Showdown with Russia and China: U.S. Advances First Strike Global Missile Shield System By Rick Rozoff

19 August, 2009 — Global ResearchStop NATO

On August 13th the Pentagon’s Missile Defense Agency (MDA) and Chicago-based Boeing International announced a test of their joint Airborne Laser (ABL) missile defense system, which “successfully tracked and hit the mark earlier this month during its first in-flight test against an instrumented target missile.” [1]

Employing a modified Boeing 747-400F prototype airplane, on August 10 the Missile Defense Agency had the adapted commercial airliner use infrared sensors against a missile launched from San Nicolas Island, California and “found, tracked, engaged and simulated an intercept with a missile seconds after liftoff. It was the first time the Agency used an ‘instrumented’ missile to confirm the laser works as expected. Next up this fall will be the first live attempt to bring down a ballistic missile….” [2]

A newspaper from Alabama, the state where the MDA headquarters is based, mentioned that “The news came today [August 13], just a few days before the 12th annual Space and Missile Defense Conference opens next week in Huntsville.” [3]

The Wall Street Journal waxed enthusiastic about the advanced missile interceptor test, stating that “Along with space-based weapons, the Airborne Laser is the next defense frontier. The modified Boeing 747 is supposed to send an intense beam of light over hundreds of miles to destroy missiles in the ‘boost phase,’ before they can release decoys and at a point in their trajectory when they would fall back down on enemy territory….The laser complements the sea- and ground-based missile defenses that keep proving themselves in tests.

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National Security, Media Disinformation and the H1N1 Swine Flu Selected Articles

19-21 August, 2009 — Global Research

Global Research brings to the attention of Members and Subscribers the following selection of news and feature articles

America’s “War on Terrorism”
Book by Michel Chossudovsky
– 2009-08-24

– 2009-08-21

Lockerbie and Kafka’s Labyrinth
– by Michael Carmichael – 2009-08-21

Searching for the Depression and Finding It
Economic Stress Is Hidden, But It’s There in a Recovery That Isn’t.
– by Danny Schechter – 2009-08-21

The US War against Iraq: The Destruction of a Civilization
– by James Petras – 2009-08-21

The vaccines are far more deadly than the swine flu
– by Dr. Mae-Wan Ho , Prof. Joe Cummins – 2009-08-21

Children Who Get the Flu Vaccine Have Three Times Risk Of Hospitalization For Flu, Study Suggests
– 2009-08-21

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Big Pharma and the Warfare State Selected Articles

15-18 August, 2009 — Global Research

America’s “War on Terrorism”
Book by Michel Chossudovsky
– 2009-08-24

– 2009-08-21

Mickey Huff, James Petras, Vandana Shiva, Ward Churchill, Ellen Brown on The Global Research News Hour
Program Details, August 17-21, Host Stephen Lendman
– 2009-08-21

Award Winning Movie: “SUPERPOWER”:
Interview with Filmmaker on RBN this Thursday!
– by Barbara-Anne Steegmuller – 2009-08-20

Russia and Georgia: Caucasian calculus
– by Eric Walberg – 2009-08-18

British Nurses refuse to have the swine flu vaccination
– by Daniel Martin – 2009-08-18

Canada flies NATO flag in arctic showdown
– 2009-08-18

Monsanto’s Man in the Obama Administration
The Return of Michael Taylor
– by Isabella Kenfield – 2009-08-18

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Joe Bageant: How much freedom can one man stand?

22 August, 2009 — Joe Bageant

Not much more, dear hearts, not much more

Freedom comes in many forms in America, and new forms are constantly being created. The latest has been freedom from basic financial security. The weakened economy has given corporatists an excuse to, as they say, ‘let workers go.’ Which sounds as if companies are granting employees some sort of freedom: ‘Go on George, twenty years on the job is long enough, so git outta here. Have yourself a ball!’

By that measure, there have never been a more free people. Now benevolently relieved of their job responsibilities, millions are free to do almost anything they choose, go fishing — or take up the banjo. At the moment 14 million Americans have been granted freedom, with another three or four million expected to be pardoned before the economy ‘levels out,’ meaning more people will lose their jobs, but at a slower rate. Of those 14 million liberated souls, six million are so free they can even take the family on a year-long round the world trip, if they so choose. They need no longer report in at the (un)employment office because their benefits have expired. One little suggestion for their trip abroad: visit the guy in Asia who now has your job. With a little effort, I’m sure you can get over the barbed wire topped steel mesh fence enclosing the factory’s ‘attached employee housing compound’ in Sichuan Province.

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Honduras: The Wolf Report By S. Artesian

22 August, 2009 — The Wolf Report

1. Cowboy Up!

Taking the lessons learned at the feet of the US military to heart, the Republic of Honduras’ Cobra squadron woke the president of that country to tell him the bad news: 1) he was no longer president; 2) he never really was president; 3) there really isn’t a republic of Honduras; 4) a plane was waiting to take him to that haven of stability, productive farms, and CIA stations, Costa Rica; 5) he would have to leave his credit cards behind.

Zelaya, blinking in the beams of the US military issued flashlights, appeared confused. ‘Where am I?’ he asked, ‘Haiti?’

Haiti, indeed. The same ratbag collection of consultants, counterrevolutionaries, drug dealers, death squaders, entrepreneurs, landowners, and hedge funders came together once again. And not just through necessity, but through natural affinities, through a veritable kinship, through blood, albeit the spilled blood of others.

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