Black Agenda Radio July 29, 2022

Friday, 29 July 2022 — — Black Agenda Radio

Black Agenda Radio July 29, 2022
Glen Ford debating Michael Eric Dyson on Democracy Now in 2008, the abuses of the child welfare system in North Carolina, and residents of the University City Town Homes in Philadelphia face mass eviction.

Glen Ford and Michael Eric Dyson 2008 Debate on Democracy Now
On January 9, 2008 Glen Ford debated Michael Eric Dyson on the program Democracy Now. The topic of discussion was Barack Obama’s presidential campaign.

Abuses in the Child Protection System
Across the country entities that are known as child welfare agencies regularly break up black families by claiming to care for the needs of children. Amanda Wallace is the founder of Operation Stop CPS in Durham, North Carolina. She joins us to discuss protest against a case in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Save the University City Town Homes
Rasheda Alexander is a tenant organizer at the University City Town Homes in Philadelphia. She joins us to discuss their struggle to stop a mass eviction amidst the proposed sale of their affordable housing.

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