News Flash: Billionaires Don’t Like Socialism

3 February 2020 — FAIR

CNBC: Billionaire Investor Leon Cooperman: Movement to the left 'is a risk' for the market
by Alan MacLeod

Big news, everyone! Billionaires don’t like socialism.

In response to a rising progressive tide in the United States, a new genre of stories has emerged in corporate media: rich guys warning against taxing them, or really changing anything about the system at all. Just as the press are keen for you to know that Medicare for All is a very bad idea (, 4/29/19), they are equally anxious to make sure that the voices of beleaguered, unheard plutocrats are given as much of a boost as possible.

The Trump plan is just a cover for Israel’s final land grab

4 February 2020 — Jonathan Cook

Israel needed a fresh pretext to justify seizing the last fragments of historic Palestine after the expiry of its Oslo alibi

Middle East Eye– 4 February 2020

The Trump “Vision for Peace” will never be implemented – and not because the Palestinians reject it. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s enthusiastic public embrace of the plan belies the fact that the Israeli right detest it too.

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Iran News Links 3-4 February 2020

4 February 2020 — The New Dark Age

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The US is going to the Cyber-mattresses

Nazi collabo families and racist propaganda in the New York Times

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Brexit & the British Working Class

3 February 2020 — Economics of Imperialism

Much has been written on Brexit, stage 1 of which occurred on 31 January. But a key point has been ignored: the UK’s departure from the European Union is due to a reactionary revolt by the British (mainly English) working class. This went against the established policy of the political elites, bourgeoisie, ruling class – call them what you want – and will lead to many problems. As such, it represents the first time in very many decades that the ‘popular will’ of a vote has contradicted capitalist business interests. However, this is no reason for socialists to be happy.

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Duh, Jared! Who built the PA as a police state?

4 February 2020 — Jonathan Cook

Maybe something good will come out of the Trump plan, after all. By pushing the Middle East peace process to its logical conclusion, Donald Trump has made crystal clear something that was supposed to have been obscured: that no US administration has ever really seen peace as the objective of its “peacemaking”.

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