Coronavirus Spreads Over The Planet As Governments React Too Slowly

27 February 2020 — Moon of Alabama

After a uneven first response China did its very best to limit the spread of the nCov-19 virus and the Covid-19 disease the virus causes. The extreme quarantine, which began in mid January, has come at a great economic cost but bought the rest of the world time to prepare for the inevitable surfacing of the virus in other countries.

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USA v Julian Assange: Extradition Day 4

27 February 2020 — Defend Wikileaks

Judge denies Assange’s request to sit with his lawyers

First week of hearings ends early; to return in earnest May 18th

The first week of Julian Assange’s extradition hearing at Woolwich Crown Court has ended a day earlier than expected, with District Judge Vanessa Baraitser denying Julian Assange’s request to leave the glassed box known as a secure dock in the back of the courtroom.

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Julian Assange News Links 26-27 February 2020

27 February 2020 • 20:30 — The New Dark Age

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Russia urges global, human rights agencies to undertake efforts to protect Assange

First They Came for Assange…

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Show Me The Words That Will Reorder the World, Or Else Keep Silent: The Ninth Newsletter (2020)

27 February 2020 — Tricontinental

N SankaraiahN. Sankaraiah reads the Communist Manifesto in Tamil, Chennai, India, 20 February 2020.

Keep Silent: The Ninth Newsletter (2020)

Dear Friends,

Greetings from the desk of the Tricontinental: Institute for Social Research.

On the night before Red Books Day, on 21 February 2020, in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, N. Sankaraiah – one of the thirty-two founders of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) – read from M. Sivalingam’s new translation into Tamil of the Communist Manifesto. Comrade Sankaraiah, age 98, said that he had first read the Manifesto at age 18. Over the years, he returns to the book because each time he reads it the brazing prose teaches him something new. And something that – sadly – seems ageless.

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Toxic Agriculture and the Gates Foundation

27 February 2020 — Global Research

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation was launched in 2000 and has $46.8 billion in assets (December 2018). It is the largest charitable foundation in the world and distributes more aid for global health than any government. One of the foundation’s stated goals is to globally enhance healthcare and reduce extreme poverty.

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Julian Assange, Political Offences and Legal Restraints: Day Three of Extradition Hearings

27 February 2020 — Global Research

Wednesday, February 26, Woolwich Crown Court.  Today, the focus shifted to the protagonist himself and the nature of the US-UK Extradition Treaty of 2003, a contentious document that shines all too favourably for US citizens.   

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Your Man in the Public Gallery – The Assange Hearing Day 3

27 February 2020 — Craig Murray

In yesterday’s proceedings in court, the prosecution adopted arguments so stark and apparently unreasonable I have been fretting on how to write them up in a way that does not seem like caricature or unfair exaggeration on my part. What has been happening in this court has long moved beyond caricature. All I can do is give you my personal assurance that what I recount actually is what happened.

Black Agenda Report for 26 February 2020

26 February 2020 — Black Agenda Report

Black America, Endless War and the Evil Genius of Russiagate 

Glen Ford, BAR executive editor
The Democrats — who are now the most aggressive war party – have succeeded in linking Donald Trump to Russia, and then lumping all  critics of U.S. war-making with Russia and, thereby, with Trump.

Freedom Rider: Bernie Sanders’ Foreign Policy Trap 

Margaret Kimberley, BAR senior columnist
It is time for leftists to stop giving Sanders a pass and make demands on him and all other candidates for office.

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The Afghanistan ‘peace deal’ riddle

26 February 2020 — Asia Times

As far as realpolitik Afghanistan is concerned, with or without a deal, the US military want to stay in what is a priceless Greater Middle East base to deploy hybrid war techniques

by Pepe Escobar

In this photo taken on February 21, youths and peace activists gather as they celebrate the reduction in violence, in Kandahar. A week-long partial truce took hold across Afghanistan on February 22, with some jubilant civilians dancing in the streets as the war-weary country prepared for this coming Saturday’s planned agreement on a peace deal between the Taliban and the United States. Photo: AFP / Javed Tanveer

With Head Lowered And Eyes Averted – Israeli Racism And The ‘Honourable’ Robert Peston

26 February 2020 — Media Lens

Robert Peston is one of the UK’s most high-profile broadcast journalists, renowned for his theatricality and… curious… halting… delivery. As political editor of ITV News he has enormous influence, including 1 million followers on Twitter, just behind the BBC’s political editor, Laura Kuenssberg, with 1.1 million. He also hosts a weekly ITV political discussion show, ‘Peston’. From 2006-2014, Peston was the business editor for BBC News and from 2014-2015 economics editor. Before that, he worked at the Financial Times 1991-2000, becoming the financial editor in charge of business and financial coverage. He then became a contributing editor of the hard-right magazine The Spectator and a weekly columnist for The Daily Telegraph. In 2001, he switched to the Sunday Times, where he wrote a weekly business profile, ‘Peston’s People’. The son of a Lord, Baron Peston of Mile End, he is entitled to use the ‘courtesy’ title, ‘The Honourable’.

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