Haiti News Links 14-15 August 2021

15 August 2021 — The New Dark Age

First Footage From Haiti Hit By 7.2-Magnitude Earthquake (Number Of Casualties Updated)

5.8-magnitude tremor rocks Haiti as it reels from devastating quake that killed over 300

At least 304 dead, more than 1,800 injured in devastating Haiti earthquake

First Footage From Haiti Hit By 7.2-Magnitude Earthquake

FIRST VIDEOS show widespread destruction after Haiti earthquake

Buildings damaged & collapsed after Haiti hit with ‘major’ 7.2 quake

Haiti struck by deadly 7.2-magnitude earthquake

Growing Neo-Colonial Instability Points To The Looming Civilizational Collapse Of Most Of The Globe

Switzerland, 730 Years of an Independent Sovereign Nation: Really?

Targeting Cuba and China: Disinformation against Communism

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