, Haitian migrants or any dark-skinned Black person can be arrested, have their belongings seized, and be deported from that country. Anti-Haitian sentiment and legislation is a mainstay of Dominican politics.

After Bolsonaro, Can Brazil Move Beyond Neoliberalism and Toward Greater Global Cooperation?
Richard Matousek
Lula da Silva’s return to the Brazilian presidency is seen as a victory for the left. But he will have to struggle against forces who want to continue neo-liberal policies.

AFRICOM Watch Bulletin #43
US Out of Africa Network
The Black Alliance for Peace AFRICOM Watch Bulletin #43 includes an interview with a representative of the Revolutionary Socialist League of Kenya and as always, the latest analysis and reporting on Africa.

Medical Care as a Political Weapon: Reflections on Frantz Fanon’s Treatment and Death from Cancer in Amerika
Kevin  “Rashid” Johnson
Frantz Fanon was a fierce critic of the U.S., but he spent the last weeks of his life in Washington DC, where he hoped to be treated for leukemia. Medical care can be used as a political weapon. 

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