Joint Call for International Cooperation in the Battle Against COVID-19

3 April 2020 — Internationalist 360°

The Cuban Communist Party joined the international call for cooperation in the battle against the epidemic, which has claimed the lives of more than 50,000 people around the world. The text, signed by 230 political parties from more than 100 countries, recognizes that the Covid-19 has confronted us with the most pressing and serious challenge to human health and peaceful global development.

Joint Call of the Political Parties for International Cooperation in the Battle against COVID-19

Today, the COVID-19 that has swept the world, has presented us with the most pressing and serious challenge to human health and peaceful global development.

We, the major political parties in different countries of the world, committed to the common good, national development, peace and global stability, endorse the following appeals in response to this unprecedented situation:

1. We affirm the utmost respect for all workers, especially medical professionals who spare no effort to save lives and ensure public health.

We express our sincere sympathy and solidarity with the people in different countries suffering from the disease, with their lives threatened and to the families of the deceased. And we send our heartfelt condolences to those who have unfortunately lost their lives to this epidemic.

2. Aware that the epidemic, if not stopped promptly and effectively, will harm the lives and health of more people, and will have a major impact on the economic and social development of the vast majority of countries and on international cooperation, we call on countries to take decisive action, prioritizing the lives and health of the people, to resolutely halt the spread of the epidemic.

3. We support the countries in their efforts to develop emergency plans and protocols tailored to their needs and to strengthen cooperation, with a view not only to containing the spread of the outbreak but also to treating patients, endorsing the use of modern science and technology, with a view to achieving better results as soon as possible.

4. We call on the social conscience of the people to comply with preventive measures and encourage countries to engage social and voluntary organizations in preventive work to unite social forces in this struggle.

5. We encourage countries to synchronize economic and social development with the mitigation of the outbreak and to adopt specific measures aimed at protecting vulnerable people and medium and small enterprises, in order to guarantee the living conditions of the people and social development. We call upon countries to articulate macroeconomic policies, help maintain stability in the international financial market, industrial and supply chains, reduce tariffs and facilitate trade, in order to avoid global economic recession. We urge all countries to maintain the appropriate level of external trade in order to ensure facilities for the cross-border transport of urgent medical supplies.

6. It is common knowledge that the virus knows no borders, and that no country is capable of dealing with it on its own. The most difficult times provide us with greater reason to support each other. With a greater awareness of belonging to a community with a shared future for humanity, countries must join resources and forces at the global level through international cooperation, integrated policies and coordinated actions in confronting the virus, a common enemy of human beings.

7. We note the remarkable progress made by all countries, including China, in prevention efforts, which has bought us time and provided benchmarks for other countries in their confrontation with the epidemic. We appreciate countries, including China, for their open, transparent and responsible attitude in publishing epidemiological information and sharing experiences in prevention and medical treatment, especially for their assistance with medical supplies to affected countries within the scope of their capabilities, thus making a major contribution to containing the epidemic’s progress globally and offering further reason for hope and confidence to countries in the midst of the fight against the epidemic.

8. We welcome the Joint Communiqué issued at the Extraordinary Summit of G20 Leaders on COVID-19. We support countries in promoting experience sharing and health cooperation, including the development of medicines, potential vaccines and test kits, while calling for material and technological assistance to developing countries with fragile public health systems and others in need, to cooperatively dispel the shadow of the epidemic.

9. We are committed to professional, science-based arguments and analysis on preventive measures and detection of the origin of the virus. We oppose the politicization of the issue of public health and strongly reject stigmatization under the pretext of the epidemic, as well as discriminatory comments and behaviour directed at any country, region or ethnic group. We call on governments to proactively protect the health and legitimate rights of foreign residents and students in their countries.

10. We agree that the epidemic presents us with the need to strengthen the concept of global governance based on mutual consultation, cooperation and benefits among all members and to support the UN and WHO in playing the central role in global public health governance. We call on members of multilateral mechanisms such as the G20 to better articulate their agendas, effectively converge efforts on prevention and control, in order to build a shared health care community for humanity.

We, the main political parties of the countries of the world, commit ourselves to maintaining close communication at this special juncture to give political impetus to the battle against the epidemic, honoring our guiding political role, in the conviction that after the storm the sun always rises and that adversities are only temporary. With trust, solidarity, prevention and scientific treatment and the implementation of targeted measures, the international community will emerge victorious from this battle. We are confident that by overcoming the epidemic, the community of a common future for humankind will become more robust and promising for all.


Translation by Internationalist 360º

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