COLDTYPE Issue 200 Mid-February 2020 – is now online

18 February 2020 — Coldtype

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ISSUE 200 – we’ve got lots of great reading for you this month. In our cover story, Medea Benjamin & Nicholas JS Davies call for a revival of the global peace movement to curb the USA’s war machine, while in other hard-hitting main features, Chellis Glendinning tells of struggle, surprise and courage during a rebellion that saw Eva Morales flee from Bolivia, Jonathan Cook reminds Donald Trump’s son-in-law who it was that set-up the Palestinian Authority as a police state, and Linda McQuaig finds protests, guns and insults in Canada’s fiercely-contested oilsands. We also have Alan MacLeod on the US Air Force’s newest recruitment tool, David Edwards on the torture of Julian Assange, CJ Hopkins on Bernie Sanders and his Commie Kill Swarm, and Conn Hallinan on Turkey’s latest quagmire. This issue also nine pages of Insights, a photo story on Muhammad Ali, and a feature on the ColdType art of Tony Jenkins.

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