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14 July 23 — VTJP


International Middle East Media Center

Nabi Saleh weekly protest on friday: Israeli soldiers fire tear gas and skunk water
IMEMC – During friday’s weekly protest in the village of An Nabi Saleh the villagers once more stipulated their discontent over their difficult situation under the occupation. The peaceful protest was met with tear gas and skunk water from the Israeli military. …

Ma’an News

Israeli rightists enter Aqsa compound under guard
7/14/2013 – JERUSALEM (Ma’an) — Over 100 Israeli rightists on Sunday entered the Al-Aqsa compound in Jerusalem’s Old City accompanied by dozens of Israeli police officers, witnesses said. At least 180 Israelis, including 18 Rabbi’s, entered the compound through the Moroccan Gate and toured the area under Israeli police guard. Local Muslim worshipers and students protested the visit by shouting ‘Allah….

Israel starts construction on road linking settlements
7/14/2013 – NABLUS (Ma’an) — Israeli authorities have begun construction work on a West Bank road which will link cities within Israel and illegal settlements and outposts, a Palestinian Authority official said Sunday. Ghassan Daghlas, who monitors settlement activity in the northern West Bank, told Ma’an that Road 9 will link the coastal Israeli city of Hadera with illegal settlements in Jenin and the….

Report: 2 Israeli soldiers injured in attack
7/15/2013 – TEL AVIV, Israel (Ma’an) — Two Israeli soldiers were attacked with clubs in northern Israel on Sunday, Israeli news site Ynet reported. Both soldiers suffered head injuries and were taken to Rambam Medical Center in Haifa. The circumstances behind the event are unclear, although the Hebrew website of Israel’s police site said the perpetrators were thought to be Palestinian. [END]

Abbas discusses bilateral ties with senior Egypt official
7/15/2013 – RAMALLAH (Ma’an) — President Mahmoud Abbas on Sunday spoke with the former Egyptian minister of foreign affairs to discuss bilateral relations. Abbas told Mohamed Amro that the Palestinian people want stability and security in Egypt, with the officials discussing how to improve ties between both parties. Amro announced Sunday that he will not continue in his post of foreign minister, and is set to….

Israel army: Syria shell lands in Golan Heights
7/15/2013 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — A mortar shell fired from Syria landed in the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights on Sunday, Israel’s army said.”A shell was fired from Syria and hit an open area near the Israel-Syria border in the northern Golan Heights,” an Israeli army spokeswoman told Ma’an.”Initial investigations suggest the shell was a result of errant fire from Syria.”Escalating….

Israeli ex-general tells of new ‘Prisoner X’ in 1970s
7/14/2013 – JERUSALEM (AFP) — A former Israeli intelligence chief said on Saturday that authorities held a person in secret during the 1970s but implied that the prisoner was no longer in custody.”Thirty-five years ago, in my post as head of military intelligence, I approved the detention in prison of Prisoner X, in total isolation,” Haaretz newspaper quoted Shlomo Gazit as saying in an email.”The affair….

Group slams ‘slanderous attacks’ on Palestinian football star
7/14/2013 – BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — A civil rights group in the United States has denounced what it called ‘slanderous attacks’ on a Palestinian-American football star by Yahoo! Sports and Major League Baseball. The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee on Friday expressed “serious concern” about a tweet written on July 10 by Jonathan Mael, the media coordinator for MLB, which compared New York Jets football star Oday….

Islamic divorce banned in Palestine during Ramadan
7/14/2013 – NABLUS (Ma’an) — Islamic courts will not issue divorce certificates to couples seeking divorce during the holy month of Ramadan, the head of Islamic courts in the Palestinian Authority said Sunday. Sheikh Yousef Ideis made the decision to ban issuing Islamic divorce certificates during Ramadan, but for special cases couples can seek approval from the bureau of the Supreme Judge. Director of the Supreme….

Hebron hospital workers to strike over salary delays
7/15/2013 – HEBRON (Ma’an) — Workers at a Hebron hospital announced Saturday that they will suspend health services for a week in protest over salary delays, an official said. Dr. Yousef al-Takruri, chairman of the Al-Ahli Hospital workers’ union, told Ma’an that employees have not been paid for the last three months, with some workers not even able to afford the cost of….

Gaza court issues death sentence for murder suspect
7/14/2013 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — A court in the Gaza Strip on Sunday sentenced a man to death for killing two people, Gaza’s public prosecutor said. The unidentified man was recently arrested for the murder of a man, and during his trial it emerged that he had sexually assaulted and killed a relative ten years earlier, public prosecutor Ismail Jaber said. In June….

Shoplifting allegation dogs incoming Israel bank chief
7/15/2013 – JERUSALEM (AFP) — The appointment of Jacob Frenkel as Israel’s next central bank governor has come under a cloud over his failure to disclose a past allegation of shoplifting, local media said Sunday. The Haaretz newspaper said that a committee on senior civil service appointments has asked the JP Morgan Chase International chairman to explain why he failed to inform it of a 2006….

Palestinian killed, 2 injured in Haifa car accident
7/15/2013 – HAIFA (Ma’an) — A Palestinian man was killed and two others injured during a road accident in Haifa late Saturday, a Ma’an reporter said. Rescue crews and firefighters rushed to the scene of the accident and managed to pull three men from the wreck of the car. One of the men was pronounced dead at the scene and two others were evacuated….

Man, 22, killed in Gaza motorcycle accident
7/15/2013 – GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — A 22-year-old man was killed on Saturday in a motorcycle accident in the Gaza Strip, medics said. Mahmoud Zaki al-Najjar suffered serious wounds to his head and chest and was pronounced dead at a hospital in central Gaza. He collided with a car an hour before the Iftar Ramadan meal, medics said. [END]

Egypt ‘freezes Muslim Brotherhood assets’
7/15/2013 – CAIRO, Qahirah (AFP) — Egypt’s public prosecutor on Sunday ordered the freezing of assets belonging to 14 top Islamists as part of an investigation into deadly violence, judicial sources said. The order by Hisham Barakat affects nine Muslim Brotherhood leaders, including the group’s general guide Mohamed Badie, and five Islamists from other groups including ex-militant faction Gamaa Islamiya, the sources said. The….

Top US official to visit Cairo
7/15/2013 – WASHINGTON (AFP) — A top US official on Sunday was heading to Cairo for talks with interim government leaders, the first high-ranking administration member to visit Egypt since the ouster of Mohamed Morsi. Under Secretary of State Bill Burns will visit Egypt from Sunday to Tuesday, the State Department said, adding that he would “underscore US support for the Egyptian people.”[END]

Kuwait delivers free fuel to Egypt
7/15/2013 – KUWAIT CITY (AFP) — Kuwait has delivered crude oil and diesel worth $200 million to Egypt as part of a $4-billion aid package to bolster its faltering economy, a newspaper reported on Sunday. Two tankers, one carrying around 100,000 tonnes of diesel and the other 1. 1 million barrels of crude, have docked in Egypt, Al-Rai reported, citing Kuwaiti oil sources. The emirate announced on….

Israeli PM threatens to strike Iran 
AlJazeera 14 Jul 2013 – Benjamin Netanyahu says Israel may have to act against Tehran unilaterally to curb it from achieving its nuclear goal.

International Solidarity Movement

The weekly demonstration continues in Ni’lin while harassment and night raids increase
7/13/2013 – International Solidarity Movement – 13th July 2013, International Solidarity Movement, Ramallah Team, Ni’lin, Occupied Palestine – On Friday, 13 July, around 30 people gathered for the Friday demonstration in the outskirts of Ni’lin village. After finishing prayers Palestinians marched towards the segregation wall that has annexed the land of the village, along with internationals. From the beginning of the protest, teargas canisters and stun grenades were….

Relief Web

occupied Palestinian territory: West Bank Preschoolers Love Reading
Relief Web 14 Jul 2013 – Source: American Near East Refugee Aid Country: occupied Palestinian territory Wafa Abu Naser, a mother of three girls, reads to her children almost every day. Their favorite bedtime story is Cinderella. She buys them new books, whenever it is possible…

Syrian Arab Republic: UNRWA Deputy Commissioner-General Visits Syria to Support Emergency Response for Palestine Refugees
Relief Web 13 Jul 2013 – Source: UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East Country: occupied Palestinian territory, Syrian Arab Republic East Jerusalem Margot Ellis, Deputy Commissioner-General of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), came to Syria on 9-10…

The National

UAE ministers back law for pilgrimages
The National 14 Jul 2013 – Ministers approved a new draft law yesterday to regulate organisers of Haj and Umrah pilgrimages.

Muslim Brotherhood chiefs’ assets frozen
The National 14 Jul 2013 – Egyptian authorities have frozen the financial assets of 14 Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamist leaders accused of inciting violence. Alice Fordham reports from Cairo 

Muslim Brotherhood’s fall divides Islamists in Egypt
The National 14 Jul 2013 – Even former supporters are saying the Muslim Brotherhood’s time at the political vanguard – after eight decades underground – appears to be over. Alice Fordham reports from Cairo 

Egyptian army chief explains decision to oust Morsi
The National 14 Jul 2013 – Addressing an armed forces gathering in Cairo, Gen Abdel Fattah El Sisi said Mr Morsi had lost legitimacy because of the mass demonstrations against him.

Israel ‘will keep weapons from Hizbollah’, Netanyahu warns
The National 14 Jul 2013 – Warning by Israel’s prime minister follows airstrike in northern Syria against a shipment of advanced missiles.

Russia says it has not received Snowden asylum application
The National 14 Jul 2013 – US NSA leaker wants to seek Russian asylum, at least as a temporary measure before going to Venezuela, Bolivia or Nicaragua, all of which have offered him asylum.

Bahrain policemen wounded in bombing
The National 14 Jul 2013 – A home-made bomb wounded four Bahraini policemen outside a Shiite village, the kingdom’s interior ministry says.

Mohammed bin Rashid hails humanitarian role
The National 14 Jul 2013 – Ramadan: Sheikh Mohammed also visited and prayed at the tomb of Sheikh Zayed, founder of the UAE, at Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, where more than 20,000 people break their fast each day of Ramadan. 


Israeli court: Real estate transaction that evicted Palestinian family was forged
Ha’aretz – 14 Jul 2013

A hesitant step toward harsher treatment of mayors charged with crimes
Ha’aretz – 14 Jul 2013

Israelis, Americans collaborate on light-powered bionic eye
Ha’aretz – 14 Jul 2013

Defying the UN, Israel deports 14 Eritreans who ‘volunteered’ to return to their homeland
Ha’aretz – 14 Jul 2013

New report aims to save urban wildlife
Ha’aretz – 14 Jul 2013

Complaint to Judicial Ombudsman: Judges asked rape victim to demonstrate attack against her
Ha’aretz – 14 Jul 2013

Some 30,000 Bedouin to get garbage collected for first time
Ha’aretz – 14 Jul 2013

Israeli mayor facing fraud charges pledges not to seek-relection, but won’t step down
Ha’aretz – 14 Jul 2013

IDF purposely downs own UAV near Egypt border due to malfunction
Ha’aretz – 14 Jul 2013

Netanyahu phones PA’s Abbas, says he wants to renew peace talks ‘soon’
Ha’aretz – 14 Jul 2013

Hong Kong confidential: The Frenkel allegations
Ha’aretz – 14 Jul 2013

Israel tests ballistic missile, Arrow defense system against long-range rockets
Ha’aretz – 14 Jul 2013

Candidate for Israel’s Sephardi chief rabbi denies making anti-Arab remarks
Ha’aretz – 14 Jul 2013

Netanyahu: ‘I won’t wait until it’s too late’ to decide on Israeli attack on Iran
Ha’aretz – 14 Jul 2013

State comptroller to probe whether Ethiopian birthrate was deliberately lowered
Ha’aretz – 14 Jul 2013

Five-month old dies in West Bank after being forgotten in car
Ha’aretz – 14 Jul 2013

Shas leader: Modern Orthodox in Israel is Amalek – enemy of the Jews
Ha’aretz – 14 Jul 2013

Israeli mayor admits storing stash of cash in attic, police transcripts reveal
Ha’aretz – 14 Jul 2013

Jerusalem Post

3 arrested for suspected involvement in attempt to bomb Tel Aviv branch of Tiv Taam market
Jerusalem Post 15 Jul 2013 – Ibn Gvirol Street branch has been target of repeated attacks. 

Morsi’s removal fuels Islamist militancy in Sinai
Jerusalem Post 15 Jul 2013 – Egyptian army sources are playing down possibility of major operation in Sinai, as resources are stretched thin; such an operation will also need Israeli approval, as a part of the peace treaty between the two countries. 

Cabinet approves Negev civilian development plan
Jerusalem Post 14 Jul 2013 – Plan includes move of 10,000 soldiers from Tzrifin training bases to mega-base being built south of Beersheba. 

Israeli Arabs to strike against Prawer-Begin plan
Jerusalem Post 14 Jul 2013 – Protesters call on gov’t to freeze plan for six months. 

Technion patents laser device for identifying explosives, narcotics
Jerusalem Post 14 Jul 2013 – The technique uses a laser beam, projected at a specific wavelength on the suspicious substance that emits electrons to identify its composition. 

Netanyahu pays Abbas Ramadan phone call, urges peace
Jerusalem Post 14 Jul 2013 – PM tells PA president he hopes peace talk efforts can move forward. 

New Egypt cabinet begins to take shape
Jerusalem Post 14 Jul 2013 – Morsi held incommunicado by army at an undisclosed location; army chief al-Sisi insists political process open to all groups. 

Israel public radio begins broadcasting Ramadan fast times
Jerusalem Post 14 Jul 2013 – Co-executive director of the Abraham Fund Initiatives says “there are 1.5 million Arab Israelis who need to know the fast times.” 

MKs meet Arab women’s rights activists in Nazareth
Jerusalem Post 14 Jul 2013 – Glass ceilings in the workplace, domestic violence, and advocacy were on the agenda of this rare meeting. 

Ramat Gan mayor drops out of reelection campaign
Jerusalem Post 14 Jul 2013 – Decision comes following veiled threat from the High Court of Justice to fire and ban him from reelection attempt. 

Hamas MPs caught hiding with e. J’lem Red Cross sentenced to 30 months in prison
Jerusalem Post 14 Jul 2013 – Men had been staying in the Sheikh Jarrah compound to avoid arrest after their e. J’lem residency was revoked. 

McCain, Graham renew call for halt to Egypt aid
Jerusalem Post 14 Jul 2013 – Republican lawmakers cite law requiring a suspension of aid to any nation that overthrows democratically elected government. 

Peres calls on haredi leaders to support haredi soldiers
Jerusalem Post 14 Jul 2013 – President stresses that Israel consists of “one nation, not two.” 

Haredim attack third religious soldier in a week
Jerusalem Post 14 Jul 2013 – Two haredi men spit on national-religious soldier, punch him; Peres calls on ultra-Orthodox leaders for support. 

Israel launches information war against Hezbollah
Jerusalem Post 14 Jul 2013 – New website uses scare tactics and graphics. 

Israel offers incentives to post-Maccabiah olim
Jerusalem Post 14 Jul 2013 – Ministry of Immigrant Absorption anticipates the Maccabiah games will offer Jews from abroad opportunity to be introduced to Israel. 

Ministers approve day honoring Jewish refugees of Arab states
Jerusalem Post 14 Jul 2013 – Knesset committee passes bill proclaiming February 17 “national day of commemoration for Jewish refugees of Arab countries.” 

Comptroller to investigate claims of ‘forced contraception implants’ given to Ethiopian immigrants
Jerusalem Post 14 Jul 2013 – Women reportedly told birth control shot was “vaccination,” MK Orly Levy-Abecassis calls the reports “worrisome and shocking.” 

State Comptroller to probe Ethiopian ‘birth control shots’
Jerusalem Post 14 Jul 2013 – Decision to investigate comes after several MKs lobbied Shapira. 

Egypt assembles cabinet as Muslim Brotherhood protest looms
Jerusalem Post 14 Jul 2013 – Egypt’s army chief says no movement will be barred from politics; former ambassador to the US accepts the post of foreign minister. 

Pakistani Taliban says sent hundreds to fight alongside Syrian rebels
Jerusalem Post 14 Jul 2013 – As part of strategy to cement ties with al-Qaida leadership, Taliban leaders say joining cause alongside “Mujahedeen friends”. 

Senior Shas rabbi says religious Zionism should be abolished
Jerusalem Post 14 Jul 2013 – Naftali Bennett condemns remarks made by Rabbi Shalom Cohen questioning Jewishness of religious Zionists. 

Alleged Tel Aviv bus bomber pleads guilty to placing bomb, but says he didn’t intend to kill anyone
Jerusalem Post 14 Jul 2013 – Taibe resident says he only wanted to hurt people in order to raise awareness and end Operation Pillar of Defense in Gaza. 

Report: Israeli submarine strike hit Syrian arms depot
Jerusalem Post 14 Jul 2013 – Sunday Times contradicts a CNN report claiming that the Israeli air force bombed the depot; attack said to be coordinated with the US.&nb

Egypt crisis brings Fatah, Hamas tensions to new high
Jerusalem Post 14 Jul 2013 – Aggravated tensions between Palestinian groups has dashed hopes that reconciliation agreement can be completed. 

The Guardian

Israel targeted Russian-made missiles in Syria, US officials say
The Guardian 14 Jul 2013 – Reports suggest Israel attacked anti-ship cruise missiles sent to Assad regime near the port of Latakia US officials say Israel targeted advanced anti-ship cruise missiles near Syria’s principal port city, Latakia, in an air attack this…

Belinda Allan obituary
The Guardian 14 Jul 2013 – My friend Belinda Allan, who has died aged 77, lived a life of passionate commitment to justice and, in particular, refugees. This took her through work against the Greek colonels’ government, the early days of Amnesty…


How Israel Justifies the Immanent Relocation of Thousands of Palestinian Bedouin by Characterizing Them as Invaders. Israel’s Indigenous Invaders

On land theft and violence: Neither I nor you shall have it

When the Man Comes Around: Saving a Voice of Integrity and Compassion

Settlers from illegal colony of Itamar destroy 1,500 Palestinian olive trees

Edward Snowden statement: ‘It was the right thing to do and I have no regrets’

Erdogan’s Egyptian Obsession

The Yemenite Baby Affair: What if this was your child?

Israel Ready to Build 10,000 More illegal Settler Units

Vilifying Alice Walker Irresponsibly

Daily Star

Two French journalists kidnapped near Aleppo alive
Daily Star 14 Jul 2013 Two French journalists kidnapped shortly after arriving in Syria in June are alive and Paris is working for their release, the defense minister said Sunday.

Hamas official lambasts new Egyptian regime
Daily Star 14 Jul 2013 A senior Hamas official says the new Egyptian government’s crackdown on militants in the Sinai Peninsula is part of an anti-Hamas campaign, the first criticism by the group of Egypt’s new leadership.

Attackers kill 29 in Iraq ahead of Ahmadinejad visit
Daily Star 14 Jul 2013 Shootings and bombings killed at least 29 people Sunday, including a local government official in the latest outburst of violence roiling the country.

‘Jury has spoken’ on killing of black teen: Obama
Daily Star 14 Jul 2013 President Barack Obama appealed for calm Sunday after an acquittal in the killing of black teenager Trayvon Martin, saying: “We are a nation of laws, and a jury has spoken.”

Israel’s Netanyahu says Iran closer to nuclear ‘red line’
Daily Star 14 Jul 2013 Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Sunday that Iran was getting closer to the “red line” he set for its nuclear program and warned the international community not to be distracted by the crises in…

U.S. drone, Pakistan air force strikes kill 19 militants
Daily Star 14 Jul 2013 At least 19 suspected militants, including two foreigners, were killed in Pakistan’s lawless tribal region overnight in a Pakistani military operation and a separate U.S. drone strike, security officials said on Sunday.

Israel court jails top Hamas members for 30 months
Daily Star 14 Jul 2013 An Israeli court said Sunday it has jailed for 30 months two senior Hamas members who took refugee inside Red Cross east Jerusalem offices for a year and a half.

Senior U.S. diplomat Burns to visit Egypt this week
Daily Star 14 Jul 2013 U.S. Deputy Secretary of State William Burns will visit Egypt this week to meet members of the interim government, civil society and the business community, the State Department said on Sunday.

YNet News

Report: Syrian army sends forces to southern Damascus
YNet News, 15 Jul 2013 – ….

Russian report: Israel used Turkish base for Syria strike
YNet News, 15 Jul 2013 – ….

Stampede in Indonesia after boxing match kills 17
YNet News, 15 Jul 2013 – ….

Thousands take streets in protest of Zimmerman acquittal
YNet News, 15 Jul 2013 – ….

3 killed in attack on bus carrying workers in Sinai
YNet News, 15 Jul 2013 – ….

Secrets and missiles 
YNet News, 14 Jul 2013 – Op-ed: Pentagon officials selling Israeli secrets know they are jeopardizing clear Israeli interests ….

Egyptian Hebrew speakers take Israeli public by storm
YNet News, 14 Jul 2013 – Cairo’s revolt reveals Egyptian commentators with surprisingly fluent Hebrew in Israeli media. One commentator is Hebrew scholar Amr Zakaria who nearly collapsed from interviews: ‘I just turned off my phone’ ….

Netanyahu says Iran continues ‘race toward bomb’
YNet News, 14 Jul 2013 – PM tells cabinet Rohani’s election has not slowed Islamic Republic’s nuclear program; calls for harsher sanctions, ‘credible military option’ ….

Yachimovich announces early Labor primaries, checks rivals’ bid
YNet News, 14 Jul 2013 – Labor chairwoman sets party leadership elections for November 14, blocking from vote hundreds of new members filed by nemesis, suspended Ashdod Seaport chairman ….

Report: Taliban sets up base in Syria to ‘monitor jihad’ 
YNet News, 14 Jul 2013 – Operative tells BBC job of ‘at least 12 experts in warfare’ is to ‘assess needs of jihad in Syria’ ….

Social protest’s white mask
YNet News, 14 Jul 2013 – Op-ed: Sephardic protest outside Lapid’s home has brought to the forefront sectoral tensions simmering above and below surface of Israeli society ….

Launch at Palmachim: ‘Test of Jericho missile’ 
YNet News, 14 Jul 2013 – Foreign sources say Friday’s test of ‘rocket propulsion system’ was actually test of long-range ballistic missile ….

Report: Attack in Syria conducted by Israeli submarine 
YNet News, 14 Jul 2013 – Sunday Times says July 5 strike on arms depot in port city of Latakia conducted by Dolphin class submarine which fired cruise missile from sea; attack targeted Russian-made Yakhont missiles, according to report ….

Another inappropriate remark by judge surfaces 
YNet News, 13 Jul 2013 – Father of girl allegedly harassed by relative claims Judge Natan Nachmani dismissed his claims by saying ‘so what if he licked her breasts’. Last May, Judge Nissim Yeshaya stepped down after saying ‘some girls enjoy rape’ ….

Egypt announces criminal investigation of Morsi
YNet News, 13 Jul 2013 – Public prosecutor’s office says it received complaints of spying, inciting violence and ruining the economy against deposed president who’s being held by army ….

Egypt: Army preparing major operation to ‘purify’ Sinai of terrorists
YNet News, 13 Jul 2013 – Egyptian security forces arrest number of suspected Palestinian terrorists while preparing to embark on major operation intended to rid Sinai of jihadists; operation to include F-16s, helicopters, elite forces. Meanwhile, Abbas speaks with Mansour, Islamists call for protests ….

Obama emphasizes US commitment to Syrian rebels 
YNet News, 13 Jul 2013 – As rebels wait for arms currently stalled by congress, US president reiterates support for rebels in talk with Saudi King Abdullah, expresses concern for Egyptian violence ….

Palestinian Information Center

Coup underscores false U.S. commitment to democracy in the ME
PIC – The American government’s reluctance to condemn the coup in Egypt speaks volumes. It simply lays naked the hypocrisy and moral bankruptcy of Washington’s policies toward the Muslim world. 

IOA plans to raze four homes south of Nablus
PIC – The Israeli occupation authority (IOA) served demolition notices to four families in Aqraba village, south of Nablus, on Sunday.

Bardawil warns of campaign in Egypt to tarnish image of Palestinians
PIC – Hamas leader Dr. Salah Bardawil warned of the continued “systematic and organized campaign” to distort the resistance and drive a wedge between Palestinian and Egyptian peoples.

Prisoners threaten to escalate their protest in jails
PIC – Palestinian prisoners threatened an unprecedented wave of anger, in case the Jordanian prisoner Abdullah Barghouti dies following the deterioration of his health condition due to his hunger strike.

Hunger striking captives suffer difficult conditions in Israeli hospitals
PIC – The hunger striking prisoners at the Soroka Hospital asserted that the conditions of their detention in Israeli hospitals increase their suffering ..

MP Abdel Jawad condemns escalation of political arrests in West Bank
PIC – MP for the Change and Reform Bloc Dr. Nasser Abdel Jawad, from the town of Salfit in the north of the West Bank, said that the Palestinian intelligence service in the city summoned his son Oways.

IOF soldiers interrogate citizens in Jenin
PIC – Israeli occupation forces (IOF) interrogated a number of citizens in the vicinity of Jalama roadblock to the north of Jenin on Sunday morning.

Premier Haneyya receives Egyptian pledge to intervene in Barghouthi’s issue
PIC – Premier Ismail Haneyya discussed over the phone with the leadership of the Egyptian intelligence the issue of Jordanian hunger striker Abdullah Barghouthi and his deteriorating health condition.

Massive protest in support of Morsi in 1948 occupied lands
PIC – The Islamic Movement in the 1948 occupied lands organized a massive rally on Saturday afternoon in support of the legitimate Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi.

Hamas denies any involvement in Sinai events
PIC – The Hamas Movement denied Egyptian allegations about its involvement in what is happening in the Sinai Peninsula and described them as unfounded.


Settlers Attack Palestinian Home near Bethlehem
WAFA – 14 Jul 2013

Leadership Condemns Terrorist Attempts to Violate Egypt
WAFA – 14 Jul 2013

Consumer Price Index Up in June 2013, says Statistics Bureau
WAFA – 14 Jul 2013


Israel won’t confirm role in Syria attack
LA Times 14 Jul 2013 – Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu won’t say whether Israel is responsible, but he says his policy is to prevent weapons transfers to Hezbollah militants. JERUSALEM — Israel maintained official silence Sunday in response to accusations that it had attacked the Syrian port city of Latakia, but…

Egyptian Leaders Freeze Assets of Morsi Backers
New York Times 14 Jul 2013 – Egypt’s new military-led government is increasing pressure on supporters of ousted President Mohamed Morsi to back down from their public protests. 

No Quick Impact in U.S. Arms Plan for Syria Rebels
New York Times 14 Jul 2013 – The plans call for the C.I.A. to supply only small arms, and only to a limited segment of the opposition — the actual numbers are unclear. 

Taps in Office of Legislator in Iran Prompt Calls for Inquiry
New York Times 14 Jul 2013 – Lawmakers in Iran said that the nation’s intelligence minister should be questioned after wiretapping equipment was found in a legislator’s office. 

Media Decoder: Documentary Planned on Malala Yousafzai, Girl Shot by Taliban
New York Times 14 Jul 2013 – Davis Guggenheim, the documentary-maker behind “Waiting for Superman” and “An Inconvenient Truth,” is making a film about Malala Yousafzai, the Pakistani education advocate. 

Afghan Accused in Attack Escapes With His Guard
New York Times 14 Jul 2013 – A guard assigned to watch over an Afghan soldier accused of shooting coalition members instead helped him escape, the authorities said. 

Blasts Across Iraq Kill at Least 40 Amid a Surge in Attacks
New York Times 14 Jul 2013 – The series of bombings came during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan and followed a surge in attacks that has lasted for months. 

Israel Increases Pressure on U.S. to Act on Iran
New York Times 14 Jul 2013 – Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the Obama administration must show the new Iranian government that a military option “is truly on the table.” 

Former Egyptian Ambassador to U.S. Named Foreign Minister
New York Times 14 Jul 2013 – Nabil Fahmy accepted the post of foreign minister on Sunday in the interim government being put in place after the removal of president Mohamed Morsi. 

Karish condensate brings smell of oil 
Globes Energy & Water – Condensate is a substance midway between natural gas and oil.

Karish gas field rich in condensate 
Globes Energy & Water – The quantities of condensate in the Karish well are almost as great as at Tamar.

Frenkel fights for Bank of Israel governorship
Globes Main News – Bank Hapoalim chief economist Leo Leiderman waits in the wings as a standby candidate, as Jacob Frenkel comes under growing scrutiny.

Alvarion agrees to receivership
Globes Main News – Alvarion’s board will not object to the petition filed by Silicon Valley Bank to appoint a receiver for the company.

Tnuva mulls TASE IPO in early 2014 – report
Globes Main News – “Bloomberg”: Tnuva is considering an IPO at a company value of NIS 8 billion.

Sun: Telcos lift market
Globes Main News – Partner had the biggest gain among Tel Aviv 25 shares, while Delek and its gas exploration units rose strongly on the discovery of condensates at Karish.

FIMI gives El Al extension to reach labor agreement
Globes Main News – FIMI: In view of the low likelihood of closing the investment agreement, El Al may seek another investor.

Analysts expect steep CPI rise in June 
Globes Macro Economics – The VAT hike, higher rent and gasoline, and a seasonal jump in clothing and footwear prices contribute to a projected 0.7% jump in the CPI.

National Lottery revenue up 
Globes Macro Economics – Mifal Hapayis posted NIS 2.9 billion revenue in the first half of 2013, 14% more than in the corresponding half of 2012.

Lapid: European countries would grab our situation 
Globes Macro Economics – Responding to last night’s demonstrations, Minister of Finance Yair Lapid said changes in the housing market would be felt within two years.

Bet Shemesh Engines wins $63m German contract 
Globes Aerospace & Defense – The company will supply disks and turbine blades for jet engines to MTU Aero Engines through 2021.

Latakia, MSM, and Why Rodney Dangerfield was Right
Tikun Olam – Latakia weapons depot before (left) and after (right) pictures (Globe Digital) The mainstream media has finally decided that Israel did bomb Syria’s Latakia weapons depot five days after I first reported this. My post was written on July 7th, one day after the incident. Yesterday, CNN…

Israeli activists hit signs that segregate and promote fear of Palestinians
Mondoweiss – Signs in West Bank Anyone who has traveled in the West Bank has seen the red signs above, warning Israeli travelers, many of them settlers, not to enter Area A. Scott Roth explains why these signs demonstrate apartheid: On the most basic level it shows apartheid…

Dozens of settlers rip up Atta Jaber’s plants– under nose of police and Kiryat Arba swimming pool
Mondoweiss – This press release was sent out today by the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions. Readers may be familiar with Atta Jaber, above, and his family from this post . For three hours on Friday, July 12, from 11 in the morning until 2 in the afternoon, dozens…

American-Arab group calls on MLB to fire Jonathan Mael for smearing Jets’ Oday Aboushi
Mondoweiss – Oday Aboushi at the El Bireh Convention 2013 Thankfully, the backlash against the racist hit job on Oday Aboushi has gone viral , it’s all over sports media. ( ESPN (over 5000 comments), SportingNews.com , Jerusalem Post , FanSided , the Jets blog Gang Green Nation , Sports Media 101 , NBCSports. ) For…

Whither Morsi?
Mondoweiss – This post is part of Marc H. Ellis’s “Exile and the Prophetic” feature for Mondoweiss. To read the entire series visit the archive page . The next Egyptian shoe to drop is word of what will happen with Mohamed Morsi. A few days ago I speculated that…

Liberal MSNBC host says Snowden thinks he’s in a Spielberg movie and Greenwald is a ‘jerk’
Mondoweiss – Did you hear Edward Snowden’s inspiring speech the other day in Moscow airport? Another example from him of what it means for a citizen to commit himself to principles. Snowden explained why he had abandoned a home in “paradise” for a life on the run, in…

Israel Deports 14 Eritreans Who ‘Volunteered’ To Return to Homeland 
The Foward Breaking News 15 Jul 2013 – Israel flew 14 Eritreans back to their home country on Sunday, human rights organizations say. According to reports, 14 Eritrean nationals who had been held at the Saharonim detention facility in southern Israel were flown to Eritrea via Turkey after signing consent forms. One man changed…

Netanyahu Calls Abbas, Hopes To Renew Negotiations 
The Foward Breaking News 14 Jul 2013 – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday telephoned Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and said he hoped the two sides could resume peace talks, stalled for three years, Israeli officials said. Click here for the rest of the article…

Rick Perry To Visit Israel, Possibly Eying White House 
The Foward Breaking News 14 Jul 2013 – Texas Gov. Rick Perry, in what observers see as a move signaling a possible White House run, said he is planning to visit Israel in October. Click here for the rest of the article…

8,000 Athletes From Around Globe Head To Israel for Maccabiah Games 
The Foward Breaking News 14 Jul 2013 – ‘Golden girl’ gymnast Aly Raisman will lead a parade of more than 8,000 athletes from around the world to Israel next week for the 19th Maccabiah Games in which they will compete, mingle, and display their Jewish heritage. Click here for the rest of the article……

What We Know — and Don’t Know — About Israel’s Prisoner X2 
The Forward New 14 Jul 2013 – Israel secretly jailed a second suspected double agent, like the now infamous Prisoner X. Yossi Melman reveals the inside story of how the deepest secrets of the Mossad hit the front page. Click here for the rest of the article…

US envoy to meet new Egypt leaders 
BBC 15 Jul 2013 – US Deputy Secretary of State William Burns is due to hold talks in Cairo later with leaders of Egypt’s new military-backed government.

Maid found hanging in East Lebanon 
Al-Akhbar News 14 Jul 2013 – A 29-year-old foreign domestic worker was found hanging by the neck in her employer’s East Lebanon home Sunday in an apparent suicide, state news reported. The National News agency said the Bangladeshi woman used clothes to hang herself in the Zahle town of al-Marj. The report…

Egypt prosecutors question Mursi over 2011 jailbreak 
Al-Akhbar News 14 Jul 2013 – An Egyptian supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood and deposed president Mohammed Mursi sporting a cartoon mask of the toppled leader, guards with his colleague during a rally outside Cairo’s Rabaa al-Adawiya mosque on 12 July 2013. (Photo: AFP – Marwan Naamani) Investigators began questioning Egypt’s ousted…

Iraqi soldier killed in clash with Syrian rebels 
Al-Akhbar News 14 Jul 2013 – Clashes between Iraqi border police and gunmen who crossed from Syria into western Iraq killed a policeman and wounded five on Saturday, an officer said. The gunmen travelling in five four-wheel-drive vehicles crossed into Iraq’s Anbar province about six miles (10 kilometers) from the Al-Waleed border…

US envoy to meet new Egypt leaders 
BBC 15 Jul 2013 – US Deputy Secretary of State William Burns is due to hold talks in Cairo later with leaders of Egypt’s new military-backed government.

Wave of deadly bombings hits Iraq 
BBC 14 Jul 2013 – A new wave of bomb attacks kills has killed at least 34 people in the north and south of Iraq, according to police and medics.

VIDEO: Humanitarian access urged in Syria 
BBC 14 Jul 2013 – The Syrian capital of Damascus is the scene of fierce fighting between the army and rebels, with reports of at least 13 people killed in the district of Qaboon.

VIDEO: US envoy Burns to hold Egypt talks 
BBC 14 Jul 2013 – A
senior United States envoy has arrived in Egypt for talks with the military government.

VIDEO: Anti-Morsi complaints investigated 
BBC 13 Jul 2013 – Complaints against Egypt’s ousted President Mohammed Morsi and members of the Muslim Brotherhood are being investigated, the country’s public prosecutor’s office has said.

Return to Lebanon: A country fighting someone else’s war 
BBC 13 Jul 2013 – Return to Lebanese homeland finds strain of Syria conflict


The Israeli patriot’s final refuge: boycott 
Gideon Levy, Ha’aretz 7/14/2013
With Israel entering into another round of diplomatic inaction, the call for an economic boycott has become a patriotic requirement.
Anyone who really fears for the future of the country needs to be in favor at this point of boycotting it economically.
A contradiction in terms? We have considered the alternatives. A boycott is the least of all evils, and it could produce historic benefits. It is the least violent of the options and the one least likely to result in bloodshed. It would be painful like the others, but the others would be worse.
On the assumption that the current status quo cannot continue forever, it is the most reasonable option to convince Israel to change. Its effectiveness has already been proven. More and more Israelis have become concerned recently about the threat of the boycott. When Justice Minister Tzipi Livni warns about it spreading and calls as a result for the diplomatic deadlock to be broken, she provides proof of the need for a boycott. She and others are therefore joining the boycott, divestment and sanction movement. Welcome to the club.
The change won’t come from within. That has been clear for a long time. As long as Israelis don’t pay a price for the occupation, or at least don’t make the connection between cause and effect, they have no incentive to bring it to an end. And why should the average resident of Tel Aviv be bothered by what is happening in the West Bank city of Jenin or Rafah in the Gaza Strip? Those places are far away and not particularly interesting. As long as the arrogance and self-victimization continue among the Chosen People, the most chosen in the world, always the only victim, the world’s explicit stance won’t change a thing. more.. e-mail

’When I look at the Prawer Plan, I see another Nakba’ 
Matt Surrusco, +972 Magazine 7/14/2013
+972 speaks with Suhad Bishara, of Adalah – The Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel, about the challenges of fighting for Palestinian rights in Israel and deciding when not to take legal action in Israeli courts – if doing so would undermine the Palestinian narrative.
When looking at Israel’s Prawer-Begin Plan to evict tens of thousands of Bedouin in order to free land for Jewish development, attorney Suhad Bishara sees a second Nakba coming.
Bishara, 42, is Adalah’s acting executive director and the organization’s director of land and planning rights. Originally from Tarshiha, a village in the northern Galilee near the Lebanese border, Bishara has lived in Haifa since she graduated with a bachelors of law from Hebrew University, and has worked with Adalah since receiving a masters of law from New York University in 2001.
These days, she and Adalah are focusing their efforts on stopping the Prawer-Begin Plan. Sitting down with +972 in her Haifa office last week, Bishara discussed the intricacies of running a Palestinian human rights organization in Israel, and how in each case she must weigh how taking it to court might inadvertently undermine Palestinian rights.
This interview is one in a series of profiles on difference makers in the Israeli and Palestinian human rights community (edited for length). Click here to read parts one and two.
Are the land and planning rights of Arabs in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories more or less protected today compared to 2001 when you joined Adalah?
Generally speaking, they’re less protected. On one level, the Supreme Court has set precedents that disallow land restitution for Palestinian citizens of Israel whose lands were confiscated in the 1950s and 1960s…. more.. e-mail

Challenges and roles for today’s Palestinian left 
Nassar Ibrahim, AIC & OPGAI, Alternative Information Center 7/14/2013
Today’s Palestinian left is marginalised and lacks the ability to influence events and counter the attempted liquidation of the Palestinian national rights. Given the crisis of the Palestinian reality, stemming from internal Fatah-Hamas divisions in addition to Israel’s ongoing occupation, the role of the Palestinian left is more crucial than ever. Can the left meet the inherent internal and external challenges to transform itself back into a relevant political force? Nassar Ibrahim explores.
The Palestinian reality is witness to a deep crisis at various levels. This crisis manifests primarily in the continuation of Palestinian internal divisions and the failure of all attempts at reconciliation; continuation of Israel’s blockade of the Gaza Strip; the shuttered window of the peace process in light of Israeli intransigence and continued settlement policy, especially in the besieged occupied Jerusalem; the various ongoing attacks against the Palestinian people; Israel’s denial of the Palestinian national rights, including the right of return for Palestinian refugees; the economic crisis
and the rising unemployment and poverty rates, especially amongst Palestinian youth ; the strategic changes in the Middle East and the consequent change in the balance of power, particularly in regards to what is occurring in Syria and Egypt, and the associated religious and sectarian polarisation and rising regional violence. denial

This reality, with all its aspects, places Palestinian political forces before serious questions and challenges, primarily concerning the absence of a Palestinian national strategy based on a balance and harmony between the tasks of national liberation in order to end the occupation and achieve the Palestinian people’s aspirations for freedom and independence, together with the tasks of internal social and political construction to meet the economic, social and development rights and needs of the Palestinian people.
These challenges reveal the deep weakness and disability of the Palestinian leftist forces which, despite their history and sacrifices in the Palestinian national struggle, are marginalised today vis-a-vis their ability to influence events and confront the liquidation of Palestinian national rights, as reflected in two fundamental dynamics: more.. e-mail

Noam Chomsky: An interview on the Syrian revolution 
Mohammad Al-attar, ZNet 7/13/2013
During his recent visit to Beirut, American thinker and philosopher Noam Chomsky met with a group of independent Syrian media activists, aid workers and individuals active in cultural and economic spheres. Chomsky had made it clear that he had come to listen to them; to lend an ear to their different views on the current situation in Syria.
Following the meeting I had the honour of holding an interview with him. At the outset of our discussion I stated that my motivation in talking with him was to encourage him to open up to Syrians, to address them directly with his evaluation of the situation in their country, following a series of interviews with Lebanese newspapers in which he had approached the subject through the filter of the papers’ own priorities and political biases. However Chomsky, now in his eighties, gently insisted that he was here to acquaint himself with the issue up close, rather than to offer fully formed conclusions of his own.
The discussion ranged over positions that Chomsky has subscribed to in previous interviews concerning his view of the complex situation in Syria, Hezbollah’s involvement, the American and Israeli stances towards revolutionary Syria and other related issues.
On Hezbollah’s involvement and Iranian policies
….Returning to my view of what they believe: If they had not intervened in al-Quseir then it would have remained in the hands of opposition fighters and that, of course, would have stood as an embodiment of the decline in the Syrian regime’s power and thus a restriction on the supplies reaching them from Iran. Furthermore, it would have symbolised the gradual decline of their military capacity in comparison to Israel, which represents their fundamental pretext for remaining armed. Once again, my choice—which is clearly not the choice they have chosen to make—would have been for non-intervention in Syria while working to bolster their role as an economic and social force inside Lebanon, thus approaching the concept of deterrent force from a different angle (a concept which, in my view, is not substantial in the way some still assume). Frankly, there is little attention being paid to what is going on inside Israel and that is a major error…. more.. e-mail

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