Bill Gates’ plans for our food systems will hurt Africa

25 February 2021  — USRTK

Food movements across Africa and hundreds of groups around the world are protesting Gates Foundation’s plans to transform African food systems. They say Gates’ efforts to push chemical-intensive industrial agriculture in Africa are harming, not helping, small farmers, communities and the climate.

These issues have been ignored by media outlets that are rolling out the red carpet for Gates’ new book, “How to Avoid a Climate Disaster,” and not asking critical questions.

In a new article today, Stacy Malkan examines the evidence that Gates Foundation’s plans to remake food systems in Africa will hurt the climate.

Where’s the data on Gates’ “green revolution” for Africa? Also today, Timothy Wise, a researcher with the Institute for Agriculture, posted a new article about his ongoing efforts to track results of the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa — and he is not finding evidence of progress. The new analysis is based on documents U.S. Right to Know obtained by FOIA.

When Google decides what you read: In case you missed it, U.S. Right to Know and other news outlets are under siege by algorithm changes at Google that are not transparent and offer no path for appeal. The Freedom of the Press Foundation reports on the story here, When algorithms come for journalists.

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More public health news of note:

  • EPA’s assessments of chemicals draws criticism from its own scientists — U.S. Right to Know 
  • Environmental group charges EPA with ignoring evidence of cancer — The Intercept 

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