Dead men tell no tales! Ukraine Slaughters its own!!!

Friday, 29 July 2022 — Telegram

Update 29/7 16:00:

There are videos and pics of bits of US HIMARS rockets, here:

Still from a short video of the remains

Intel Slava Z, [29/07/2022 13:55]
[ Video ]
🇺🇦🇷🇺 Fragments of HIMARS missiles found at the site of the strike on the colony with Ukrainian prisoners of war in Yelenovka

Azov deadThe Yelenovskaya Colony (or what’s left of it)

Intel Slava Z, [29/07/2022 10:11]
[Forwarded from Donbass Devushka (M V)]
[ Video ]
⚡️ Frames 18
The first is visible from the Yelenovskaya colony, which was fired at night from the Himars MLRS

By order of Zelensky, fire was opened on the barracks tonight where captured Nazis from the “Azov” were kept. So far, 40 people have been killed and more than 140 injured.

Zelensky executed his own people!!


🇷🇺🇺🇦 Judging by the way the bodies of the Azovites executed by Zelensky are located, they were sleeping at the time of the shelling. The time of the strike is two in the morning, and this hour was not chosen by chance. The goal was to destroy everyone. They were beaten not just with artillery, but with Himars MLRS, a pretty accurate weapon for killing. All representatives of the Kiev regime boasted about his pinpoint strikes.

Well, dear Ukrainians, how do you like the cynicism of your rulers? They called these prisoners of war heroes from all the screens, and when they began to expose their crimes, they were killed in cold blood!!

You say you’re fighting for freedom?? Well, well, in my opinion, there can be no worse slavery than you have now. Slaves are at least spared, but you are driven like cattle to the slaughter.

Look at the bodies of your own dead soldiers, your own scum-rulers. Maybe now, finally, your rose-colored glasses will fall off and you will take a sober look at what is happening!

5 thoughts on “Dead men tell no tales! Ukraine Slaughters its own!!!

  1. MrRobespierre says:

    “Volyn” the Commander of the Ukrainian AUF 36th Marine Brigade that was attached to the Asov Battalion in Mariupol, and also got captured at Avosteel plant, has started giving interviews in DPR captivity and is kinda slowly breaking down in being more candid and less guarded. Just last week he admitted the Asov Battalion are not in his experience a traditional military brigade, rather, that they are more of an informally structured paramilitary style group. So, if you read between lines of what he said, in both training and behavior, the Asovites are more akin to the other NATO trained militants of last decades, as in KLA in Kososvo, or HTS in Syria. He also begrudgingly admitted the Asovites have a distinctive hand gesture used to greet each other – and you know what that is – with the right hand raised up, and it certainly isn’t a formal military salute. With them all in ca[captivity and DPR war crimes tribunals set to happen, the Zelensky cabal wants to shut them all up, and possibly someone in particular is very much wanted dead.


  2. BobbyRocket says:

    WOW! The Ukrainian Regime used USA supplied HIMARS to murder its own paramilitary praetorian guard, the Azov Battalion, that had surrendered in complete military defeat to the Separatist, ethnic Russian, DPR Forces. Ukraine fired artillery missiles in the dead of night into their very own, held in DPR prison barracks. Clearly, all of the Ukrainian/Zelensky media bleating about “save Azostal” that preceded this murderous act, was crocodile tears and BS from the Ukrainian Regime. The moment had arrived when the captured Asov Battalion extremist militants need to be gotten rid of by Ukrainian Regime. Why? Because, they can now upset the Ukrainian Regime’s political “victim narrative’ that we see all over western media. Through captive’s testimonials that expose the real orders from both the previous President Poroshenko’s, and current President Zelensy’s, Offices – to commit a sustained terror campaign and ethnic cleansing – not only against the Russian speaking-ethnic Russians, but also against Russian speaking-ethnic Ukrainians, all across the Ukrainian south and eastern territories. This is US tax-dollars at work today, mopping up the Ukrainian Regime’s extreme nationalist mess, courtesy of murdering their own guilty parties with HIMARS missile artillery. Now, this act could not have happened without US agreement and participation, the HIMARS hardware in Ukraine is actively guarded by US Private Military Contractors (who very likely actually operate them as well) and the target satellite coordinates come from US military advisers and attaches stationed in Ukraine. The US authorities evidently conceded the Asov paramilitary extremists needed to be “disappeared” to stop their voices undermining the whole western political narrative, that the US has spent billions on manufacturing since 2014. Just how the US State Department and Pentagon will try to rationalize this murderous act publicly, whilst moving forward with further HIMARS deliveries (both departments will likely dodge a formal comment like the plague) is beyond any reasonable logic at this point. But it won’t stop the State Department and Pentagon, because even with their carefully constructed and curated ‘Ukrainian victim’ narrative falling apart at the seams, and their true intentions revealed, they have spent eight years and many billions of dollars to get to current point, where they can inflict harm on ethnic Russians and the Russian Federation’s interests at current hysteria level.


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