ICH 4 May 2013: Israel Bombs Damascus – Launches Another Attack On Syria

4 May 2013 — Information Clearing House


Israel Launches Another Attack On Syria

Explosions shake Damascus; Syria blames Israel 

By Reuters

Explosions shook Damascus early on Sunday and Syrian state television said Israeli rockets had struck a military research centre on the outskirts of the capital.



Israeli Airstrikes Signal Western Desperation in Syria

By Tony Cartalucci

Alleged airstrikes hope to expand conflict, undermine Syrian advances, & provoke Syria and Iran to give US justification for military intervention.



Hagel to Israel: Military Option Will be Considered After Iranian Elections

By Barak Ravid

Hagel, together with other senior American officials, reached an understanding with Israel during the defense secretary’s recent visit to Israel.



Drones for “Regime Protection”

By Philip Giraldi

The CIA’s insurance plan for Karzai and Maliki-and what it means for Syria.



Dealing Remote-control Drone Death, The US Has Lost Its Moral Compass

By Akbar Ahmed and Lawrence Wilkerson

Warfare by armchair warriors playing video games is little better than murder. This misguided policy is fueling anti-American hate.



The Game of Drones

Welcome to the Age of Murder.Gov

By Jeffrey St. Clair

The president has offered us a master class in political mesmerism, transforming the anti-war Left into supine functionaries of the imperial management team.



Final Thoughts on Zionism’s Success and Arab Failure

Must Read By Alan Hart

What could be called the Mother and Father of Zionism’s propaganda lies is the assertion that all the Jews of the world are descended from the ancient Hebrews and therefore have a common ethnic origin and national heritage.



In Case You Missed It

Zionism’s Jewish Enemy


Alan Hart Interviews Professor Ilan Pappe, Israel’s leading “new” or “revisionist” historian.



Our Criminal Government

By Sheldon Richman

Justice demands to know why people against whom there is apparently no trial-worthy evidence are to be left to rot in an American prison in Cuba. This is truly a disgrace.



Obama Can Shut Guantanamo Whenever He Wants

By Eric Posner

President Obama can lawfully release the detainees if he wants to. Congress has made it difficult, but not impossible. Whatever he’s saying, the president does not want to close the detention center — at least not yet.



No Digital Communication Is Secure: Former Counterterrorism Agent, FBI


“There’s a way to look at digital communications in the past. I can’t go into detail of how that’s done or what’s done. But I can tell you that no digital communication is secure.”



Wall Street Owns Obama

The Housing Shell Game: Prices Up, Ownership Down

By Mike Whitney

Why are housing prices rising when the homeownership rate has dropped to its lowest level in 18 years?



20 Signs That The Next Great Economic Depression Has Already Started In Europe

By Michael Snyder

Pay close attention to what is happening over there, because it is coming here too.



Mushroom Clouds Over Texas, 500 Deaths in Bangladesh – THAT’S Why We Need Unions

By Richard Eskow

What’s needed is a recognition that every life is worth fighting for, in every field and factory and mine on the planet.



A Virus Called Fear

Documentary Short Movie

Very few people understand the programming of fear, and why it distorts our perceptions. While fear is a program used for our survival, fear also creates irrational beliefs that cause larger systems of fear like politics, religion and the media.



Nigeria: 39 killed, 30 injured, houses burnt as Christian & Muslim mobs clash:

The police spokesman Kwaji said Friday’s violence erupted when the funeral procession of a traditional chief from the predominantly Christian Jukun ethnic group marched through a Muslim neighbourhood chanting slogans, which Muslims viewed as an act of provocation.



At least three killed in violent Guinea election protest:

At least three people died on Friday on the second day of violent street protests that have swept the Guinean capital over the organisation of delayed legislative elections, witnesses and officials said.



Gunmen in standoff with Libyan army at Tripoli protest:

The Libyan army was deployed to Tripoli’s main square on Friday to guard a pro-government rally and became involved in an uneasy standoff with anti-government gunmen.



Militias drain Libya’s coffers:

The addition of tens of thousands of armed revolutionaries to the state payroll in Libya has helped swell the public sector salaries bill this year to $16bn – more than double the $6.6bn allocated in the 2010 budget under Muammer Gaddafi



Syria: massacres of Sunni families reported in Assad’s heartland:

The pictures appear to tell a familiar story. In one a pile of bodies lies on a street corner, shot down, apparently where they were gathered. Among them is a girl in a red blouse, perhaps five years old, spreadeagled among a dozen other family members, some covered in sheets. A baby’s legs are visible and a crumpled man has apparently been shot through the spine.



Thousands flee Syrian city of Banias fearing new ‘massacre’ : Activists say:

Around 4,000 people fled the predominantly Sunni southern parts of Banias, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human rights, amid fears pro-government gunmen “might commit a massacre”.



FSA killed Turkish policeman – Local people reaction:

“They burned our flag, threw stones to our police&soldiers, attacked our houses”.



Moscow Ready to Talk to Free Syrian Army – Minister:

Moscow is ready to hold talks with all representatives of the Syrian opposition, including Salim Idriss, leader of the Free Syrian Army, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Friday.



Al-Qaeda sets up Sharia courts in key Syrian city:

Radical Islamic militant groups are consolidating their power base across northern Syria with a reformed al-Qaeda doctrine of governance that seeks to correct the mistakes made by the organisation in Iraq.



Supporters mob Assad Video – May 4 –

Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad makes a rare public appearance to unveil a statue at Damascus University. Sunita Rappai reports.



Israeli Airstrike in Syria Was Directed at Missiles From Iran, U.S. Officials Say:

The airstrike that Israeli warplanes carried out in Syria was directed at a shipment of advanced surface-to-surface missiles from Iran that Israel believed was intended for Hezbollah, the militant Lebanese organization, American officials said Saturday.



Israel bombs Syria: “There was an air strike.

The target was not a chemical weapons facility. It was missiles intended for Hezbollah,” the official told Reuters. A U.S. official told Reuters the target was apparently a building.



‘We’ve not confirmed any strike on Syria,’ says top Israeli Defense Ministry official:

News agencies say Israel has acknowledged hitting ‘game-changing’ weapons convoy headed for Hezbollah, but Amos Gilad disagrees, also says Syria chemical weapons secure, and Hezbollah not keen on acquiring them.



Israel calls up thousands of reserve soldiers in massive drill:

The IDF has launched a surprise call-up of an entire division of 2,000 reserve soldiers for a week-long exercise in the north in the first such maneuver in many years as instability grows on the entire northern border, from the Mediterranean Sea to the Golan Heights.



Sen. McCain Calls For U.S. To Intervene In Syria:

“Well, we can take out his assets through long-range cruise missiles. We can establish a no fly zone, a safe zone”



Brzezinski Joins Lugar Warning Against U.S. Role in Syria:

Brzezinski, who served under Democratic President Jimmy Carter, warned that U.S. military involvement in Syria would risk “a large-scale disaster for the United States.”



Hagel to Israel: Military option will be considered after Iranian elections:

U.S. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel reportedly told his Israeli counterparts that the Obama administration would examine military options against Iran more closely following the Islamic Republic’s upcoming elections, and their possible ramifications on the country’s nuclear program.



US bulks up ‘bunker buster’ :

US officials told Israel that the United States has new weapons capable of destroying Iran’s underground nuclear site in Fordo, an American daily reported.



Fayyad denies interview damning Palestinian leadership:

Former Palestinian prime minister’s office says he didn’t give an interview to the New York Times or any other newspaper



At least 14 insurgents killed in Iraq crackdown:

At least 14 insurgents were killed in a security swoop in northern Iraq on Saturday, officials said, dpa reported.



Maliki coalition leads in 7 of 12 provinces:

Maliki’s State of Law coalition won the most provincial council seats and tied in eighth, although it failed to achieve a majority in any of the districts, according to The Associated Press.



Bomb ‘kills five US occupation force troops in southern Afghanistan’:

“Five American soldiers were killed at about noon when their armoured vehicle hit a powerful roadside mine in Maiwand district,” General Abdul Razeq, Kandahar province’s police chief, told AFP.



2 foreign occupation force troops killed by Afghan soldier in western Afghanistan:

In a statement, the coalition says the Afghan soldier turned his weapon on coalition troops Saturday in western Afghanistan, killing two in the latest incident of so-called insider attacks.



Karzai urges Taliban to fight Afghan enemies after Pakistan clash:

Afghan President Hamid Karzai called on the Taliban on Saturday to fight Afghanistan’s enemies in what was widely seen as a swipe against Pakistan days after the neighbors’ security forces clashed on their border.



Afghanistan never accepts Durland Line as Pak-Afghan border: Karzai:

Afghan president Hamid Karzai on Saturday said that the government of Pakistan is looking to force Afghanistan for the recognition of controversial Durand line as the formal border between the two nations by creating issues including construction of border gates and other military installations.



Pakistan resumes shelling Afghan eastern region:

Shelling by Pakistani army took place after the Afghan forces reportedly razed the border gate created bay Pak border troops and destroyed other military facilities along the controversial Durand Line in Afghan Goshta district of Nangarhar few days ago during which an Afghan policeman and six Pakistani soldiers were killed .



Pakistan: Eight militants killed in security forces operations:

Eight militants were killed in security forces operations conducted here, while some unknown persons barging into the house of a tribal leader gunned him down, Geo News reported Saturday.



Pak court extends Pervez Musharraf’s remand by 14 days:

A special Pakistani anti-terrorism court here today extended the judicial remand of former military ruler Pervez Musharraf by 14 days, in connection with his decision to place judges under house arrest during the 2007 emergency.



Pervez Musharraf’s party decides to boycott May 11 polls:

The party of former Pakistan military ruler Pervez Musharraf, facing a series of legal cases over his actions while in power, has said it would boycott Pakistan’s May 11 general election.



Guantanamo hunger strike at 100 prisoners:

Of those on strike, 23 are being force-fed liquid nutrients to prevent starvation. Four are in the detainee hospital for observation.



Andy P. Hart: Suicide or Murder?:

On May 1, Truthout’s Jason Leopold reported Hart’s “apparent suicide.” He represented a number of Guantanamo prisoners



Venezuela leader Maduro alleges Colombia assassination plot:

Mr Maduro said he had evidence that right-wing Venezuelan poluticians had been involved in the plot. Mr Uribe – a fierce critic of President Chavez – dismissed Mr Maduro’s accusation as “immature”.



U.N. Finds “Little Appreciation” for Human Rights among U.S. Businesses:

“With a few exceptions, most companies still struggle to understand the implications of the corporate responsibility to respect human rights,” Puvan Selvanathan, the current head of the Working Group and one of the two members on the U.S. trip, said at the end of the mission



Tsarnaev support leaflets spring up in Chechnya, Kyrgyzstan, stir controversy:

As the probe into the Boston Marathon bombing continues, leaflets voicing support for the attack’s surviving suspect have appeared in the capital of Russia’s Republic of Chechnya, in Kyrgyzstan, where Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was born, and in Kazakhstan.



No one wants to bury Boston bomb suspect:

A funeral home director is scrambling to find a cemetery that will bury a suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings, ignoring protesters gathered outside his business and saying everybody deserves a dignified burial service no matter the circumstances of his or her death.



Boston Bombings Suspects Go From White To Brown On Magazine Cover:

Boston terror suspects Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev had their complexions darkened on a magazine cover, so as to make them look less European and more Arabic.



Terrorist’ Veiled Doll Shocks US Muslims:

Featuring a photo of a Muslim doll with a Hijab, the talking bubbles placed on top of the doll’s photo read, “The Talking Doll, Pull string for message, if you dare,” and “She’ll Love You To Death! She’ll Blow Your Brains Out!”



Secretive Spy Court Approved Nearly 2,000 Surveillance Requests in 2012:

A secretive federal court last year approved all of the 1,856 requests to search or electronically surveil people within the United States “for foreign intelligence purposes,” the Justice Department reported this week.



EU to shrink further into recession:

In a gloomy report, EU warns of record unemployment and continued economic crisis in Europe in 2013.



Portugal to cut thousands of government jobs:

Prime minister announces plans to make $6.3bn in budget cuts by raising retirement age and laying off 30,000 workers.



Canadian housing – bursting bubble or gentle landing?:

In Toronto alone, sales dropped 40 percent in the first quarter from a year earlier, making homeowners and investors jumpy.



U.S. Factory Orders Fall More Than Expected In March:

With orders for durable goods showing a substantial pullback, the Commerce Department released a report on Friday showing that new orders for manufactured goods fell by more than expected in the month of March



Cost Of War


Number Of Iraqis Slaughtered In US War And Occupation Of Iraq “1,455,590


Number of U.S. Military Personnel Sacrificed (Officially acknowledged) In America’s War On Iraq: 4,883


Number Of International Occupation Force Troops Slaughtered In Afghanistan : 3,296


Cost of War in Iraq & Afghanistan

Total Cost of Wars Since 2001




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