Ukraine News Links 22-23 April 2022

Saturday, 23 April 2022 — The New Dark Age

There may be some duplication due to cross-posting and may be updated throughout the day, so please check back. If it gets updated, I usually insert the time on the line above. A lot of cross-posting usually indicates that the article is popular.

The Persian Gulf is Now Taking an Independent Geopolitical Stance

How Obama-Biden Team Empowered Terrorists In Syria

Dishonoring Earth Day 2022 with an Oil, Gas, Coal, and Nuclear Heyday

Well, What Can I Say;))

May 7, 2022: Actions Everywhere To End War In Ukraine

Highlights From Lavrov’s Interview With India Today

CNN’s US Intel Source Just Admitted That Everything Zelensky Says Is Propaganda

Will Algeria Increase Gas Supplies to Europe?

Many People Had It…

Russia, Ukraine, and the USA: Trapped in a Cultural Script

Rational self-interest, not “Russian imperialism,” is why Putin has intervened in Ukraine

The AmericaNATOstani Sacrifice of Ukraine; or, Alternatively “Saving Private Ukraine”

Why isn’t the West Sanctioning Turkey for its Special Operation in Iraq?

Palestine Needs Immediate Attention to Stave off Major Food Crisis

Poland suffers blast at 2nd mine in 1 week

Austria explains stance on Russian gas ban

FBI warns cyber attacks could impact world food supply

Exposing Some Myths About the Ukraine War

US names Ukraine weapons coordinator

Germany reveals military and economic strategy

China proposes Global Security Initiative

Ukraine’s Institutionalized Nazism

Kramatorsk Train Station Attack: The Key to Finding the Perpetrator Lies in this Overlooked Detail

Ukraine to get battle tanks as part of swap deal by EU nations

Turkey refuses to become further involved in Ukraine war

Sending Heavy Weapons to Ukraine in German Interests?

Searching for War Criminals

Norman Foster proposes ‘city of the future’ for Ukraine

U.S. and NATO Fuel War in Ukraine “To Make it Permanent”

Footage of Ukrainian POWs in Mariupol! [ENG CC]

This tiny island nation proves that the West only believes in its own ‘spheres of influence’

UN refuses to back Ukraine ‘genocide’ claims

Afghan refugees evicted to make room for Ukrainians – media

US in ‘most dangerous period in history’ – Trump

Russian MFA Statement on Gonzalo Lira

Ukraine to receive customized combat drones from US

India comments on Japanese military plane claims

‘This Portrayal of Urban Environment Definitely Did Fuel Fear’

Revisiting Hunter Biden’s Laptop

The New Gold Rush

When the Pope Is Not a Catholic

UN comments on Ukraine genocide claims

Afghan refugees moved aside for Ukrainians – media

Ukraine – Gonzalo Lira, War Aims, Railway Supplies And Incoming Fire

Trump slams Biden for US international role slide

Russian MFA Statement on Gonzalo Lira

Ukraine to receive customized combat drones from US

India comments on Japanese military plane claims

Joe Biden Provides an Update on Russia and Ukraine, by Joseph R. Biden Jr.

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