UK Action Alert: Ask your MP to ensure your voice is heard

14 October 2021 — GMWatch

The vast majority of 6,440 submissions to the consultation on gene editing deregulation said NO to the proposals – but Defra is going ahead regardless

Environment Secretary George Eustice plans to ignore the results of his own public consultation and push on with proposals to dismantle GM safeguards, warns GM Freeze. Please ask your MP to tell him it’s time to start listening.

In early 2021 the UK Government’s Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) held a public consultation on proposals to sweep away the safety net of proper public protections and give new GM techniques (often referred to as gene editing) free rein on our farms and in our food.

On 29 September we learned several shocking things:

* The vast majority of 6,440 submissions to the consultation said NO to the proposals. Defra is going ahead regardless and plans to change the law on GM field trials before Christmas.

* Almost two thirds (4,215) of submissions were not counted in the numerical analysis. Large swathes were dismissed because they were associated with an NGO campaign and ALL email and postal submissions were excluded from the breakdown of responses to fixed-answer questions. Only those responses submitted via the Citizen Space online platform were fully analysed and included in the calculations.

Please ask your MP to write to George Eustice and find out:
* Why he is ignoring public opinion
* When the rest of the submissions to this important consultation will be fully analysed.

If you submitted evidence to the consultation by email or by post, make this clear and express your concern that your views have not been heard.

GM Freeze’s top tips:
* Use your own words
* Be polite
* Ask your MP to write to the Secretary of State on your behalf
* Send a copy of your email to GM Freeze at info[at]

Source: GM Freeze

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